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“The ancestor seems to know Zhaixin Dao Zun very well?

Su Shi was a little curious.

Yu Hongyin said: “In the early years, Zhaixin Taoist traveled all over the world, and he came to Qingqiuyuan to discuss Taoism with me many times. She and I can be regarded as friends.”

“That Taoist nun is always unwilling to be resigned to her destiny, and she has spied on the secrets many times, but after all, she has exhausted her life.

Speaking of this, Yu Hongyin sighed.

I don’t know if I am regretting the loss of a close friend, or I am lamenting the unpredictable and ruthless nature of Heaven.

Su Shi understood this.

It turns out that the Fox clan and Tianji Pavilion still have this relationship.

Su Shi wondered, “What did the ancestor mean just now?”

Zhaixin Daozun is proficient in divination.

It is possible to penetrate the reincarnation of heaven and even predict the change of the plot. How can such a powerful person not see through his own heart?

Yu Hongyin hesitated for a moment, then shook her head and said, “Forget it, she’s already dead anyway, so there’s no need to help her keep a secret.

“Oh, in the end, it’s still because of love.


Su Shi was stunned when he heard the words.

“This is what she told me in person…”

After hearing what Yu Hongyin said, Su Shi did not recover for a long time.

The former head of Tianji Pavilion, the master of Sikong Falling Moon, even has a man he likes?!

Originally Zhaixin meticulously practiced the ancestral teachings.

The billowing red dust is regarded as a beast of a flood, and it is especially repulsive to the love of men and women, and there will never be any opposite sex around.

I thought it would go on like this forever, and I would be with the Dao all my life.

until I met that man.

Powerful, handsome, with the majesty of an emperor, he is a peerless powerhouse who overwhelms the world.

Like a meteor, it illuminated the life of Zhai Xin Dao Zun, and at the same time easily destroyed her rock-like Dao Heart.

And the man liked her very much.

This should have been a story.

But Zhaixin Daozun was caught in a dilemma.

On the one hand is the creed to carry out her life, on the other is the man she likes, plus she has never set foot in the world, there is always an inexplicable fear in her heart.

In the end, he chose to obey his ancestors.

Cut off the heart of the dust, block the mountain gate, and refuse to see each other no matter how the man pleads.

In desperation, the man left disheartened.

Zhai Xin thought that Dao Xin would calm down after this.

But the fact is that she is suffering from inner torment all the time.

“and after?”

Su Shi couldn’t help but ask.

Yu Hongyin said: “Later, she regretted it and wanted to save her, but the other party has long since disappeared… Zhai Xin was stuck in her life in the end. 55

“It also made her question the way of heaven. 99

“I don’t hesitate to burn my life many times and spy on the secrets of heaven. I just want to find out if it is really only too much forgiving to achieve the supreme avenue.”9

Su Shi fell silent.

I didn’t expect Zhaixin Daozun to have such a past.

He had never heard Sikong Zuyue mention it, maybe the other party didn’t know?

Yu Hongyin said: “There are very few people who know about this matter. It’s out of my mouth and into your ears. Don’t tell other people, otherwise it may cause you trouble.”

The ancestral teaching of Tianji Pavilion is to stay away from the love between men and women.

Zhaixin Daozun, as the former head, questioned his ancestor’s teachings, was trapped by love, and was entangled by a man for the rest of his life.

This is not a glorious thing for Tianji Pavilion.

What’s more, Sikong Zhuoyue always hated men, if this matter got into her ears, it would not end so well.

Su Shi shook his head and said nothing.

The relationship between Sikong Yueyue and him is extraordinary, and many things do not need to be so taboo.

However, there is no need to say this to Yu Hongyin.

“Right. 99

Su Shi thought of something and asked: “I wonder who the man who made Zhaixin Dao Zun fall in love with? I think he must be one of the most powerful people in the world, right? 99


“Although he disappeared inexplicably, many people still remember his name. 99

Yu Hongyin said: “His surname is Li, his name is Li Hanjiang, and the world calls him the ancient emperor of Hanjiang.”


Su Shi was completely stunned when he heard the words, “Ancient Emperor Hanjiang?! 35

Pushing mountains and rivers 90,000 miles across, suppressing the world for hundreds of years!

The secret realm he entered in Tianqu Mountain is the inheritance of the ancient emperor of Hanjiang!

Not only did he get the True Dragon Wangqi Technique and Bitian Divine Fire, but he also got a crucial exercise: “Heaven and Earth Hunyuan Jiuzhuan Taihe Fu”!

It was this exercise that allowed him to touch the Hunyuan Dao and understand the Dao on the Nine Serenity Bell.

At the same time, he also entered the secret realm of Daozang, illuminating the Tianxingxing closely related to Sikong Yueyue in his dantian!

·For Flowers·…

But Zhaixin Dao Zun had already predicted the occurrence of these things before that.

There seem to be countless threads in the dark, connecting it all together.

“Could it be that the reincarnation of heaven is really fixed?”

Su Shi frowned slightly.

This can no longer be described as a coincidence.

cause and effect.

Apart from the word “cause and effect”, he couldn’t think of any other answer.

Yu Hongyin looked at him curiously, “You seem to be very interested in Li Hanjiang?

Su Shi came back to his senses and smiled bitterly: “I have obtained the inheritance of the ancient emperor, and to a certain extent, I can be regarded as the descendant of the ancient emperor of Hanjiang.


Yu Hongyin raised her eyebrows.

Obviously do not know what happened in Tianqu Mountain.


Su Shi sank his mind directly into his dantian and touched the quaint little bell.


A bell rang in the void.

I saw mysterious seal inscriptions slowly appearing on his body, blooming with the radiance of Dao Dao, with a strong Dao Qi.

“This is……”

Yu Hongyin’s eyes widened.

She actually felt a hint of the image of the beginning of Hongmeng?

“Gong participates in good fortune, clearly illuminates… What kind of cultivation method is this?”

Su Shi said in a faint voice, “This is the exercise I acquired in the ancient emperor’s inheritance, called “Heaven and Earth Hunyuan Jiuzhuan Taihe Fu”, which uses heaven and earth as a pill furnace…

Yu Hongyin’s voice moved.

Even she had never seen such a mysterious practice.

Taking heaven and earth as the furnace, and self as the seed, constantly tempering itself.

Break the void to see the true body.

The yin and yang are reversed, and the true self manifests!

At this time, she noticed something and took out a black fragment.

I saw that the shard exuded a faint halo, as if it had spirituality, and it was echoing the Dao on Su Shi’s body.

Su Shi’s pupils shrank, “This is?!”

Yu Hongyin said: “Zhai Xin gave it to me back then. It was said that it was peeled off from an ancient bell. This thing is very extraordinary. It seems to resonate with the Dao, so I have kept it on my body.”

Su Shi swallowed.

The ancient bell in Dantian was trembling violently, and that aura was all too familiar to him.

This is definitely a shard peeling off the Jiuyou Bell!

Unexpectedly, this thing is actually in the hands of Yu Hongyin? Factory.


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