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“Su Shi, talent: the holy product is perfect!”

The deacon’s voice echoed for a long time.

Youjue Valley is silent.

Everyone’s expressions were sluggish, and they didn’t come back to their senses for a long time.

There is no shortage of geniuses in this world, but geniuses are also divided into three, six and nine categories.

Among them, Zhan Qingchen, who has achieved perfection in super quality, has already stood at the top, and is known as the top genius that is rare in a thousand years.

Like a towering mountain peak, others can only stand at the foot of the mountain and sigh.

That’s how it is with perfection.

Then what is the concept of saintly perfection?

It is the same as the Dao, it is in harmony with the heaven and the earth, lifts the heaven and earth, and grasps the yin and yang!

Innate Dao heart will be harmonious and perfect, and the path of cultivation has no obstacles!

This is a realm that only exists in legends, but now it is standing in front of them alive.

The first genius in history!

“Commander Su…”

There was a low cry from the crowd.

In an instant, everyone’s emotions were ignited.

“Commander Su, Commander Su, Commander Su!”

The cry was like a tsunami.

The crowd crowded around him, with a frenzied look on their faces.

Today, they witnessed history!

on the high platform.

Cen Yiren stared blankly at the man in the center of the crowd.

The white clothes are peerless, and the starlight is dressed.

“how is this possible?”

Although she didn’t want to believe it, she knew that inspiration stones couldn’t go wrong.

The high quality of holy products is the limit of inspiration stone detection.

If it reaches the perfection of the perfect holy product, the inspiration stone will shatter into stars.

It was exactly the same as the shocking scene just now.

Thinking of what he had said, and thinking of Su Shi’s contemptuous eyes, Cen Yiren’s cheeks seemed to be on fire.

Talent has always been something she is proud of.

But now, she was trampled underfoot by a man she despised.

“It turns out that his heart is like a mirror, he just keeps watching my jokes.”

“Su Shi, you bastard!”


There seemed to be a slight noise in the ear.

That’s her broken pride…

Over the valley.

Two figures were hidden in the mist.

Yun Qiluo said indifferently, “What other comments does Shengen Cen have?”

Cen Baihu’s brain was buzzing.


He also has a fart opinion!

This is the perfection of the holy product!

There may not be one in tens of thousands of years!

What a bastard, you have to step aside when you meet Su Shi!

If this genius can be obtained, coupled with the vigorous training of the sect, the Nether Rakshasa Sect will stand on the top of the Nine Realms in the future!

And he was still questioning Su Shi just now?

“My subordinates are stupid, and I hope the Holy Master will not blame me!”

Cen Baihu’s expression was excited, “The Holy Master’s eyes are like torches, and he is wise and martial. He is so talented. It is really God’s blessing. My sect will have great prosperity!”

The speech was a bit incoherent.

Yun Qiluo looked at Su Shi from a distance and sighed, “But he doesn’t seem to want to.”

“Who else can refuse the position of chief?”

Cen Baihu was puzzled.

The position of the chief disciple is respected, and the resources are endless. If nothing else, he will still be the heir to the position of the head in the future.

He really couldn’t think of any reason for the other party to refuse.

Yun Qiluo shook her head, “Not everyone cares about power, Su Shi is… very special.”

“Seven emotions and six desires are human nature. Since they are human, they must have desires.”

Cen Baihu pinched his chin and said to himself, “Since Su Shi doesn’t care about power and status, she must be beautiful.”

Yun Qiluo was stunned for a moment, “Beauty?”

“That’s right.”

Cen Baihu said firmly: “According to the experience of his subordinates, at a young age like him, he is most nostalgic for the town of ecstasy and bone erosion.”

Yun Qiluo wanted to refute.

Suddenly I remembered what Qiu Ao once said: Su Shi carried Chen Qingluan away in front of the public…

“Is he really…”

Yun Qiluo’s phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, and she secretly spat.

“That slut!”

At this moment, Cen Baihu’s eyes lit up, “Holy Master, this subordinate has a plan!”

Yun Qiluo asked curiously, “Come and listen?”

Cen Baihu said solemnly, “My subordinates are willing to marry their daughter to Su Shi, so that I can keep both his people and his heart?”


Yun Qiluo frowned wildly, “Is this the trick you said?”

“Your daughter is short-tempered, dull-headed, and clueless. Are you trying to scare Su Shi away?”

Cen Baihu looked embarrassed, “The Holy Master’s words are too direct.”

Yun Qiluo snorted coldly: “This seat warns you not to hit Su Shi’s idea!”

“Even if you use beauty… it won’t turn out to be your tigress!”

After saying that, she waved her sleeve robe, and her figure turned into a cloud and dissipated.

Cen Baihu scratched his head.

“Apart from Yiren, who else in the sect is more suitable?”

Su Shi looked helpless.

“It was pushed to this point after all.”

“Muxiu is in the forest, the wind will destroy it, I just want to grow up in a wretched way!”

After this matter, the fact that he is a saint and consummation will spread all over the Kyushu.

At that time, it will become the focus of all the forces, and it will be difficult to do something like fishing in troubled waters.

Hearing the hustle and bustle in his ears and looking at the crowded crowd around him, Su Shi frowned slightly, feeling a little irritable for no reason.

At this moment, the Zen Yi people came from a distance:

“What are you doing all around here? Haven’t you seen a man?”

Seeing this fierce senior sister, everyone shrank their necks and dared not speak.

The scene suddenly fell silent.

“The Inspiration Stone is broken, and the endowment test conference will be suspended. The opening time will be announced later.”

“Give you half a stick of incense, and immediately disappear in front of me.”

“Fuck off!”

Cen Yiren pinched his waist with both hands, majestic.

Where did the crowd dare to stay, the Wuyangyang crowd soon disappeared without a trace.

Only the two of them were left in the empty valley.

Su Shi smiled, “Thank you Senior Sister Cen for making the siege.”

“The old lady just saw that they were unhappy. I’ll help you out? I want to eat shit.”

Cen Yiren snorted coldly and turned to leave.


Su Shi shook his head.

It still feels familiar.

[Cen Yiren’s heart changes, which affects the subsequent plot trend, and gets 5 plot points. 】

[Yun Qiluo makes a major decision that affects the subsequent plot trend, and gets 20 plot points. 】

[The prestige of the Nether Rakshasa Sect increases, which affects the subsequent plot trend and obtains 10 plot points. 】

Su Shi: “What the hell?!”*


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