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In the empty room, a vortex appeared on the scroll, and Su Shi’s figure was slowly revealed.

He looked down at his hands, his expression still a little dazed.

Originally, I just wanted to come to Qingqiuyuan to see Yu Lian’er, and also use this to express my attitude to Yu Yuan, but I didn’t expect to get the ancient bell fragment by accident, and directly broke through from the late Nascent Soul to the distraction realm!

Now that he has broken through the great realm, the whole world has become completely different in his eyes.

The perception has become extraordinarily clear and sharp, and under the blessing of the powerful soul power, the control of himself has also been greatly improved.

The Divine Passage Law is easily at hand, and the strength has been improved by an unbelievable amount compared to before.

If they faced the Black Blood Demon Flood Dragon again, it is estimated that the other party would not even have the chance to make a move.

And all this is thanks to the ancestors of the fox clan.

From the beginning of the psychic jade, to the spirit tea and ancient bell fragments.

The ancestor of the fox clan was really kind to him.

At first, Su Shi also felt that the other party was plotting something, and he was somewhat wary and vigilant in his heart.

Unexpectedly, the other party was very frank.

He doesn’t hide his purpose, but it makes people feel good.

“Old Ancestor is a good person and can handle it. 99

Su Shi nodded secretly.

Opened the door and walked out.

The white fox on the picture scroll turned his head and looked at the tall and straight back, his eyes were a little complicated.

“Is this the man of destiny predicted by Zhai Xin? Sure enough, he is extraordinary.

“Unfortunately, Zhai Xin didn’t have a chance to see it.

“But that last word… Forget it, let’s talk about it later, I don’t want to get involved in this karma.”

The white fox wagged its tail and basked in the sun leisurely.

Su Shi didn’t stay in the picture scroll for a short time.

After drinking tea, chatting, and practicing, several hours had passed before I knew it.

After walking out of the room, only to find that the sky was getting dark.

And Yu Yuan was standing in the courtyard.

After seeing him come out, he hurriedly greeted him, “Nephew, you have come out.

Su Shi was stunned for a moment, “Uncle Yu, you won’t be waiting here forever, will you?”

Yu Yuan smiled, “My nephew is here for the first time, I’m worried that you are not familiar with the environment…,々…”

Stopped halfway through.

Sensing the deep and restrained aura on his body, Yu Yuan frowned and said, “My nephew, your realm…

Su Shi nodded and said, “I just broke through the distraction.””


Yu Yuan was stunned.

Before Su Shi went in, he was clearly still in the late Nascent Soul, and after only a few hours, he broke through to the state of distraction?

It is too exaggerated!

Yu Yuan felt tentatively.

I saw that the other party’s Zifu Lingtai was transparent, full of soul power, and the soul was solid, obviously it was a real distraction!

“It turned out to be true?”

Yu Yuan’s throat was a little dry.

It was completely beyond his comprehension to be distracted all day.

Looking at his shocked appearance, Su Shi explained: “Actually, it is thanks to the help of the ancestors, otherwise I would not be able to break through today.”

Yu Yuan came back to his senses and asked, “Then what did the ancestor help you?

“She… invited me to tea.

“and then?”

“Give me a shard.”


Yu Yuan shook his head and said, “Nephew, don’t be humble. 35

Su Shi’s realm is solid, his spiritual power is condensed, and his soul power is very abundant.

Just looking at the solidity of the soul, it is already comparable to the powerhouses in the middle and late stages of the gods!

This requires practice day and night, and cannot be accomplished overnight with the help of others.

“My nephew’s talent is amazing, and he works so hard, he will surely reach the top of the immortal road! 35

Yu Yuan couldn’t help sighing.

My son-in-law has the appearance of a great emperor!

“Hard work?”

Su Shi smiled and said nothing.

The Scripture of Heaven and Man runs automatically throughout the day, so he doesn’t need to meditate at all.

But there is no need to explain this, nor is it clear.

Yu Yuan smiled brightly, obviously more and more satisfied with this “son-in-law”.

“Let’s go, nephew, the banquet has been arranged, and I will take care of you.

Su Shi shook his head, “Uncle is too polite.

Yu Yuan smiled and said: “Today we won’t go home if we don’t get drunk! 35

The banquet lasted for several hours, and it was not over until it was dark.

In addition to Yu Yuan and Yu Lian’er, all the elders and clan members of the Fox Clan were also present.

The inside and outside of the hall were crowded, and they all wanted to see the true face of Duke Zhen Guo.

The elders were even more enthusiastic.

Although Su Shi is a human race, his identity is very noble, which can be seen from the attitude of his ancestors, and he is very recognized for him.

And when they learned that Su Shi was distracted, everyone was shocked, and their expressions became a little more eager.

“Su Shengzi is only in his early twenties, but he has already entered the realm of distraction, this talent is really terrifying!

“It’s unheard of!”

“Could it be that Su Shengzi is really the reincarnation of the ancient emperor? 35

“I see that he seems to have the image of the Dao on his body, maybe he is the son of heaven!

“Our fox clan has found a treasure this time.

The elders were talking.

Feng Chaoge worked hard, and Linlang’s national strength is very prosperous, and it is the top power in the Shuojin world.

It is a country with three supreme beings.

In the huge barbaric world, no tribe is willing to offend Linlang.

And Su Shi is the link between the fox clan and Linlang.

Besides, he is extremely talented, and he will surely be able to prove the Supreme Dao in the future. Who doesn’t want to befriend such a genius?

“””Su Shengzi, this old man respects you!”

“Holy Son, I did it, you are free!”

One by one the elders got up to make a toast.

Su Shi did not refuse anyone who came and drank them all.

“it is good!”


“The Holy Son is massive!

The crowd applauded.

Yu Lian’er on the side looked at Su Shi, the affection in her eyes was so intense that she couldn’t let it go.

Seeing that his sweetheart can be so recognized by the clan, his heart is naturally full of excitement and joy.

“Holy Son, I also toast you.

At this moment, a fair-skinned and beautiful girl with fox ears came over.

Her pretty face was blushing, and there seemed to be autumn waves in her eyes, “I have heard the name of the Holy Son for a long time, but now I can see it, but he is even more handsome than the rumors. 39

Yu Lian’er (Li De’s) frowned slightly.

Looking at the shy girl in front of her, a strong sense of crisis rose in her heart.


Before the fox girl could speak, she saw Yu Lian’er stand up in front of her.

“I’ll drink with you!


Before the fox girl could react, Yu Lian’er had already drank the wine glass.

“I did it, you are free.”


Under Yu Lian’er’s covetous gaze, even though the girl was unwilling, she could only helplessly return to her seat.

Yu Lian’er hugged her shoulders and pulled a sneer.

“Vixen, do you still want to rob my man?”

As soon as the thought came to this, I saw a group of fox girls walking over with wine glasses.

“Holy Son, I respect you too.

“I’ll come first. 35

“Obviously I came first.” 5

“Holy Son, you are so handsome…”

Yingying Yanyan, dizzying.

Yu Lian’er: 6699


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