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Su Shi gritted his teeth.

Although the old storyteller is a bit embarrassed, but “green face and fangs” is too much, right?

This pure black guy!

Yu Lian’er sneered and said: “People are joking, Su Shi brother is handsome, gentle and jade-like, he is simply a rare beautiful man in the world!

Su Shi sneered: “Actually, you’re right, I eat people and don’t spit out bones, I especially like to eat little foxes!

Yu Lian’er’s pretty face blushed, her hands were subconsciously behind her back, and she stammered: “No, you are not allowed to eat little foxes! 35

The last time she was touched in the ancient emperor’s secret realm, it had obviously left her with sequelae.

Su Shi hugged his shoulders and said displeasedly: “How can I save your life, but you are smearing me behind my back?”

“of course not!

Yu Lian’er hurriedly said: “I know you are a good person, and I have always been grateful.

Su Shi asked, “What happened just now?”

Yu Lian’er hesitated for a moment, then said in a low voice, “I’m just unhappy when I see their idiots.

Su Shi12 pinched her chin and looked at her, “Don’t you like me?”

Yu Lian’er’s cheeks were flushed, and she stamped her feet: “No, I’m just fighting for Chief Zhan.”

Su Shi froze for a moment, “What does it have to do with her?”

“Aren’t you in a relationship with Chief Zhan?”

“One is the giant of the devil’s way, and the other is the arrogant of the righteous way. There is a prejudice between the sect and the world, but they still walk together resolutely. 35

“What a beautiful love story, how can those vulgar fans be allowed to intervene?

Yu Lian’er raised her small fist and her eyes were shining, “Your love will be guarded by me!


Su Shi slapped her head with a bang, and said angrily: “I thank you, you just need to protect yourself. 35

This stupid and stupid love brain!

Yu Lian’er rubbed her forehead and said pitifully, “Then Su Shi, can you stop being angry?”

Su Shi doesn’t like this, “Don’t call me brother, it takes at least a few hundred years for a fox to become a fox? Maybe you can be my grandma.”

Yu Lian’er’s face was bulging, “It’s not a fox spirit, it’s a white fox from Qingqiu! It’s only eighteen years old this year! 99

Aliens and beasts are fundamentally different.

Ferocious beasts are monsters formed after beasts are stimulated by spiritual power.

Ordinary ominous beasts have not yet opened their spiritual wisdom, and only retain the instinct of killing. Some powerful ominous beasts will use their spiritual power, but it is also difficult to embark on the path of cultivation.

Alien races are born into human form, but retain some of the characteristics of the monster race.

Lingzhi and human race are generally the same, and even have a better understanding of the Dao.

Therefore, in the test of the ancient emperor’s stone tablet, Yu Lian’er’s talent was “beautiful and natural”, which was basically no different from the human race.


Su Shi wondered: “You came out of Tianqu Mountain, didn’t you go back directly to the barbaric world? Why did you appear here?”

This place is very far from the Northern Territory, and all the way is a human city, how did she come here?

“It’s a long story.

Yu Lian’er sighed.

When she was about to leave, Tianqu Mountain was blocked by the Janissaries, so she could only hide in the middle of the woods.

After finally waiting for the imperial army to withdraw, conflict broke out again in the wild world, and the frontier was completely blocked by the imperial court.

There was no other way, she could only go south along the Fengjiang River, trying to circle back from the Western Regions desert.

Yu Lian’er said with a bitter face, “Fortunately, I have a magic weapon, a spirit boat, and I can walk by water, otherwise I will really be taken away.”

Concealing the characteristics of alien races will consume spiritual power, and if you are not careful, you will be exposed.

In the southwestern state where magic is raging, if her identity is exposed, it will be a disaster for her.

“Uuuuu, Su Shi brother, I’m so miserable~”

She didn’t know if she was familiar with Su Shi. She grabbed the corner of Su Shi’s clothes and snotted and cried.

Su Shi said angrily and funny: “You know it’s dangerous here, how dare you quarrel with others in the restaurant?

Yu Lian’er sobbed, “For your love, I…”

“Shut up. 35

Looking at the bustling crowd outside the alley, Su Shi said helplessly: “Forget it, you’d better follow me first. 99

The two of them have experienced life and death, and it is really not good to leave her here alone.

“Brother Su Shi, you are so kind!””

Yu Lian’er burst into tears.

Su Shi shook his head.

Although this girl has a bad brain, her mouth is quite sweet.

Baifeng Building.

This official sale is held here.

The crowd in front of the door is bustling, and the people coming and going are dignitaries, wealthy businessmen, and even cultivators.

Cao Jie led someone to stand at the door.

The guests greeted him respectfully.

But he just nodded slightly, with a serious expression, as if he was waiting for a big man.

At this moment, a golden sedan slowly came and stopped in front of the door.

The entourage lifted the curtains, and a young man in fancy clothes stepped out of the sedan chair.

With a white face and no beards, his eyes are long and narrow, and his appearance is not ugly, but it gives people a cold feeling like a poisonous snake.

“Uncle Cao.

The young man greeted him with a smile.

Cao Jie also showed a smile, “Nephew Li, are you here too?”

This person is Li Yu, the son of Li’s family in Qianyang City.

The Li family is an old family in Qianyang City, and its strength is deeply rooted in the city. Cao Jie, the commander, is so comfortable, and he cannot do without the strong support of the Li family.

Li Yu said: “I’m just here to join in the fun, and it’s considered a personal show for Uncle Cao.

Cao Jie nodded and said, “My nephew 313 has a heart. If you have any fancy, just say it.”

The two chatted at the door, which attracted everyone’s attention.

It was Li Yu that Cao Jie was waiting for.

When the Demon Dao Commander was able to greet him outside the door, Li Yu was also full of spring breeze, his face was full, and he said with a smile: “Uncle Cao, let’s stop standing at the door, let’s go in and talk?

But Cao Yan shook his head, “No hurry, Nephew Li, let’s go first.

Li Yu was slightly taken aback.

Just as he was about to say something, Cao Jie suddenly left him and walked forward quickly.


He looked back blankly.

I saw Cao Jie bowing slightly, standing in front of a young man, smiling and saying: “Commander Su, you are here, just as the official sale is about to start, I will take you in.”5

Commander Su?

Everyone was slightly taken aback.

How many Soviet commanders were there in Southwest Prefecture?

And to make Cao Jie so humble, his identity is obviously ready to be revealed.

“Su Shi!”

“It’s Su Shi! 35

“He actually came too!”

Everyone took a deep breath.

This newly promoted magician, the super genius who crushed Zhan Qingchen, actually came to Qianyang City?!

Looking at the mysterious girl with a hood beside Su Shi, Cao Jie wondered: “Commander Su, this is…

Su Shi said lightly, “I picked it up on the road.

Cao Jie:


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