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Ye Xiao was about to vomit blood.

He originally entered the mountain ahead of time, and Lingbao could avoid the monsters. He had already arrived in the hinterland of the mountain range just after the others set off.

It can be said to take the lead!

I thought the opportunity was at my fingertips, but I didn’t expect it to catch up with a wave of beasts inexplicably!

Not only was he chased and run by vicious beasts, but he was also sneak attacked by despicable people in the devil’s way.


In order not to be trampled to death by the beast, Ye Xiao could only choose to fly in the air.

As a result, it happened to hit a flock of thunderbirds and almost electrocuted him into coke!

Ye Xiao, who has always been invincible in luck, began to doubt life for the first time…

“Who, who led the beast tide?!”

Ye Xiao wanted to scream in the sky.

But just caught a glimpse of a white figure, the pupils shrank suddenly, and the voice stopped abruptly.

Su Shi!

The man who haunted him and couldn’t sleep at night!

Ye Xiao’s throat was a little dry.

He moved his steps quietly and stepped back.

Although he felt resentful in his heart, he had to admit that he was not yet the opponent of this man.

The battle of Yulin City left a great psychological shadow on him.

“Thirty years of Hedong, thirty years of Hexi…you wait for me!”

Ye Xiao hid in the righteous crowd.

Only by following the arrogance of Zhan Qingchen can he feel a little bit of security.

Su Shi squeezed his chin with a playful expression.

“Sure enough, Ye Xiao entered the mountain ahead of time, but the speed seems to be a bit slow.”

“Look at his appearance… Could it be that he has encountered a beast?”

At this time, a prompt sounded in the ear:

[The host triggered the beast tide, causing minor injuries to Ye Xiao, affecting the subsequent plot trend, and gaining plot value of 10 points. 】

“I go??”

Su Shi was stunned for a moment, “That’s okay?!”

Can this hurt too?

Is he lucky, or is Ye Xiao unlucky?

“Sure enough, it’s a treasure boy!”

Su Shi smiled brightly.

“Don’t be in a hurry now, we still need him to open the inheritance later.”

“Don’t worry, you will never run away this time!”

Seeing his white teeth, Ye Xiao couldn’t help shivering, his back felt a little cold.

Su Shi opens the system panel.

Wang Mu died and Ye Xiao was injured, providing 20 plot points.

Just enough to draw the blind box twice.

The prize pool flickered and the gift box jumped out.

[Treasure: Reiki Chalcedony]

[Magic Power: Invincible Golden Body]

Aura chalcedony, top treasure.

It can automatically absorb the spiritual essence, the quality of which is no less than that of high-level spiritual stones, and it will generate a drop of essence every once in a while.

The essence contains fragments of Taoism, which can not only improve physique and enhance understanding, but also may comprehend the meaning of the Tao!

With it, it is equivalent to having a mobile spiritual mine!

“good stuff!”

Su Shi’s eyes flickered.

This chalcedony and the Heaven and Man Sutra are a perfect match!

The automatic generation of spiritual power, automatic cultivation and absorption, has basically been automated.

The key is the blessing of holy talent.

Invincible golden body, heaven-level supernatural powers.

Break through the delusional thoughts, explore the illusion, return to the original and return to the truth, and enter the path of Bodhi.

With this magical power, you can basically ignore the charm and illusion, and will not be shaken by any external delusions.


Su Shi is satisfied.


At this time, a soft sound came.

I saw the golden stele slowly dimmed.

The inscription inscribed on it also disappeared.

Looking at the huge stone tablet in front of them, everyone was at a loss for a while, wondering what the chance was?

Do you want to carry this stone tablet home?

Someone touched the stone tablet curiously, and as a result, several inscriptions lit up, and at the same time, there was a faint thunder sound in the air:

[The top grade is complete and can enter the dusty realm]

“What is the dust realm…”

Before the words were finished, the person disappeared instantly, as if he had been pulled into the stone tablet.

Everyone was stunned when they saw this, and then reacted instantly.

The stone tablet is the entrance, and the talent is the stepping stone!

This is not some kind of gem born,

But the ancient inheritance!

People scrambled to put their hands on the stele.

The inscription shone brightly.

One by one practitioners were pulled into the stone tablet.

They soon found out that high-grade consummation is the minimum requirement, and those who are lower than this talent are not even qualified to enter!

And for most people, this threshold may not be too high!

Many people looked annoyed and unwilling.

After finally entering the hinterland of Tianqu Mountain, but there is no chance to even touch the opportunity?

But the reality is so cruel.

The inheritance of the ancient emperor, how can mortals be able to touch it?

Cen Yiren was eager to try, “How about I try it too?”

Su Shi nodded, “Go, there is no danger in this first realm.”

“Che, you seem to have been here before.”

Cen Yi rolled his eyes at him.

But my heart is much more peaceful.

She walked over and touched the stone tablet.

The inscription lit up again, this time the light was much stronger, and the thunder sounded:

[Super quality ordinary, can enter the stone realm]

The super quality is ordinary, and it is already a first-class genius!

In the envious eyes of everyone, the figure slowly disappeared.

The thunder sounded again:

[Super quality, can enter the mountain]

It was Ye Xiao.

He was born with waste veins and could not cultivate, but he obtained such a talent by virtue of various opportunities!

The crowd exclaimed.

I didn’t expect this humble boy to have such talent!

Zhan Qingchen touched the stone tablet, the light was strong and dazzling, most of the inscription lit up, and the sound of thunder also became loud:

[Super product is complete, can enter the environment]

“As expected of Chief Zhan!”

“This talent is truly breathtaking!”

They couldn’t get in anyway, so they just watched the fun.

Immediately afterwards, Chen Qingluan also held down the stone tablet, and the light was not weaker than Zhan Qingchen.

[Sword intent penetrates into the bone, can enter the realm]

The special physique root bone is also a kind of talent, and it will also be recognized by the stone tablet.

These are all top talents, and everyone is not surprised by this.

At this time, the woman in black who had been standing in the corner also came over to hold the stone tablet with her plain hand.

In the flickering light, the sound of thunder came:

[Charming bones are natural, can enter the realm]

“The situation?”

“Which genius is this?”

“Never heard of it before…”

There was a lot of discussion.

Su Shi frowned slightly, “Meigutiancheng… Could it be her?”

You can get rewards for changing the plot, but the more you change, the less predictable the subsequent plot.

Like this woman.

She doesn’t exist in this section of the book.

Tianjiao has basically touched the stone tablet, and everyone’s eyes are focused on Su Shi.

This magical genius who appeared out of nowhere and is said to have never met in a thousand years!

Many people are skeptical about this, and this stele is the best touchstone!

Su Shi looked calm, walked over and pressed it on the stone tablet.

The air is quiet, and needles can be heard falling.

Someone sneered in a low voice, “I knew that he was not at all…”


The stele trembled violently, all the inscriptions on the stele lit up, and the blazing light penetrated the world!

Rolling thunder resounded through the sky, echoing over the entire Chengtian Continent:

[The holy product is complete, you can enter the star realm! 】

At this moment, the world is shocked! *


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