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Yu Jiaolong nestled in Su Shi’s arms, her cold expression melted, and a glimmer of light flickered in her eyes.

This feeling of reassurance made her particularly infatuated.

“Holy Son, your arms are so warm. 99

She lingered comfortably.

Su Shi’s voice moved, “Maybe it’s my firepower.”

Where is this green dragon, it is clearly a green snake!

Soft and boneless, like autumn water, it almost made his heart beat out of rhythm.

At this time, Yu Jiaolong thought of something and said, “Holy Son, I have something I want to give you.”

Su Shi asked curiously, “What?”

Yu Jiaolong sat up and spread out his palms, his palms shone with aura, exuding a sharp and unforgettable aura.

Su Shi was taken aback, “This is…”

“It’s gunshot.

Yu Jiaolong said, “I entered the Dao with a spear, and in the ten thousand years of ice, I realized the intention of not casting a spear.”

“Holy Son is a genius of swordsmanship, and spears and swords have similarities, which should bring you some insights.

“It’s a New Year’s gift for you. 99

That spear glow was extremely fiery, almost on par with Haoran Sword Intent.

Yu Jiaolong was originally an almighty transcending tribulation, but his cultivation was temporarily sealed due to the cold poison entering his body.

But with a silver gun, it is easy to kill enemies across borders.

The power of this gun is evident.

Su Shi837 shook his head, “I don’t want it.

Yu Jiaolong wondered: “Why? 95

Su Shi glared at her, “You think I can’t see it?”

“What kind of gun intention is this, it is clearly the law of the gun! 99

“This is the foundation of your cultivation. Forcibly stripping off the Great Dao is not as simple as a drop in your cultivation base. I’m afraid you can’t even handle the cold poison!”

If he hadn’t been to the spiritual realm, he might not have been able to see it.

Even the avenue can be given away casually, is this person crazy?

Yu Jiaolong was dismantled, his expression stagnant, and he said in a low voice: “I’m only open to mysteries now, it’s useless to keep the Dao… Anyway, with you here, I’m not afraid of any cold poison.

Su Shi was angry and funny, “You don’t want to take this opportunity to rely on me.”

“It’s not, it’s not.””

Yu Jiaolong’s eyes flickered.

In fact, she really had this idea.

Su Shi has countless confidantes, and he can’t see anyone for a long time. If he gives him the law of the way of the gun, he should be able to accompany him more, right?

Su Shi smiled and said, “Don’t worry, our relationship will not change whether there is cold poison or not, or you can sue my mother at any time.”

“Oh, I see.”

Yu Jiaolong nodded shyly.

Then she frowned, “But I didn’t prepare any other gifts. 99

Su Shi shook his head and said, “It doesn’t matter.”

“No. 35

Yu Jiaolong bit his lip.

Su Shi gave him a gift, how could he not return the gift?

What’s more, today is New Year’s Eve.

Thinking of what Su Renzong said yesterday, Yu Jiaolong hesitated for a moment, and said softly, “Holy Son, why don’t I help you have a child…”


Su Shi’s expression froze, and he looked at her dully.

Have a baby?

This is too outrageous!

Seeing this, Yu Jiaolong reacted, and hurriedly said: “You misunderstood, I mean that I have mastered the secret method of returning qi and returning to the original, and will not be affected by the cultivation of the realm, so I can teach it to you, not me and you…cough cough .”5


Su Shi frowned wildly, “Thank you, I don’t need it for the time being.”

The Holy Lord is still there, how dare he discuss such a topic?

Get up and leave the room.

The air is quiet.

Yu Jiaolong’s head was hazy with mist, and the unfinished words were choked in his throat, “No, but I am willing.

in the courtyard.

The swing shattered.

Yun Qiluo gritted his teeth.

Can you say this?

Is this still the big ice cube that is not good at interacting with people in my impression?

“Yu Jiaolong, this seat really underestimates you!

Su Shi walked out of the room and stretched hard.

The sky is already bright.

The courtyard was white, the pool water condensed into ice, and the bricks, rockeries, and eaves were all wrapped in silver.

It snowed heavily for a day and a night, even though the servants had already cleaned it, the thick snow still did not (bdcj) cross the ankles.

The air is filled with the cool smell unique to winter.

Everyone in the Su family went to Taiwang Mountain to worship their ancestors early in the morning, and the entire Su residence was much cleaner.

It stands to reason that Su Shi should also go with him.

But there are still guests in the Su family after all, so many “prospective daughters-in-law” cannot be left unattended.

In the past ten years, Su Shi has not sacrificed his ancestors, and this time is not bad.

Su Renzong and his wife simply didn’t call him.

“Brother Su Shi, are you awake?”

When Yu Lian’er saw him, her eyes suddenly lit up and she ran over quickly.

He took out a jade box and handed it to him, “Happy New Year’s Day!”

Su Shi laughed, “Did you prepare a present for me?”

“Of course.

Yu Lian’er smiled brightly.

Su Shi opened the box and saw a jade pendant lying inside.

It is warm and transparent, with a faint pattern of nine tails on it, and the sun flashes and disappears.

“what is this?”

Yu Lian’er said: “This is the psychic jade blessed by the ancestors. It has the function of attracting good fortune and avoiding evil, and preventing disasters and turning evil.”

Su Shi was stunned.

The ancestor of the fox clan?

That is one of the only remaining supreme powers in the barbaric world, a super-power with sky-high strength!

“The Supreme personally blessed?”

“It seems that this is to show her favor to Linlang.”

Friction broke out between the barbarian world and Linlang, and it was the ancestors of the fox clan who intervened.

Now I have given myself a jade pendant, the meaning of which is self-evident.

Su Shi hung the jade pendant around his waist, and in a trance, there seemed to be an invisible aura surrounding him.

But if you look closely, you can’t catch anything.

“It seems to be more than just talking about preventing disasters and turning evil…

Su Shi thought to himself.

At this moment, the Cen Yi people came over.

After what happened in the morning, her eyes were erratic and she didn’t dare to look at Su Shi.

“Well, this is for you. 99

Throwing a storage ring to him.

Su Shi asked curiously, “What is this?”

The Cen Yiren said: “You can see for yourself.””

Su Shi’s mind sank into it.

I saw that there were several fire seeds in this storage ring.

And the energy is very pure, obviously the quality is not low.

Cen Yiren said: “You master Divine Flame and are proficient in refining Dao, so you should need this thing?”

Su Shi nodded and said, “I really need it, thank you Senior Sister Cen. 35

Cen Yiren lowered his head and said, “Don’t thank me, this is what my father got it, and it has nothing to do with me.”

“That’s none of your business too?”

Su Shi took out an object from the storage ring.

It was a concentric knot woven with brocade ribbons, interlocking in a series of palindromes, and exuding a faint fragrance.

Cen Yiren blushed, “This, this is what I accidentally put in, you quickly return it to me.

“What’s the point of going back when you give someone something?”

Su Shi hung the concentric knot next to the jade pendant, “Does it look good?

Cen Yiren’s cheeks turned even redder, “It’s ugly.”

Having said that, there seemed to be a bright wave in his eyes.


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