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The man’s throat was a little dry.

This young and beautiful girl in front of her is actually the Dongfang Qinglong, the head of the four holy envoys?

Dongfang Qinglong Saint Messenger, her whereabouts have always been mysterious, Shenlong sees the head but not the tail, even in the sect, few people have seen her appearance.

This stronghold was established for a short period of time, and it was located in a remote place, and no one was interested in it.

Why did two big men come at once?

Yu Jiaolong said: “I’m going to retreat and practice here for a while. Before I leave, don’t let other people disturb me.”

“Yes. 99

The man nodded.

Although I didn’t understand why, I didn’t dare to question it at all.

Su Shi said, “Then I’ll go first?”

He came here with Yu Jiaolong, and he had to go to Qingqiuyuan.


Yu Jiaolong hugged his arm and said nonchalantly, “I promised to stay with me for two days, but only one day has passed. Could it be that the Holy Son is trying to cheat?”

The air fell silent.

Everyone stared blankly at this scene.

Are they right?

Qinglong, the head of the four holy envoys, is now… acting like a spoiled child?!

And the other party is the sect saint son!

This scene is beyond their imagination.

Su Shi cleared his throat and whispered, “Cough, so many people are watching.”

Yu Jiaolong’s cheeks were slightly red, but she still refused to let go, “So what?

Su Shi nodded helplessly, “Okay, I’m not leaving.” 497

Anyway, going to Qingqiuyuan is not in a hurry.

The two have just established their relationship, and they should really accompany her well.

Only then did Yu Jiaolong show a satisfied smile.

Turning his head to look at everyone, his expression instantly became cold, “Prepare a room to come out, the two of us just need a room.


The man bowed his head.

Everyone’s eyes were erratic, and they dared not look at her.

It was not until the two entered the mountain gate that everyone breathed a sigh of relief and looked at each other, their expressions full of shock.

Saint Son and Jade Saint Envoy are actually in love?!

in the room.

Su Shi pinched her cheek and said with a smile, “You are getting more and more shy. Nian

Yu Jiaolong blushed softly, and snorted, “Then I also learned from the Holy Son.”

Su Shi frowned: “In our relationship, it seems a little inappropriate for you to call me the Son of God?”5

(cfbd) Yu Jiaolong blinked, “Then what should I call you?”

Su Shi thought for a while, then leaned into her ear and said something.

Yu Jiaolong’s little face suddenly turned red and transparent.

“How, how can this person speak out?””

“It’s fine if you don’t want to call.”

Su Shi gestured to get up to go.

This trick is really tried and tested.

Yu Jiaolong bit her lip and finally summoned up her courage.

She raised her head, her eyes seemed to be glittering, and she whispered softly, “Good brother, don’t you go, okay?”

Su Shi’s heart jumped suddenly.

This big ice cube turns into softness around your fingers, and it really takes your life to act coquettishly!

Savage world.

Su Shi flew above the clouds.

He and Yu Jiaolong had been obsessed with each other for three days, and the other party reluctantly let him go.

He was clearly cold and arrogant before, but after being together, he became more clingy than Yu Lian’er.

I almost fell into the gentle village and couldn’t get out.

“After so long, Lian’er must have thought I let her dove?

Su Shi sped up a bit.

It is not far from Qingqiuyuan.

It didn’t take long to see the vast wilderness.

Su Shi stopped and slowly fell from the air.

“Who is coming!”

As soon as he landed, several figures surrounded him.


“How dare the human race come to my Qingqiu Plain? 35

Looking at the heavily guarded fox clan around, Su Shi took out a token with intricate patterns engraved on it, “I’m here to see Clan Chief Yu.”5

“White Fox Secret Order?”

When everyone saw the token, they couldn’t help but stunned for a while, and then they all knelt down on one knee.

Seeing the secret order is like seeing the patriarch.

Holding this token, the barbaric world can go to the world, and all the fox tribes in the world will listen to the orders.

“It turned out to be Su Shengzi.”

A fox guard recognized him and said respectfully, “Please come with me.”

Su Shi nodded and followed the other party into the depths of the wilderness.

I was in a hurry last time and didn’t take a good look here.

What you can see is a vast expanse of emerald green grassland.

The air is filled with the unique fragrance of nature.

Countless felt tents are dotted all over the place, and there is a luxurious pavilion in the middle, which is pure white as a whole, as if it was entirely made of white jade.

The warm colors shone in the sun.

“As expected of the nobleman among the alien races.

“This Qingqiuyuan has an extraordinary weather. 99

Su Shi nodded secretly.

in the hall.

Yu Yuan looked at the boxes of treasures in front of him and frowned, “Brother Xing, what do you mean?

On the opposite side sat a burly and strong man, nearly two meters tall, with long beards tied into braids, his voice was like thunder, “Brother Yu, my son Xing Ke has always been fascinated by his love, and I can’t stand it because of him. That’s why he came to the door to disturb him.

“Ling Ai has also reached the age of marriage, and the two of them are the ones we have grown up with since childhood. If we can solve their life-long affairs, it will be a worry for us to be fathers.”

Yu Yuan frowned deeper.

The other party’s identity is extraordinary, but it is Xing Yi, the head of the lion clan.

Although the relationship between the fox clan and the lion clan is not too bad, it has not yet reached this level of enthusiasm.

The other party suddenly came to propose marriage, on the one hand, it was Xing Ke’s request, and more importantly, he naturally wanted to draw in the relationship between the two clans.

After the tiger clan was exterminated, the rest of the clan were a little terrified.

And the relationship between the fox clan and Linlang has been recently, and there is a supreme powerhouse in charge, so naturally it has become the object of other clans competing to make friends.

Xing Ke stood up and said respectfully, “Uncle Yu, the younger generation likes to pity children since childhood, so you can fulfill us.

Yu Yuan was still organizing the language, and Yu Lian’er on the side said coldly: “You can call the word ‘Lian’er’ too?”

Xing Ke shook his head and said: “Lian Er, you misunderstood, I don’t want you to marry me immediately, I just hope to have a chance to get along…

“I can tell you directly, there is no chance.”

Yu Lian’er said lightly, “I already have someone I like.”

As soon as these words came out, the hall suddenly fell silent.

Yu Yuan covered his forehead.

There are many ways to refuse.

This girl is too straight.

Xing Ke didn’t take it seriously, and said with a smile: “Lian’er, we grew up together, who knows you better than me? Among the various tribes in the barbarian world, there is no one you can like.

“Besides the younger generation, besides me, who else is worthy of you?

Yu Lian’er’s face was frosty, “You’re right, I don’t like all the tribes in the barbarian world, including you.”

“You are too confident.”

“Compared to the person I like, you are nothing but dust to Haoyue.

Xing Ke’s smile froze on his face.


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