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The tragic death of the head of the family and the son-in-law caused the Li residence to explode in an instant.

Everyone was terrified.

Guards with swords surrounded them, but no one dared to take the first half step.

The shadow of the tree of names.

This is Su Shi!

Even without considering the background, who is his opponent based on strength alone?

I thought that Li Yu had brought a distinguished guest, but unexpectedly it brought a fatal disaster!

Su Shi’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Yu Lian’er grabbed his big hand tightly.

“Brother Su Shi, let’s go.””

“it is good.

Su Shi led her towards the gate.

The guards stepped back one after another, consciously giving way, and watched the two of them walk out.

They looked at each other, no one dared to move.

Not long after, Cao Jie arrived with a large group of troops.

Looking at the bodies of Li Xun’s father and son, Cao Jie’s eyes were cold and he said angrily, “Who? Who did it!”

The Li family is a veteran family of “Three Three Zeros”. As a member of the Qianyang Chamber of Commerce, it can bring him huge profits every year!

Who else in Qianyang City dares to touch his money jar?!

“It’s Su Shi!

Elder Li said with grief and indignation: “Yu’er invited him to be a guest with kindness and kindness, but he suddenly started killing people, and even our patriarch could not escape bad luck!”

“Su Shi?

Cao Jie was stunned.

Why did Su Shi kill Li Yu?

Looking at Li Yu’s mutilated corpse, and thinking of the beast ring that Su Shi took, he vaguely understood something.

“Commander Cao, you have to decide for us!

“This matter must give us an explanation!”

“Our Li family donated a lot of money to You Luozong!””

As soon as Su Shi left, everyone’s emotions suddenly rose.

“To say something? 35

“Okay, then I’ll give you an explanation.

Cao Jie said loudly: “Li Xun and his son raised different slaves privately, which violated the laws of the court, and Commander Su acted for Tian and killed him on the spot!

“What did you say?

The crowd froze.

Trigger court laws?

When did the Dao start to pay attention to the law?

Elder Li gritted his teeth and said, “I’m not convinced…


There was an extra blood hole between his eyebrows, and he slowly fell to the ground.

Blood flowed freely.

Cao Jie’s fingertips were bubbling with green smoke, and he glanced at everyone, “Is there anyone who doesn’t agree?

Everyone was silent like a cicada, their faces were pale, and their backs were chilled!

“From today onwards, the Li family is no longer an affiliated family of the Nether Sect.”

“Clean up.

After that, Cao Jie took the people away.

There was silence in the Li Mansion.

At this moment, an idea popped into everyone’s mind:

Li family, it’s over!

How could they not understand,

Li Yu only participated in an official sale, why did he take the entire Li family in?

The spirit boat swims across the river.

The northern frontier was blocked, and Yu Lian’er could only go back from the desert in the Western Regions, just to pass through Fengsha City.

So the two just happened to be walking all the way.

Yu Lian’er sat on the bow, staring blankly into the distance.

Standing behind her, Su Shi sighed, “There are actually many more such things.

In the eyes of most people, the lives of aliens are indeed worthless.

“I know.”

Yu Lian’er whispered: “At the border of the wild world, this kind of thing happens every day.”

There are nine realms in the continent.

The Linlang Kingdom belongs to the Shuojin Realm, which happens to be bordering the wild realm where the aliens live. The border conflict has not subsided since ancient times.

The conflict between the two ethnic groups has a long history and cannot be explained simply.

Yu Lian’er suddenly asked: “Brother Su Shi, you said that I was very valuable in your place…is that true?”

Su Shi nodded and said, “It’s true.”

Yu Lian’er asked curiously, “Then how much am I worth?”

Su Shi thought for a while, “Ten high-level spiritual stones.


Yu Lian’er was a little puzzled.

Su Shi said with a smile: “Because that beast ring cost me ten spirit stones.

Yu Lian’er’s pretty face blushed, and she slammed him hard.


Thinking of the effect of the beast ring, Su Shi smiled and said, “It’s not a good thing, you should throw it away. 39

“don’t want!”

Yu Lian’er shook her head and said, “That’s the gift you gave me, so I don’t want to throw it away. 35

Su Shi said helplessly: “You don’t know how to wear it anyway, so what’s the use of keeping it?”

Yu Lian’er was silent for a moment, blushing and said: “You, do you want to see me wear it?”


Su Shi’s throat moved.

To be honest, I really want to see it.

Yu Lian’er whispered: “Then you have to promise first that you can’t grab my tail. 99

After half a cup of tea.

Looking at the shy girl in front of him, Su Shi’s heartbeat accelerated slightly.

Yu Lian’er wore a black neck ring, her tail swayed slightly, her pretty face seemed to reflect the snow in the morning sun, and she said nervously: “Okay, does it look good? 99


Su Shi nodded seriously…

“However, I thought you would reject such a thing. 55

After all, the two had just experienced something like that.

Yu Lian’er entangled her fingers and said softly, “Brother Su Shi is different from others… Lian’er is willing to show you.”9

The waves came, and the spirit boat shook.

Yu Lian’er was unsteady on her feet and fell into Su Shi’s arms.

Looking at the pretty face so close at hand, Su Shi sighed, “You are really dangerous like this.

Although the other party is not deliberate, but the natural charm is natural, and every move has a captivating charm.

Hard to top!

Looking at Su Shi’s deep eyes, Yu Lian’er’s heart slammed into the deer, her eyes sparkling like mist.


“I seem to be sorry for Chief Zhan!”

“No, no, isn’t this the same as the vixen who destroys people’s feelings in the book?

“But… Brother Su Shi is so warm in his arms.””

“Never mind, just hug for a while.”

Yu Lian’er thought wildly in her mind, and then…

Looking at the little fox sleeping soundly in his arms, Su Shi frowned slightly.

“Does she have too much heart or doesn’t treat Laozi as a man?!95

Sandstorm City, Commander’s Mansion.

Bai Qing nervously looked at Yun Qiluo who was drinking tea.

“Lord Demon Emperor didn’t leave, why did he come back suddenly? 35

“The son just happens to be not here…”

Yun Qiluo asked aloud: “Su Shi said when will he come back? 35

Bai Qing shuddered, “Young Master said that he should be back tonight. 95

“it is good.”

4.2 Yun Qiluo nodded.

Su Shi couldn’t be blamed for what happened that night. After all, she took the initiative to go to the other party’s room.

Besides, he was still in a coma.

“My words were a bit heavy when I left, I wonder if it will scare him?

“What if I don’t return to the sect for several years?”

Yun Qiluo felt uneasy in her heart.

I had already arrived at the sect, but ended up going back to Fengsha City, just to explain it to Su Shi.

Unexpectedly, the other party went to Qianyang City…

“The son is back!””

At this moment, Bai Qing’s voice sounded.

“Su Shi, you go back…”

Yun Qiluo looked up.


The teacup fell to the ground and shattered.

I saw Su Shi holding a sleeping girl and looking at her with a dull expression.

“Holy, Holy Lord?! 35


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