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Yu Hongyin was stunned for a moment, then reacted, “Su Shengzi, please do it yourself.

Su Shi was also polite, picked up the teapot and started drinking.

The tea is sweet and mellow, with an endless aftertaste.

After the entrance, it turned into pure spiritual power, rushing in the meridians, and then merged into the dantian.

“Good tea.”

Su Shi admired.

Yu Hongyin couldn’t help but laugh.

As a supreme power, she is an existence standing at the top of the fairy road. Who is not afraid to see her?

It’s rare to see something as natural as Su Shi.

“Is this person full of confidence, or is he too thick-skinned?”

Looking at his “booze” cup after cup, Yu Hongyin couldn’t help but remind: “Be careful too much.

It is not that I feel distressed about Lingcha, but I am worried that the other party cannot absorb it.

This spiritual tea contains the essence of spiritual energy, and one sip can be worth half a year of hard work by ordinary practitioners.

Although the follow-up spiritual power is not so strong, it is not easy to absorb it easily.

If the refining is too slow, and if you drink too much, it will easily become blocked in the meridians.

Su Shi’s expression remained the same, as if he was not affected at all.

Yu Hongyin frowned slightly, 510 looked carefully, and the whole person was stunned.

She can clearly perceive the changes of spiritual power in Su Shi’s body.

“The speed of this absorption is too fast, right?”

After the spirit tea entered his body, it was refined and absorbed in a short time, and it was continuously transformed into Su Shi’s own cultivation.

And very solid, without a trace of vain.

On the other hand, Su Shi’s expression was relaxed, and he didn’t even meditate.

“As expected of Linlang’s first genius. 99

Yu Hongyin shook her head and sighed.

This talent is really terrifying.

Su Shi slowly sipped the spirit tea, and his state was steadily improving.

It quickly stabilized at the peak of Nascent Soul, and there was only a layer of window paper left from the distraction realm.

Distraction is a watershed in the spiritual path.

Nascent Soul Realm, first involved in soul power.

At this stage, practitioners can cultivate spirit, but cannot actively use spirit power.

And when you reach the realm of distraction, you can truly understand the mystery of the soul.

Not only can it condense soul power, but using the divine soul attack technique, the divine soul can also leave the body for a short time.

Even if the body dies, the soul can survive independently for a period of time.

To a certain extent, it can be regarded as breaking free from the shackles of the flesh.

If you want to break through to the realm of distraction, it is not enough to absorb spiritual power, but also to find an opportunity for the transformation of the soul.

“Huh? Gone?”

Su Shi poured the teapot, and the tea in it was gone.

Yu Hongyin said: “This Baiwei pot can automatically generate spirit tea, and it will take at least a few months for the next pot of spirit tea to condense. If you like, you can take this spirit pot. 99

Su Shi put down the teapot, shook his head and said, “That’s not necessary.

He knows what to take advantage of and what to take advantage of.

Seeing this, Yu Hongyin didn’t say anything more.

Su Shi looked at the endless green field in front of him. The breeze blowing in front of him carried the fragrance of green grass. The spiritual power contained in the air was several times that of the outside world, and he could faintly feel the resonance of the Great Dao.

Who would have thought that such a vast world is still hidden in that picture scroll?

“where is this place?”

Su Shi asked curiously.

Yu Hongyin said: “This is a small space that I created, it can be regarded as…my bedroom.”5

Su Shi shook his head.

Use a small world as a bedroom?

The means of the Supreme are really unimaginable.

With a crescent moon in her eyes, Yu Hongyin looked at Su Shi and said, “I didn’t expect you to really come to the barbaric world.

This was beyond her expectations.

Su Shi’s status is special, even if he likes Yu Lian’er again, he should avoid suspicion at this time.

If the world knows that he is interacting with aliens, I am afraid that the reputation of “human hero” will be ruined.

It may even be smeared by (cfbd) conscientious people.

After all, he is a famous person, and I don’t know how many pairs of eyes are staring at him.

“Since I have promised Lian’er, I should naturally keep my word.”

Su Shi smiled and said, “But Old Ancestor Yu has sent Lian’er to Nanli, is it too late to worry about this issue?

Yu Hongyin looked a little embarrassed, “I really didn’t expect that the Demon Emperor is also in the Su family. 35

After learning about the relationship between Yu Lian’er and Su Shi, she didn’t want to make it public.

But she couldn’t stand Yu Lian’er’s stalking, and she also had some interest in Su Shi, so she thought of a way to send Yu Lian’er to Linlang.

In order to avoid accidents, Taoist laws were specially placed on him.

Unless it is the strongest, no one can see Yu Lian’er’s true body.

What I didn’t expect was that I would run into the Demon Emperor at the Su family…

Thinking of Yun Qiluo’s tone that day, Yu Hongyin felt a little hairy in her heart.

The Demon Sovereign has always been unscrupulous, and regards his fate as a must.

Su Shi said: “The ancestors don’t have to worry, both the Holy Master and the Holy Emperor know about my relationship with Lian’er.”

He came here this time just to give the fox clan a reassurance.

Yu Lian’er is his woman, and Yu Yuan is not bad to him.

The friction at the border was also mediated by the ancestors of the fox clan.

Now that the northern border is so stable, it can be said that the fox clan has played a vital role.

“Does the Empress also know?”

Yu Hongyin looked surprised.

Feng Chaoge has a tough hand, and has always had a zero-tolerance attitude towards fornicating aliens.

Now let Su Shi and Yu Lian’er date?

“It seems that his position in the Empress’ heart is more important than I thought.”

Yu Hongyin looked at Su Shi carefully.

Feeling the invisible image of the Great Dao, he shook his head and sighed, “Only in the Nascent Soul realm, one can already perceive the Primordial Dao. It seems that Su Shengzi is indeed the man of destiny in the prophecy.”

Su Shi asked curiously: “The ancestor also knew that prophecy back then? 35

The birth of the real dragon and the arrival of the peak is the prophecy of the former head of the Tianji Pavilion.

It should only be targeted at Linlang.

The fox clan is far away in the barbaric world, and they know about this?

Yu Hongyin nodded and said: “Of course I know that Daoist Zhaixin burned his lifeline and tried to spy on the secrets of heaven, but he alarmed many people at that time.”5

“Everyone thinks that she is too arrogant, the reincarnation of heaven and the cycle of cause and effect, how can you easily spy on her?

“Unexpectedly, she actually saw a glimpse of the future.”

Even if the prophecy was made at the time, many people were still skeptical.

Now the Man of Destiny is in sight, and every one has been fully verified.

Then Yu Hongyin sighed, “But Zhaixin can see through the secrets of heaven, but he can’t see through his own heart.”5


Su Shi was stunned.

Listening to the other party’s tone, it seems that he knows Daoist Zhaixin very well?


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