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Ye Xiao was so angry that he was about to spit out blood.


He had entered the mountain first and had the spiritual treasures to hide from the demon beasts, the others had just set off when he was already deep inside the mountains.

It can be said that compared others, he is one step ahead!

He thought that the opportunity was within his grasp, but somehow he had been caught in beasts tide.

Not only was he being chased by wild beasts, but he was also being attacked by despicable Demonic people, who said, “We don’t need to outrun the wild beasts, just outrun the righteous people”!

This is outrageous!

In order not to be trampled to death by the ferocious beasts, Ye Xiao could only choose to fly through the air.

As a result, he crashed into a flock of thunder birds, nearly electrocuting him to a crisp!

Ye Xiao, who had always possessed invincible qi, began to doubt life for the first time ……

“Who, exactly, triggered the beast tide?!”

Ye Xiao looked at the sky and let out a roar.

But then he happened to glance at a white figure, his pupils contracted abruptly and his voice stopped abruptly.

Su Shi!

The man who haunted his dreams and kept him awake at night!

Ye Xiao’s throat was slightly dry.

He quietly moved his feet and retreated towards the back.

Although he was angry in his heart, he had to admit that he was no match for this man now.

The battle in Yulin City had left a huge psychological shadow on him.

“You’ll pay for it, wait for me!!!”

Ye Xiao hid in the crowd of Righteous people.

Only by following a heavenly pride like Zhan Qingchen could he have some sense of security.

Su Shi cupped his chin with a pleasant expression.

“Sure enough, Ye Xiao has entered the mountain early, but he seems to have arrived late.”

“Looking at his appearance …… Did he encounter a beast tide?”

At this moment, a command sounded in his ears.

[The host has triggered a wave of beasts, causing minor injuries to Ye Xiao, affecting the next plot trend, earning 10 plot points].

“I got points?”

Su Shi froze for a moment, “Even though I didn’t do anything specific?!”

Did minor injuries count too?

Was he too lucky, or was Ye Xiao too unlucky?

“Sure enough, he really is a treasure guide mouse!”

Su Shi smiled brightly.

“No need to rush now, I still need him to open the inheritance later.”

“Don’t worry, you definitely won’t get away this time!”

Seeing the appearance of his white teeth, Ye Xiao couldn’t help but grimace, his back faintly a little cold.

Su Shi opened the system panel.

Wang Mu died and Ye Xiao was injured, giving twenty plot points.

It was enough to draw the Blind Box twice.

The prize pool flashed and a gift box popped out.

[Treasure: Aura Chalcedony]

[Mystical Ability: Unsurpassed Golden Body]

Aura Chalcedony, the top treasure.

It can automatically absorb spiritual energy to contain spiritual liquid, and its quality is no less than a high-grade spiritual stone, and it will produce a drop of essence occasionally.

This essence contains fragments of the Dao Intent, which can not only enhance your physique and increase your enlightenment, but you may even be able to understand the Dao Intent!

Having it was the same as having a mobile spiritual stone mine!


Su Shi’s eyes flashed.

This Aura Chalcedony and the Heavenly Sutra were a perfect match!

One generated spiritual energy and the other cultivated and absorbed it, and both worked automatically!

The key is the blessing of his Holy-grade perfect talent.

Unsurpassed Golden Body, Heavenly-grade Mystical Ability.

To break through delusions and illusions, to return to the basics and enter the Bodhi path.

With this Mystical Ability, one could basically ignore illusions and enchantments, and would not be affected by any mind control techniques.

“Not bad.”

Su Shi was satisfied.



At that moment, a soft voice sounded.

Only to see a stone tablet blooming with golden light slowly dimming.

The inscriptions on it also disappeared.

Looking at the huge stone tablet in front of them, the crowd was momentarily confused, wondering what kind of opportunity this was.

Did they have to take the monument home?

Some people were curious and touched the tablet, only to have some inscriptions light up, while a faint rumbling sound came from the air.

[High-grade perfect talent, can enter the Dust Realm]

“What is the Dust Realm–

Before the words were finished, the person instantly disappeared, as if he was pulled into a stone tablet.

The crowd froze at the sight, and then reacted instantly.

The stone tablet was the entrance, and the talent was the knocker!

This was not some strange treasure that came out of!

This was a legacy from the past!

People scrambled to press their hands on the stone tablet.

The inscription flickered with light.

One by one, the cultivators were drawn into the stone tablet.

They soon discovered that High-grade was the minimum requirement, below that talent people were not even qualified to enter!

And for most of them, this threshold might not be too high!

Many looked disappointed and full of resignation.

It is so difficult to enter the inner of Tianqu Mountain, only to have no chance to touch the opportunity?

But reality was so cruel.

How could a mortal touch the legacy of an ancient emperor?

Cen Yiren jumped to the side, “Why don’t I go and try too?”

Su Shi nodded, “Go ahead, there is no danger in this first level.”

“Huh, the way you talk is as if you’ve been here before.”

Ceng Yiren looked at him blankly.

But in her heart, she was much more at peace.

She walked over and touched the stone tablet.

The inscription lit up again, this time with a much stronger light, and a rumbling sound rang out.

[Super-grade ordinary, can enter the Stone Realm]

A Super-grade ordinary is already considered a first-class talent!

Amidst the envious gazes of the crowd, her body slowly disappeared.

The sound of thunder resounded again.

[Super-grade premium, can enter the Mountain Realm]

This is Ye Xiao.

He was originally born with Broken Veins, unable to cultivate, but with various opportunities he gained such talent!

The crowd gasped in shock.

They didn’t expect that this simple young man had such a talent!

When Zhan Qingchen touched the stone tablet, the light was strong and dazzling, most of the inscriptions lit up, and the rumbling sound became loud.

[Super-grade perfect, can enter the Earth Realm]

“As expected of Chief Zhan!”

“This talent really makes people sigh in admiration!”

They couldn’t enter, so they just watched from the sidelines.

Soon after, Chen Qingluan also pressed the stone tablet, and the light was no weaker than Zhan Qingchen.

[Sword to the Bone Intent, Can Enter the Earth Realm]

Special physical roots and bones are also considered a type of talent, and will be recognized by the same stone tablet.

They are all top-level heavenly talents, and the audience is not surprised by this.

At this moment, the woman in black standing in the corner also came over and stretched out her innocent hand to press the stone tablet.

In a flash of light, a rumbling sound came out.

[Heavenly Charming Bone, can enter the Earth Realm]

“Earth Realm?”

“Which sect’s genius is this?”

“I’ve never heard of her before …...”

There was a lot of chatter amongst the crowd.

Su Shi frowned slightly, “Heavenly Charming Bone …… Could it be…

Changing the plot can get rewards, but the more you change it, the more unpredictable the next plot will be.

For example, this woman.

She doesn’t exist in the book at this point.

The Heavenly Prides have basically all touched the stone tablet, the rest are Su Shi, all eyes are on him.

The genius of the Demonic path who appeared out of nowhere and was said to have never been seen in ten thousand years!

Many people were skeptical, and this tablet was the best way to test it!

Su Shi looked calm as he walked over and pressed the stone tablet.

The air was silent and the sound of a pin drop could be heard.

Someone sneered in a low voice, “I knew it, he’s not …… at all.


The tablet shook violently, and all the inscriptions on the stone were all lit up, a blazing light piercing through heaven and earth!

The sound of rumbling thunder resounded throughout the sky and reverberated throughout the Chengtian Continent.

[Holy-grade perfect, can enter the Star Realm!]

At this moment, the entire world was shocked!


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