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“Dongjiao cinnabar spit brocade cloud, tortoise hair lead color shimmering. I came to income county tire tripod, refining it until Hongmeng did not dissect it!”

“In alchemy, the emphasis is on the fetal breath of dragons and tigers, spit out the old and accept the new!”

“The choice of spiritual materials, the control of the heat, the temperature of the pill furnace, and even the concentration of the surrounding spiritual energy will affect the quality of a pill!”

“Only by doing it to the extreme and just right can we practice a truly perfect elixir!”

Ye Xiao breathed out flames from his palm, the pill stove was suspended in the air, and billowing green smoke rose up.

One hand controls the spiritual power, and the other hand controls the heat.


Every action is a detail!


Ye Xiao’s eyes were like torches, and the red fire was burning!


The Dan furnace trembled for a while, and the furnace cover rose into the air.

A dark purple elixir flew out, whirling in the air, blooming with colorful rays of light!

There were dark clouds condensed in the air, and there seemed to be thunderous sounds in the clouds.

Moments later, the rain poured down!

Miracles of heaven and earth!

The symbol of the legendary Tian Lingdan was released!

“It’s done!”

Ye Xiao looked surprised.

Unexpectedly, not only was it refined into a seventh-grade elixir, but it was also a heavenly elixir of perfect appearance!

Even he has never made this kind of appearance before!

“As expected of me!”

Ye Xiaozhi was satisfied.

There is no suspense this time, and I will definitely look down on the heroes!

The other practitioners were also stunned.

Unexpectedly, there are still people who can refine the Heavenly Spirit Pill?

Even the old pharmacist from Danta may not be able to do it!

This distraction doesn’t matter. Many people’s heat was not well controlled, and the spirit pills were directly burned into coke.

There are also some people, the fire of Dan was doused by the rainstorm, and their previous achievements were directly abandoned.

Everyone yelled at each other, but there was nothing they could do.

Looking at the chaos around him, Ye Xiao hugged his shoulders and sneered again and again.

“Hmph, a bunch of mediocrity!”

“Su Shi, don’t sleep, everyone’s medicinal herbs have been refined.”

Cen Yiren pushed Su Shi.

Su Shi dazedly opened his eyes, “Whose medicine has been refined?”

Cen Yiren pointed at Ye Xiao, “It’s him, he made a seventh-rank Heavenly Spirit Pill.”

“Just right.”

Su Shi got up and stretched, “I’ll go and get it.”

Cen Yiren: “Huh??”

Looking at the man in white in front of him, Ye Xiao frowned, “Su Shi, what are you doing?”


Su Shi was outspoken.

Ye Xiao swallowed, “What do you mean? This trial is for you to concoct pills, not for pills!”

Su Shi shook his head, “This is my medicine pill, it’s just for you temporarily.”

“Su Shi, you are too deceiving!”

Ye Xiao was extremely angry, his whole body erupted with energy, and his clothes were screaming, “Do you really think I’m a soft persimmon that anyone can handle?!”

Su Shi wondered: “Don’t you?”


“Chief Zhan, Yushi Chen, you can take action, this devil is too arrogant!”

Ye Xiao took out the pitch-black heavy ruler and said murderously, “Let’s kick him out of the game together!”

The air is quiet, and needles can be heard falling.

The two sat cross-legged, as if they had never heard of it.

Zhan Qingchen: “The quality of the elixir is perfect today, and Su Shi will definitely be able to pass the test if he takes it.”

Chen Qingluan: “Well, yes, I helped him practice.”

Seeing that the two of them had nothing to do with him, Ye Xiao felt a chill on his back.

The situation seems to be different than expected!

“Everyone in the right way, do you just watch the devil bully people?!”

Ye Xiao tried to awaken the sympathy of others.

Sadly, no one cares.

Everyone’s pills were just destroyed because of him, which would make him unhappy.

Besides, who would want to offend a flamboyant genius of magic for a stranger?

Su Shi narrowed his eyes, “If I kill you, I can find the medicine pill as well. Did you give it to me, or did I do it myself?”

Ye Xiao’s expression changed.

He knew that this devil was not joking!

Thinking of the other party’s ruthless means in Yulin City, Ye Xiao hesitated for a moment, blushing and handing the elixir to the other party.

The man can bend and stretch!

He is no match for Su Shi yet!

Su Shi weighed the medicinal pill, nodded and said, “Come on, let’s make the second pill now, it should be too late.”

Ye Xiao headed towards Yaoshan.

Where there is life, there is hope!

As long as you can pass the test, everything has a chance!

The time was tight this time, he did not show off his skills, but chose the safest way to pass the test.

Refine the sixth-grade medicine pill!

Pick, set fire, lead the furnace, Dancheng!

All in one go!

Although it is not a Heavenly Spirit Pill, its appearance is also top-notch. Ye Xiao is indeed a professional in alchemy!

However, before the medicinal pill was warm, a shadow covered his body.

Ye Xiao’s expression froze, and he looked up slowly, only to see Su Shi smiling gently.

“Hello, robbery.”


“Don’t you already have one?!”

“But there are two of us.”

“You deceive people too much!”

“give or not?”


Looking at Su Shi’s back, Ye Xiao trembled in anger.

If it hadn’t been beaten, he would have killed this devil long ago!

“It’s too late for alchemy now…”

Ye Xiao’s eyes swept across the crowd, “Looks like I can only grab it!”

He took out a heavy ruler and walked towards a man in the magic way.

Perhaps inspired by Su Shi, people who can’t make alchemy began to rob, and those who were robbed were naturally not reconciled, and there was chaos in the square for a while!

Su Shi threw the elixir to Cen Yiren, “Here, take it.”

Cen Yiren stretched out his hand to take it, with a dull expression, “Is this still possible?”

Su Shi patted her on the shoulder, “Remember, professional things are left to professional people. You can’t make alchemy, and you can’t robbery?”

Cen Yi’s throat moved.

It seems reasonable!


The battle intensified.

The two chaotic ways of Zheng and Demon became a pot of porridge, and they even started to attack their own people.

The girl in black moved lightly and flew out of the crowd.

Holding an emerald green elixir in his hand.

“Hey, it’s still convenient to grab it.”

“Five-grade medicinal herbs…should be enough.”


At this time, the air fluctuated, and the thunder sounded:

[The time has come, the trial stops. 】

The people who were fighting together were separated by invisible forces.

A golden tray appeared in front of everyone, put the medicinal pill on it, and the quality would appear naturally.

[Fourth Grade Profound Spirit Pill, eliminated. 】

[The fifth-grade Earth Spirit Pill can enter the next realm. 】

[The fifth-grade Xuanling Pill can enter the next realm. 】

Those who were promoted were ecstatic, and those who were eliminated were beating their chests.

Zhan Qingchen made a sixth-grade earth elixir, and Chen Qingluan was a sixth-grade Xuanling elixir.

The quality is comparable.

Ye Xiao grabbed a fifth-grade Huang Lingdan, and he was able to advance.

Su Shi put the elixir on the tray.

The sound of thunder is loud:

[The seventh-grade Tianling Pill can enter the next realm and reward Bitian Shenhuo. 】

“Bi Tian… Shen Huo?”*


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