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Zhan Qingchen flew over.

After bowing to Sikong Zhuanyue, he looked up at the girl in the red dress beside him, “This should be Junior Sister Xin, right?

Xin Ling bowed and said, “I have seen Chief Zhan.

The word “Master” is enough to describe the identity of the other party.

The chief descendant of Tianji Pavilion, the first arrogant of the righteous path, Zhan Qingchen!

Zhan Qingchen smiled and said, “Junior Sister Xin is very polite, and you should call me Senior Sister.”


Xin Ling breathed a sigh of relief.

I heard that Chief Zhan has a cold personality and keeps strangers away. She was a little nervous before she came.

But now it seems that this senior sister is still very kind.

“Like the rumors, Chief Zhan is really beautiful.

He is dressed in a moon-white robe with flying clouds embroidered, his eyes are like crystal clear lake water, and his beautiful jade cheeks can’t find a single flaw, just like the person in the painting.

Even if she was a woman, she was shocked by surprise.

At the same time, Zhan Qingchen was also quietly looking at Xin Ling.

Delicate in appearance, charming and lovely, full of youthful and beautiful atmosphere.

Although the two have never met before, the first impressions are good.

Zhan Qingchen asked: “Master, when will the apprenticeship ceremony for Junior Sister Xin start?

Sikong Zuiyue said: “It’s tentatively set for tomorrow, let’s settle her in Ji Xuefeng first.

Zhan Qingchen thought about it and said, “Why don’t I send her there, just to show her around and get familiar with the environment of the sect. 99

Sikong Yueyue nodded, “Alright.””

“Let’s go, Junior Sister Xin.”

“I’m sorry, Senior Sister.”

Xin Ling followed Zhan Qingchen and flew away.

Sikong Yueyue nodded secretly.

The two seem to get along well.

Su Shi’s mission, he should be considered a successful completion, right?

“I hope he can also keep his promise and come to see Pindao every month…ahem, come to see Qingchen once.”

The two flew slowly in the air.

Looking at the surrounding scene, Xin Ling couldn’t help but exclaimed in amazement.

“It’s really spectacular.

The mountains are towering, the tops of the mountains are soaring into the clouds, and there are simple and simple pavilions.

The cornices are warped, and the clouds cover the fog, such as looking at the flowers in the fog, it is not true.

There was a distant bell ringing in the ear, exuding an infinite avenue.

“After Shen Fengya, it is the inner door of Tianji Pavilion.

“This is Ji Xuefeng, where you currently live.”

“In the middle is Qiongyun Peak, which is also the residence of the head master.”

“That is the Guanyun Hall, and tomorrow’s apprentice acceptance ceremony will be held there…”

Zhan Qingchen introduced them one by one.

Xin Ling listened carefully and carefully remembered it in her heart.

She pointed to a majestic peak next to Qiongyun Peak and asked, “Senior sister, what is the name of that mountain?”

Zhan Qingchen paused, and an inexplicable look flashed in his eyes, “That is Tianxuan Peak, but its owner is not currently in the sect. 39

“Tianxuan Peak?”

What Xin Ling thought, “So that’s where Su Shi lives?”

Zhan Qingchen was stunned for a moment, “How do you know?”

Xin Ling said slyly: “A few days ago, a deacon of the sect came to my house, and Su Shi happened to be there… I just found out that he is still a guest of the Tianji Pavilion.

Zhan Qingchen frowned slightly, “Listen to what you mean, you seem to be very familiar with Su Shi?”

Xin Ling nodded, “We’ve known each other since childhood, but we haven’t seen each other for many years. 99

“A childhood sweetheart?”

Zhan Qingchen frowned slightly.

Xin Ling bowed her head shyly, “Forget it, let it be.”

More than familiar, she has become the “daughter-in-law” of the Su family.

However, Tianji Pavilion heard that it rejected the love between men and women, so she did not say it.

Zhan Qingchen was stunned.

No wonder Shizun suddenly made an exception to accept apprentices, it turned out to be because of Su Shi’s relationship?

“Southwest Prefecture, South Licheng.”

“I’m so stupid, I should have thought of that long ago.

“But when did he have another childhood sweetheart, and why was he never heard of it? 35

Zhan Qingchen bit his lip, wondering what he was thinking.


“Senior sister?’ 35

Xin Ling called out several times before Zhan Qingchen came back to his senses.

Xin Ling asked curiously, “What is Senior Sister thinking?”

“Cough, it’s nothing.”

Zhan Qingchen packed up his mood and said, “Let’s go here first, I’ll take you to your residence.”5

Xin Ling nodded, “Okay.””

The two flew towards Ji Xuefeng.

Zhan Qingchen comforted himself silently in his heart.

Maybe they think too much, they are just ordinary friends?

Come to the residence.

The room has been cleaned up.

On the table, a new set of robes was neatly folded.

Zhan Qingchen said: “You should change your clothes first, after entering the Tianji Pavilion, you can only wear the Feiyun Taoist robe.


Xin Ling responded.

Just unbuttoned the clothes and changed.

・・・・Seeking flowers・

Anyway, everyone is a girl, and they are still wearing inner linings, so there is nothing to avoid.

Looking at that beautiful and graceful figure, Zhan Qingchen murmured secretly, “Why is that guy so beautiful around him? 35

Suddenly, her eyes narrowed.

After the other party took off the red dress, he was wearing a golden soft armor, which seemed to be made of scales and shone with a faint glow.

It looks extraordinary.

“Junior sister, where did this soft armor on your body come from?

“You said this?”

Xin Ling looked down and said, “This is a self-defense magic weapon that Su Shi gave me. It is said to be made from the scales of the dragon…”

Before he finished speaking, Zhan Qingchen turned around and walked out.

Xin Ling was stunned for a moment, and hurriedly said: “Senior sister, where are you going?

Zhan Qingchen didn’t turn his head, “don’t mind me, I want to be alone.”

Xin Ling: “???”

Zhan Qingchen’s eyes were full of resentment and sourness.

The soft armor was exactly the same as hers, and it was obviously made by Su Shi himself.

“Even the dragon scale armor was given, and their relationship is really not that simple.”

“It’s okay to provoke girls everywhere, and now she’s become my junior sister. Are you deliberately mad at me for not being successful?””

“That big bastard!

Sand country.

Alia looked at the old man with white hair and beard in front of her and asked, “Is the Prime Minister seeing Duke Zhen Guo this time?”

Chamuha nodded, “I see.”

Alia pretended to be calm: “Then did he say anything?”

Chamuha didn’t know what the other party was thinking, so he said with a smile: “Gong Zhenguo heard that His Highness did not go, he looked very disappointed, and he also said that he would come to Shaxinguo to visit His Highness in a while.


Alia’s eyes sparkled.

“Of course it’s true.” Zhamuha took out a piece of soft armor from the storage ring and said, “This is what Duke Zhen Guo asked me to bring back, and said it was a New Year’s gift for His Highness.”

Aaliyah reached out and took it.

The soft armor was light and soft, and the fine dragon scales shone with golden light.

It is a half-spirit treasure.

She bit her cherry lips and gently stroked the scales, her eyes full of tender affection.

Noticing Zhamuha’s smile, Alia blushed, her expression restrained, and she cleared her throat and said, “Besides that, this time Zhao congratulations, did the Holy Emperor say anything?”5

Chamuha frowned, “The attitude of the Holy Emperor…it seems a bit strange.” Tu.


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