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“What did you say?”

Sikong Yueyue’s voice was surprised, “Are you sure that you are a saintly perfect talent?!”

The gray-robed Taoist priest standing in front of her replied, “Yes, at the Magic Dao Fu Test Conference, the inspiration stone was shattered in public and turned into a starry sky, which is a symbol of the perfection of the holy product.”

Sikong Yueyue fell silent.

Clouds and mists rolled around like waves.

The holy product is complete.

With her realm, she naturally understands what these four words mean.

Harmonious and flawless, his mouth contains the Dao, and he was born a son of the Dao.

Even Zhan Qingchen, who is a perfect super product, is hard to beat.

This is a legendary talent, but now it has really appeared in the world, and is still a person in the magic way?

“Can the identity of that person be investigated clearly?”

Sikong Luyue asked aloud.

The gray-robed Taoist replied, “The investigation is clear, it is Su Shi who defeated Chen Qingluan a few days ago.”

Sikong Yueyue froze for a moment, “It turned out to be him?”

She thought she was a disciple who had just entered the sect, but she didn’t expect it to be the little commander of Southwest Prefecture!

Is he actually a saintly perfect talent? !

“No wonder the Demon Emperor did not hesitate to issue a black killing order.”

Sikong Zuoyue’s thoughts turned and he sneered: “Yun Qiluo’s mind is deep enough to hide such a genius in the desert for more than ten years.”

In the eyes of the world, although the power of magic is strong, its strength is not good.

The position of chief has been vacant for many years, and there are no top talents like Zhan Qingchen and Chen Qingluan among the younger generation.

Everyone believes that as long as the younger generation rises up, the balance of victory will definitely be tilted in the right direction.

But I never imagined that this was an illusion created by the magic way!

The super genius that the Demon Emperor secretly cultivated has now been born!

The Taoist priest in gray robe said solemnly, “If Su Shi is allowed to grow up, there will be endless troubles, and he must be strangled in the cradle!”

Sikong Yueyue shook his head, “The Demon Sovereign is not a fool, such a genius must have the power to protect the Dao, how can he kill him if he wants to?”

“Even if it is successfully killed, the Heavenly Secret Pavilion will not be afraid of the monarch’s wrath, but what will the people of this world do?”

With Yun Qiluo’s temperament, I am afraid that Kyushu will be turned into a sea of ​​blood!

The gray-robed Taoist frowned and said, “But if Su Shi grows up, he will be the second Demon Emperor in the future, and the people will suffer.”

How could Sikong Yueyue not understand this truth?

She hesitated for a long time, and after silently weighing it, she said, “The talent of the road of cultivation is important, but opportunity, determination, and effort are also indispensable.”

“Pindao believes in Qingchen, and she may not be weaker than Su Shi in the future.”

Although the gray-robed Taoist was unwilling, he was helpless.

The head secretly said in his heart was confused!

Chief Zhan is a genius, but the other party is a genius among geniuses!

One is the top of the mountain, and the other is the vast sky!

How can there be any comparison?

The grey-robed Taoist retreated, and Sikong Zuanyue sighed silently.

In fact, there is another reason she didn’t say.

If you really attack Su Shi, then Yun Qiluo will never let Zhan Qingchen go!

She really didn’t want to risk her lover’s life.

“I hope Pindao’s choice is correct…”


Outside the gate of Demon Slaying Division, he was hiding behind the wall in Tsing Yi, looking at Si Ya with his head probing his head.

It was Chen Qingluan.

At her speed, she should have returned long ago.

It’s just been dawdling and wasting a lot of time on the road.

Since she debuted to fight demons at the age of fourteen, she has not lost a single defeat for ten years, and is known as the invincible myth of the Demon Slayer.

Now not only has he lost to the little-known Su Shi, but he has also been held captive for so many days…

“It’s so embarrassing!”

Chen Qingluan covered his forehead, “They will definitely laugh at me!”

She hesitated outside the door for a long time, and finally gathered up her courage, leaned against the wall, and walked into the office.

Before taking a few steps, there was an exclamation behind him.

“Yushi Chen?!”

Chen Qingluan froze and turned around slowly.

I saw a deacon looking at her excitedly, “Yushi Chen, are you back?!”

Chen Qingluan’s mouth twitched, “Well…”

“What, Yushi Chen is back?!”


“Yushi Chen is really back!”

Alarmed by the sound, everyone came to the courtyard and surrounded Chen Qingluan.

The atmosphere was noisy for a while.

“It’s a big shame this time!”

Chen Qingluan bowed her head in dejection, ready to face their ridicule.

“Chen Zong is here!”

Someone shouted, and the restless crowd fell silent for a moment.

Everyone backed away and made a path, and a middle-aged man with pale beard slowly walked in front of her.

Chen Wangchuan.

The commander of the Demon Slayer Division, and the Minister of Guards in Luanyi!

With a lofty status and unparalleled strength, His Majesty personally bestowed the name “Grand Master”!


Chen Qingluan lowered his head, “I’m incompetent…”

“Qingluan, you did a great job.”

Chen Wangchuan patted her shoulder and showed a kind smile.

Chen Qingluan was stunned.

Her father has always been stubborn, and even if she has swept away demon bandits for more than ten years, she has never heard the other party praise her for a while.

Now that you fail, you say you did a good job?

She asked cautiously: “This time the siege failed, and I also lost to others… Why don’t you criticize me?”

“Victory or defeat is standard issue.”

Chen Wangchuan shook his head and said, “What’s more, you are facing Su Shi, it’s already very good to be able to protect yourself.”

Chen Qingluan scratched his head, “Huh?”

“You don’t know yet? That Su Mo is a perfect talent of the Holy Grade, a super genius who has been hidden in the magic way for more than ten years!”

Chen Wangchuan praised: “Among the people who went to encircle and suppress, only you can get out of your body. You are worthy of being my Chen Wangchuan’s daughter!”

“As expected of Chen Yushi!”

The crowd joined in.

Chen Qingluan’s eyes were dull.

That prostitute is actually a saintly perfect talent? !

Listening to the admiration of the people around her, her cheeks were slightly hot.

She knew in her own heart that there was no way to retreat, she was let go by Su Shi…

Even being frivolous by the other party…

Thinking of the oath he once made, Chen Qingluan’s eyes were full of confusion.

“This revenge… is there still a chance to avenge it?”

Southwest State, Sand City.

Looking at the dusty town in front of him, Cen Yi couldn’t help frowning.

“Didn’t you say you’re going to Tianqu Mountain? What are you doing in this place where birds don’t shit?”

Su Shi glanced at her, “You can go back if you don’t want to come.”

Cen Yiren said indignantly: “Su Shi, pay attention to your attitude, how can I say that I am also your senior sister!”

Su Shi shrugged, “But the Western Holy Envoy said it himself, you are just my bodyguard now.”


“I order you to shut up.”


“I ordered you not to stare at me.”


“Don’t bark.”

“Old, old lady is fighting with you!”*


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