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“how do I say this?”

Alia wondered: “Is the Holy Emperor embarrassing you?”

It stands to reason that the layout of the Holy Emperor will not be so small.

As the suzerain state, Linlang pays attention to friendship.

Not only will it not embarrass the tributaries, but it will also reward generously, and the value will generally exceed the tribute items.

Zhamuha shook his head and said: “This time I went to Weiyang to congratulate, and the reception of Linlang Kingdom was very warm, and the rewards given were also very generous, but the attitude of the Holy Emperor was puzzling.”

Alia frowned slightly, “Be specific.

Chamuha said: “The Holy Emperor doesn’t care about the state affairs of Sha Xinguo or the layout of the oasis, but is very interested in His Highness.”


Aaliyah was stunned.

Zhamuha nodded and said, “The Holy Emperor asked a lot of questions, including His Highness’s age, talent realm, cultivation techniques, and…”

He hesitated for a moment, then whispered: “And the relationship with Duke Zhen Guo.

“Eight three seven” “???”

Alia had a question mark on her face.

“The Holy Emperor said that the folk customs of the Western Regions are open, and most women are reckless and self-willed, and do not practice women’s duties. 99

“His Royal Highness has already married Duke Zhen Guo. Although he has not been recognized by Lin Lang, he still has to abide by the law of women, and he cannot do anything that goes beyond the rules.”

“The husband is the guide for the wife, the ruler is the guide for the minister, and Linlang can create a sand-hearted country at any time.”35

“I hope Your Highness can distinguish the priority.

After Alia heard it, she didn’t recover for a long time.

“Is this what the Holy Emperor said?”

Zhamuha smiled bitterly and said, “Every sentence is said by the Holy Emperor himself.

Aaliyah was silent.

The Holy Emperor’s words were obviously beating her.

Even as the crown prince of a country, you have to put away your arrogance in front of Su Shi.

The Sand Heart Kingdom can have today, completely rely on Linlang’s army, Linlang has the ability to achieve the Sand Heart Kingdom, and naturally has the ability to destroy it.

And all of this is tied to Su Shi.

“Does the Holy Emperor think that Ben Gong is with Su Shi for profit?

Aaliyah bit her lip.

If it wasn’t for her father’s insistence, she would not want to be a prince.

Why doesn’t she want to let go of everything and concentrate on being a little daughter-in-law who is a husband and a child?

“But then again, the Holy Emperor is too concerned about Su Shi’s emotional state, right?

Aaliyah was a little puzzled.

This move by the Holy Emperor is like helping Su Shi tidy up his backyard…

“When he comes next time, Ben Gong has to ask him carefully.”

“Hmph, this bad guy hasn’t come to see Ben Gong for a long time.

Youzhou in the southern border, Nether Sect.

Saint Child Mansion, two figures sit opposite each other.

Su Shi held Yu Jiaolong’s wrist, and the brilliant golden flames poured into the meridians, constantly dispelling the cold poison in the body.

The white mist rises up, and the room is filled with water vapor, which is the water mist produced by the collision of the flames and the cold poison.

After Xin Ling’s matter was resolved, Su Shi didn’t delay too long in Nanli City.

After all, Yu Jiaolong was still suffering from the cold poison.

After he left, Su Renzong and his wife also breathed a long sigh of relief.

Su Shi has brought them too many “surprises” in the past few days.

Not to mention the bunch of “daughter-in-law”, even the Demon Emperor and Dao Zun are here!

If this villain doesn’t leave, their hearts can’t bear it anymore.

“A little bit.

Su Shi’s eyes narrowed slightly, and the divine flame poured out.

Yu Jiaolong’s body trembled, and the last remaining cold poison in the bone marrow also disintegrated.


She had no wind in her clothes, as if she had broken free from the shackles, and her breath was rising.

The spiritual power in the air continuously poured into her body, even forming a short-lived spiritual power vacuum.

The middle stage of God Transformation, the late stage of God Transformation, the early stage of transcending tribulation…

The realm is skyrocketing, as if there is no upper limit!

