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Ye Xiao’s throat was a little dry.

The joy of just comprehending the will of the mountain vanished at this moment.

Cosmic stars?

What did this man realize? !

“Impossible, I have risen from the waste wood all the way, the destiny is favored, and the luck is invincible!”

“Even if someone is stronger than me, they will soon be trampled under my feet and slapped in the face!”

“This time is no exception!”

“Chance, it can only be mine!”

Ye Xiao panted heavily, and a deep jealousy flashed in his eyes.

He hates!

Hate that someone can press him everywhere!

I thought I was a star, but I didn’t expect Su Shi to be like a bright moon, completely covering up his radiance!

This is simply unacceptable than killing him!

Looking at the awe in the eyes of everyone, my heart is like fire.

He should have been the one who was in the spotlight!

Zhan Qingchen stared at that peerless figure.

Seeing Su Shi so dazzling, a deep sense of pride rose in my heart, and I was happier than I had gained insight!

At this moment, she could not wait to tell the world.

This is my man!

Chen Qingluan’s heart beat a little faster, and the tall and straight figure was reflected in his eyes.

He is dressed in white and has his feet on the stars, like a god looking down on all living beings.

“He’s really pretty…”

Thinking of Su Shi’s frivolity towards herself, she blushed and spit, “No matter how good-looking you are, it can’t cover up the essence of Dengtuzi!”

in the corner.

The black-clothed girl with a veil was stunned.

“Master is right, there is indeed a magic star born in Linlang Kingdom.”

“Hmph, but talent doesn’t mean everything! Chance, it must be mine!”

Su Shi slowly fell from the air.

There is a sound in the ear:

[The host understands the will of the complete stars, the speed of cultivation is increased, and the perception of the great road is improved. 】

[Get the power of stars. 】

[Get magical powers: Fallen Stars]

“falling stars?”

Su Shi sees his dantian inside.

I saw that in the yellow court, the golden elixir was like a blazing sun in the sky, and the surrounding stars were spinning and shining.

Every star contains a terrifying will to obliterate everything!

Even if he himself is slightly chilled!

“At present, it is only the Golden Core Realm, and the breath is already so exaggerated. If the realm continues to improve, I don’t know how it will evolve?”

It is indeed the inheritance of the ancient emperor!

Su Shi’s breathing was a little short.

However, the ancient emperor may not have thought that someone actually absorbed all the power of the stars in a state of chaos…

“Su Shi, Su Shi?”

A familiar voice woke him up.

I saw Cen Yiren standing beside him with a shocked expression, “What did you realize just now? It’s a star and a moon, and the scene is too spectacular!”

Su Shi didn’t hide it, and said, “I entered the star realm and realized the power of the stars.”

Cen Yiren said enviously: “The power of the stars? It sounds very powerful.”

Su Shi laughed and said, “What about you, what did you realize?”

Cen Yiren scratched his head, “I entered the stone realm and turned into a stone statue, but I didn’t realize anything at all. It’s just… I seem to have a little more strength.”

Su Shi was taken aback, “Strength?”


Cen Yiren raised his arm, and his fair skin radiated light, and it turned out to be as crystal clear as jade.

Punch down at will.


The fist did not touch the ground, but the foot trembled like an earthquake!

The billowing smoke and dust dissipated, and a huge deep pit appeared in front of me, as if it had been smashed by an extraterrestrial meteorite!

Cen Yiren moved his neck, his bones crackling like firecrackers.

“It’s definitely stronger than before.”


Su Shi swallowed.

Is this a little more powerful?

This punch is afraid that it can directly kill Jindan!

But I have to say, it really suits her very well…

Everyone has appeared.

Some are happy and some are worried.

Since they can be recognized by the stone tablet, at least they are geniuses with high-grade perfection, but such things as comprehension are too ethereal.

Results are not achieved by hard work.

Not everyone can catch that flash of light.

Just when everyone was downcast and thought they were going to return without success, a flower suddenly flashed before their eyes, and the surrounding environment completely changed.

I saw everyone came to another space.

There is a row of pill furnaces in front of them, exactly corresponding to the number of people.

In the distance is a mountain of medicine, with immortal energy and aura, obviously there are countless spiritual materials!

The sound of thunder sounded again in the air:

[Eight or two sun and moon essence, half a catty of cloud and mist shavings, income jade gourd, the secret dare not reveal. 】

[Collection of elixir, climbing on the pill platform, refining elixir, and those with a higher rank can enter the next realm. 】


“There are still tests!”

It turns out that the inheritance is not over!

Or rather, it’s just beginning!

The crowd was instantly excited!

It doesn’t matter if I didn’t realize it just now, now everyone is back on the same starting line!

As long as you can practice high-quality medicinal pills, you can get rewards and enter the next inheritance!


“You must seize the opportunity this time!”

Everyone scrambled to fly to Yaoshan.

The higher the level of the refined pills, the higher the failure rate and the longer it takes.

Don’t waste any time!

In terms of talent, they are not as good as top talents like Su Shi and Zhan Qingchen.

But in terms of knowledge and eyesight, these decades have not been in vain!

In alchemy, experience is even more important than talent!

Ye Xiao’s smile could hardly be hidden.

“God help me too!”

“I am a sixth-grade pharmacist who is familiar with the alchemy scriptures and masters top alchemy techniques!”

“No one knows alchemy better than me!”

He glanced at Su Shi and flew towards Yaoshan triumphantly.

He wants to find the most cherished spiritual material, practice the highest-rank medicinal pill, and stomps this man under his feet!

“This time, I will take the lead!”

Cen Yiren grabbed his hair and looked distressed, “What should I do, I don’t know how to make alchemy at all!”

As the daughter of the Western Holy Messenger, she has a very noble status and inexhaustible resources.

The elixir can’t be used up for medicinal purposes, where do you need to do it yourself?

Don’t talk about alchemy.

She didn’t even know what the Dan furnace looked like.

Su Shi lay casually on the ground, with his hands behind his head, a fairy grass in his mouth, and Erlang’s legs leisurely.

Seeing the presence of his old god, Cen Yiren frowned and said, “It seems that you know Dan Dao very well?”

Otherwise, how can you look like you are winning?

Su Shi shook his head, “Let’s put it this way, when it comes to alchemy, I have mastered nine of ten.”

Cen Yi was puzzled, “What do you mean?”

“I don’t know anything.”


Cen Yiren covered his face, “Then why aren’t you in a hurry?”

This is an ancient heritage!

If you can’t practice medicinal herbs, the chance is someone else’s!

“What’s the use of urgency?”

Su Shi smiled and said: “Besides, who said that the medicinal pill must be refined by yourself?”


Cen Yi was a little dazed and didn’t understand what he meant.

Su Shi looked at the figure that was like a duck in water in the mountain of medicine, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

“What’s the panic, we still have tool people!”*


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