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“Brother Su Shi, look at the snowman I made, is it exactly the same as yours?”

“Sir, look at me.

“I’ve been piling up for half an hour.”

Looking at the three snowmen with crooked melons and cracked dates in front of him, and then at the three girls who were full of anticipation, Su Shi disobeyed his heart and said, “Not bad.”5

Cen Yi asked, “Then which one do you think is better – look?”

How could Su Shi fall into the trap, “Equally good-looking.”


“Obviously mine looks better.

Several people were dissatisfied with each other and continued to carve their own works.

Su Shi noticed Yun Qiluo, who was standing alone, and his heart moved slightly.

“Why don’t I make one for you.

“it is good.

The three looked forward with anticipation.

Su Shi’s whole body was agitated with spiritual energy.

The snow on the ground rises into the air, arranges and combines in the air, constantly changing its shape.

Snow sculptures took shape quickly.

Cen Yiren, Yu Lian’er, Bai Qing, Yu Jiaolong, all of them were fully present, and they looked just like real people.

Each snowflake is an independent individual, which requires a sublime control of spiritual power.

Looking at the delicate snow sculptures in front of them, the faces of several people turned slightly red.

If only the appearance is similar, it can be said to rely on observation, but even the body is so restored, obviously because of the usual close contact…

“Brother Su Shi is great!””

“Really like~”

“Even Senior Sister Cen’s size…”

“To shut up!”

Looking at the playful people, Yun Qiluo’s eyes flashed a trace of loss.

In contrast, I seem to be an outsider.

But as the head of a sect, how could he be fooling around with them in public?

“What kind of snow sculpture, it’s really childish, it doesn’t look good at all.”

Yun Qiluo felt sour in her heart.

But the next scene made her stunned.

I saw that after carving a few people, Su Shi did not stop, but continued to control the snowflakes.

A handsome young man was quickly revealed.

It was himself.

Beside the boy, snowflakes fluttered and gradually formed a woman.

Wearing a long snow velvet robe, he looks absolutely beautiful and bright, and his expression is cold, but his eyes contain tenderness.

The woman and the boy stood side by side, holding their hands tightly together.

Quiet in the courtyard.

Cen Yiren said carefully: “This is… the Holy Master?

Su Shi nodded, “Yes, it is the Holy Lord. 35

“You may not know that on the Zhengyuan Festival thirteen years ago, I met the Holy Master in Nanli City, and my fate has been completely rewritten since then.

“For me, the purpose of cultivation is to protect important people.

“The thirteen-year commitment will never fail.”

Looking at his serious and firm appearance, Yun Qiluo couldn’t help but feel a little crazy.

Su Shi asked from a distance, “Holy Lord, does this sculpture look good?”

The corners of Yun Qiluo’s mouth curled up, as if ice and snow were melting, “It’s beautiful.

Cen Yi and Yu Jiaolong were a little stunned.

It was the first time they saw the Holy Master smile.

“Holy Master, so… so beautiful?

I was stunned by the opponent’s aura before, and I didn’t even dare to raise my head, so I dared to look carefully.

Now, this smiling face really surprised them.

At this time, Jiading walked over quickly, “Master, Miss Xin is outside the door.”

“Xin Ling is here?

Su Shi said, “Come in, please.

“Yes. 39

Jiading stepped back.

After a while, the girl in the red dress walked into the courtyard.

After seeing Su Shi, he showed a smile, “Come on the New Year’s Eve…”

The words stopped abruptly.

Looking at the unfamiliar faces in the yard, Xin Ling couldn’t come back to her senses.

The girls in front of them are all stunning beauties, with a temperament that is either cold or charming, and Chunlan and Qiuju are good at their respective fields.

Especially the figure in the snow velvet robe.

It exudes an icy aura that makes people dare not look directly at it.

Even compared to the yellow girl, she is not too conceited.

“Why did you change another batch?”

“What about Miss Huang and Yushi Chen?”

Xin Ling had a question mark on her face.

Yun Qiluo’s smile narrowed, and she said lightly, “Which confidante is this you?”


Su Shi cleared his throat and said, “Her name is Xin Ling. We have known each other since childhood and are very good friends.”5

“So you still have a childhood sweetheart.

Yun Qiluo looked carefully, nodded and said, “Innate Dao Body? The root bone is rare, but the cultivation base is weaker.”

Xin Ling was shocked.

You can see her talent at a glance, could it be that she is a great transcendence?

She couldn’t see through the other people, obviously they were all geniuses with extraordinary strength.

“Why are the girls around Su Shi all such excellent people?”

Xin Ling couldn’t help being a little frustrated.

However, she quickly picked up her mood and said, “Today is the New Year’s Day. I’m here to pay New Year’s greetings. I wonder if my uncle and aunt are at home?”

Su Shi shook his head and said, “They went to worship their ancestors early in the morning.”

・・・・For flowers・・・

“All right.

Xin Ling hesitated, took out an object, “This is for you.

It is a small concentric lock with a double fish playing lotus engraved on it, which looks very delicate and lovely.

Su Shi wondered, “Why did you give me the lock? 35

Xin Ling said shyly: “You gave me a key back then, and I didn’t know what it was used for, so I asked a craftsman to make a golden lock based on the key…


Su Shi was a little puzzled.

Xin Ling picked up the red rope around her neck and saw a small key hanging on it, “This is it, I always carry it with me. 39

Su Shi thought about it carefully.

When the plot was about to start, he gave Xin Ling his “property”.

Candy, slingshots, dolls…all sorts of gadgets.

There might be this key in there.

But he can’t remember.

“Don’t talk about you, I myself don’t know what this key is for.

Su Shi smiled wryly.

Xin Ling inserted the key into the keyhole.


With a soft sound, the golden lock opened in response.

Xin Ling said with a smile: “This key is useful now.

Su Shi was slightly startled.

Xin Ling handed him the golden lock, “This is the New Year’s gift I gave you. 99

Su Shi stretched out his hand to take it, and Jin Suo’s hand was cold and inexplicably heavy.

He was silent for a moment, then nodded and said, “I will take good care of it.


Xin Ling’s pretty face blushed and clouds appeared.

Noticing the gazes of the people around her, she whispered: “I’ll go back first, so I won’t disturb you.

Before Su Shi could speak, he hurriedly turned and left.

She knew the relationship between these girls and Su Shi.

Although the two are “childhood sweethearts”, they have not seen each other in the past thirteen years. It is inevitable that they will be a little embarrassed to be with these people.

She didn’t want to embarrass Su Shi.

Just as Xin Ling was about to walk out of the mansion, she bumped into Su Renzong and his wife who had returned from worshipping their ancestors.

“Ling’er? You are here.” 9

Mo Yulan pulled her enthusiastically.

Xin Ling nodded and said, “Uncle and aunt, I just came here.”

“Why did you just leave?”

Mo Yulan said: “Since I’m here, I’ll be celebrating at Su’s house today, let’s go and play cards with my aunt for a while.

Involuntarily, he pulled her back.

Seeing Su Shi smiling, Xin Ling blushed and bowed her head shyly.


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