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In the hall, everyone from the Su family gathered together.

The maids shuttled around carrying delicious delicacies, and the sound of silk and bamboo was melodious behind the curtain on the side.

The gongs were staggered, the words laughed and Yanyan, and the atmosphere was very lively.

Seeing the well-behaved girls in front of them, Su Renzong and Mo Yulan couldn’t help but sigh.

It was the first time for Su Shi to go home for Chinese New Year in more than ten years.

As a result, they brought this many people back.

Thinking about it carefully, none of the girls who have come to the Su family these days is a thing in the pool.

The righteous way, the magic way, the imperial court, and even the alien race.

Not the arrogance of countless fans, but the power of the powerful.

Especially Miss Huang and Miss Luo, when they meet, they will give away ten years of life, and they can easily help them break through the realm.

This method is beyond their cognition.

“What kind of magic does this kid have?”

Mo Yulan wrinkled slightly.

Although Su Shi’s talent is amazing “837”, his status is also very respected.

But these girls also come from extraordinary backgrounds.

And looking at their determined looks, it’s obvious that they really like Su Shi.

Su Renzong hugged his shoulders and said proudly: “Obviously, he has inherited my handsomeness and charm.

Mo Yulan glanced at him, “Really?

Su Renzong changed his face at the speed of light, shook his head and said, “Unfortunately, he didn’t inherit my single-mindedness. It’s too much for a prostitute to provoke so many girls.”

Mo Yulan snorted and didn’t care about him.

Looking at Xin Ling, who was somewhat restrained, she thought about it and took out a bracelet and handed it to her.


Xin Ling was stunned for a moment, “You are…”

Mo Yulan said with a smile: “It’s nothing, it’s just a little thought, each of them has it, and my aunt gave you one too.

Xin Ling looked at the wrists of several people, and they all wore identical jade bracelets.

Only then did he react, and the pretty face immediately climbed up to the blushing.


“don’t worry.””

Mo Yulan said softly: “I treat you as my own daughter, no matter what happens to you and Su Shi in the future, the door of the Su family will always be open to you. 35

Xin Ling is a good girl.

She has seen everything she has done over the years.

If it wasn’t for Su Shi, how could he be so interested in the Su family?

Xin Ling took the bracelet with a blushing face and murmured, “Thank you Auntie.”

Mo Yulan smiled and said, “It’s called Auntie now, but I’m not sure what it will be called in the future.”

Anyway, there are so many daughters-in-law, so this one is not bad.

Xin Ling’s pretty face turned even redder, and she lowered her head shyly.

The family dinner did not end until the night.

Xin Ling politely declined Mo Yulan’s invitation to stay overnight, and walked all the way to the gate.

As he passed the courtyard, his footsteps stopped.

I saw that among the snow sculptures during the day, there was another girl at some point.

The skirt is flying, the eyes are bright and the teeth are full of youthful vitality.

It was herself.

Xin Ling stared blankly at the snow sculpture, her eyes flashing with inexplicable brilliance.


Branches on the moon.

Yu Lian’er crept out of the room, all the way to the door of Su Shi’s bedroom.

Lightly knocked on the door.

“Brother, are you resting?”

Waited for a long time, no response.

“Go to bed so early?”

Yu Lian’er lowered her head in despair.

Looking at the black neck ring in his hand, he whispered, “I’m still thinking of giving my brother a surprise.”

in the room.

The two sat opposite each other.

Su Shi embarrassed: “She should have come to talk to me. 39

Yun Qiluo snorted coldly, “Do you think this seat is a fool?”

In the morning, she was too careless to let others have an opportunity.

So I decided to sit in the town tonight and see who else dares to mess around.

After a while, the door was knocked again.

“Master, are you asleep? Would you like Qing’er to help you warm the bed?

“Ahem! 39

Su Shi almost choked on his saliva.

Yun Qiluo’s face turned colder.

Not long after Bai Qing left, Yu Jiaolong’s voice sounded again: “Holy Son, can we sleep together tonight?

Su Shi: 66…⁹9

Yun Qiluo’s face was frosty, “Is this also here to talk to you?”

Su Shi was speechless.

Yun Qiluo said quietly: “How many confidantes do you have, I don’t want to care, but when I’m here, you are not allowed to hook up with them.”

Seeing her resentful appearance, Su Shi laughed and said, “Is the Holy Master jealous?

“I’m just jealous, what’s up?”

Yun Qiluo is like anger and resentment.

She is not so generous.

Seeing Su Shi getting close to others makes me feel bad, but if I force them apart, I worry that it will make Su Shi unhappy.

Even as the Nether Demon Emperor, he is always tied up in front of this person…

Su Shi nodded, “I know, as long as there is the Holy Master in the future, I will only hook up with the Holy Master alone.”

Yun Qiluo blushed, “Who is going to hook up with you?”

Su Shi smiled, “It’s getting late, it’s time to rest.

As he said that, he walked to the bed and sat down, patting the position beside him.

Yun Qiluo suddenly became nervous, “You, what are you doing?”

Su Shi shrugged, “The Holy Lord drove away all the people who warmed my bed, so I can only come in person.”

“Presumptuous, why does this seat warm the bed for you?

Yun Qiluo’s pretty face turned even redder.

Su Shi got up and said, “Then I’ll go and call Qing’er back.”

“Don’t go! 35

Yun Qiluo hesitated for a moment, walked over, and lay beside him with a blushing face.

“Then let’s talk and talk, you are not allowed to touch your feet.

Su Shi shook his head and said, “Do I look like such an unruly person?

Yun Qiluo said: “It’s not like, you are!

The candle light went out, and the room was silent.

Moonlight poured in from the window lattice, coating the ground with a layer of silver light.

After a while, Su Shi whispered, “Is the Holy Master wearing a bellyband?”

“……To shut up!”

Yun Qiluo glared at him angrily.

This guy is really not at ease!

Haoyunzhou, Qiongyun Peak.

Zhan Qingchen looked surprised, “Master, do you really want to accept apprentices? 35

Sikong Zuiyue said, “That girl is a congenital Taoist body, which fits very well with the Heaven 2.9 Jige Technique. Although it’s a bit late to join the sect, she is also a malleable talent.”

“If there is no problem with character and character, Pindao intends to accept him as a direct disciple.”

Zhan Qingchen was a little puzzled.

Innate Taoism is very rare, but in the eyes of Master, talent is not that important.

After serving as the headmaster for so many years, apart from her, he has only ever thought about accepting apprentices for Su Shi.


Zhan Qingchen frowned slightly.

She had never heard the name.

“Then the disciple sent someone to pick up Miss Xin?”5

“No need.

Sikong Zuoyue shook his head and said, “Pin Dao intends to visit in person.”


Zhan Qingchen was stunned.

Master to pick it up in person?

What is the origin of this girl Xin?!.


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