After a long time, the skyrocketing breath stopped.

Yu Jiaolong slowly opened his eyes, and the divine light flashed by.

Her breath was like a prison, exuding a strong coercion, and the air seemed to freeze.

Peak of Tribulation.

With the elimination of the cold poison, the cultivation base has completely recovered.

“Congratulations to the Jade Messenger. Luo

Su Shi said with a smile.

Yu Jiaolong looked up at the void with a solemn expression, “It’s coming.


Before Su Shi finished speaking, the sky suddenly darkened.

There were bursts of exclamations from outside.

Su Shi frowned, got up and walked to the window.

After seeing the scene outside the window, the whole person was stunned in place.

I saw dark clouds in the sky, and the heavy robbery clouds weighed down one’s breath.

In the center of the dark cloud, a vortex is condensing.

There is a terrifying thunder light in it, and the thunderbolt is like a thunder snake dancing wildly. Just the slightest breath leaked makes the hair stand on end, and the liver and gallbladder are cold.

This scene is very similar to the original pill robbery, but the power is completely incomparable.

If this thunder strikes down, I am afraid that even the mountain gate will collapse!

Su Shi realized what, and his eyes widened, “Jade Holy Envoy, are you trying to survive the calamity?! 99

He knew that Yu Jiaolong was the pinnacle of transcending tribulation.

But I didn’t expect the opponent to be strong enough to trigger a thunder tribulation!

If you successfully survive the thunder calamity, you can directly prove the Supreme Dao!

“It’s not the time yet…”

Yu Jiaolong’s breath converges.

The vortex in the air stopped, and it seemed that the target could not be found. The dark clouds slowly dissipated, and the sun shone down on the ground again.

The sect people breathed a sigh of relief.

“What just happened?”

“I don’t know, it’s like the end of the world.”

“It feels like someone is robbing?”

“Even if it’s a robbery, it won’t be so scary!””

“It feels as if even the avenue can be destroyed…”

The disciples were terrified.

Above the cliff, two figures stood side by side.

Looking at the terrifying Jieyun, his face turned pale for a while.

“Could it be that an elder is not able to prove the Dao?”

Cen Baihu’s throat was dry.

The aura of this tribulation thunder is too terrifying!

Wu Xuanming shook his head and said, “The power of annihilation is infinitely murderous. This is obviously a tribulation of martial arts, and it cannot be caused by the elders of the sect. 39

Cen Baihu was stunned, “You mean…”

The elders of the Nether Sect are all Taoist cultivators.

If he had to find a martial artist, there would be only that person.

Wu Xuanming nodded and said, “It is estimated that the Jade Saint Envoy’s cultivation has recovered.”

Cen Baihu swallowed.

Yu Jiaolong has a mysterious origin, and no one except the Holy Master knows her true identity.

But there was one thing he knew.

The real realm of Yu Jiaolong is not the realm of Tong Xuan, but the peak of transcending tribulation!

“My sect has added another calamity-transcending power?

Cen Baihu looked 2.9 excited.

But then he thought of something, and his expression suddenly solidified, “I heard from Yiren that the Jade Saint Envoy has a lot of opinions on me recently… Won’t you really come to trouble me?”

Wu Xuanming sighed, “I saw Jade Sage later and made him hide away.”

Cen Baihu asked curiously, “Don’t you like talking to the Jade Saint Envoy the most?”

Wu Xuanming said helplessly: “In the past, she was Tongxuan, but if she can’t beat Laozi, she can still run, but now she is the pinnacle of transcending tribulation, and she has not crushed me to death with a single finger?”

“You have offended her a lot before.

Cen Baihu patted him on the shoulder sympathetically, “I don’t know how many guns you can hold the Jade Saint Envoy with your bastard? 35

“I’ll say it again for the last time, I’m Beixuan Divine Art, not some bastard!”

Thinking of Yu Jiaolong’s methods and temper, Wu Xuanming felt a chill on his back, “Or Laozi should hurry up and run away…”


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