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The atmosphere instantly froze.

Facing Yun Qiluo’s icy eyes, Yu Jiaolong shivered and said hastily, “Uncle misunderstood, I’m not here to fight for the main room.”

Cen Yiren also nodded again and again, “That’s right, we’re just here to greet your second old man. 99

“It’s good not to fight for the main room.

Su Renzong breathed a sigh of relief.

According to common sense, there can only be one daughter-in-law in the main house.

Each of these girls is scary, and no one can afford to offend them!

Mo Yulan took the hands of the two of them and said with a smile: “Whether the main room or the side room is the daughter-in-law of my Su family, my father and I will treat them equally.”

“Son, daughter-in-law?!”

The two of them froze at the same time.

Yu Jiaolong’s expression was sluggish, and plumes of blue smoke rose from the top of his head.

Cen Yiren’s pretty face was flushed, like a ripe red apple.

“Auntie, me, me and Su Shi are just friends…”

“I know.”

Mo Yulan said, “This idiot is indeed a bit too much.”

“But don’t worry, if he feels sorry for you, tell Uncle 13 directly, and Auntie will come to clean him up.”

Saying that, he took out a jade bracelet from his bosom, “This is the bracelet that Mrs. Tai gave me back then, and it is considered a family heirloom of the Su family. Today, I will give it to you, and it will be the promise of the Su family to you. 99

Cen Yi couldn’t lift her head, “Auntie, this is too precious, I can’t…

Mo Yulan frowned deliberately, “Don’t you dislike this bracelet?

“of course not.”

Cen Yiren bit her lip and took the bracelet shyly, “Thank you Auntie.”5

“You’re welcome.”

Mo Yulan took out several identical bracelets, got up and sent them one by one, “Don’t worry, everyone has them.”

Yu Jiaolong, Yun Qiluo, and even Bai Qing had a share.

And Yu Lian’er had already posted a round before.

Su Shi covered her forehead, “Mother, Mrs. Tai didn’t sell bracelets back then, did she?

This family heirloom is too cheap.

“You still have the face to say?”

Mo Yulan glared at him fiercely.

Mrs. Tai did give her a jade bracelet back then, and asked her to give it to the daughter-in-law of the Su family in the future.

Who knew Su Shi would provoke so many girls?

In order to maintain fairness and justice, she could only smash the jade bracelets and re-melted ten bracelets.

It might not seem like enough right now…

“It doesn’t matter anything else, as long as they can get along peacefully.”

The head of the magnolia is a little sore.

At this time, Su Renzong thought of something, “I don’t know if I should ask a question. 95

Cen Yiren said: “Uncle just ask.

Su Renzong hesitated for a moment, then said cautiously: “When the girls pass the door, when do you plan to have children?



Cen Yi’s expression froze.

Even Yun Qiluo was stunned.

Su Renzong was a little embarrassed and explained: “It’s not that I’m in a hurry, I shouldn’t be involved in your young people’s affairs. 39

“But you are all top geniuses, and your cultivation has improved very quickly.

“If it drags on, I’m afraid…”

As we all know, the higher the realm of the strong, the more difficult it is to give birth to offspring.

In just a few months, Su Shi has broken through from the late stage of foundation building to the late stage of Nascent Soul!

There are two big realms!

If it is delayed any longer, it will be difficult to leave offspring when it is time to transform into a god, or even to cross the tribulation realm.

Su Renzong is the only son.

This has to be considered in advance.

The children’s faces were flushed, and they hesitated and didn’t know how to answer.

Yun Qiluo clenched her skirt tightly with her slender hands.

Have a baby?

Just thinking about this kind of thing made her so shy, she couldn’t wait to get up and run away immediately.

Su Shi hurriedly said, “Father, is it too early to say this?”

Su Renzong still wanted to speak, but Su Shi dared to let him continue, and interrupted: “Okay, the weather is over, everyone, hurry up and rest.”

“That’s right.

“Good night, uncle and aunt.

Several people fled.

The hall instantly became empty, leaving only the two elders looking at each other in dismay.

Leave the hall.

They didn’t dare to look at Su Shi, and hurried to the guest room with their heads down.

Su Shi shook his head and sighed.

“It’s a mess.

He can feel the other person’s heart, but some things cannot be rushed.

Even if you don’t even talk about love, you have reached the point of having children, and the span is too big.

But this can’t blame Su Renzong.

In the end, it’s his own problem.

At this time, someone gently pulled his sleeve.

Looking back, I saw Bai Qing standing behind him, “Young Master. 35

“What’s the matter, Qing’er?”

Su Shi asked.

Bai Qing bit her lip and twisted: “If you want a baby, Qing and Qing’er are willing to help…”

Her voice was like a gnat, almost inaudible.


“You’re quite warm-hearted.

Su Shi pinched her cheek in a funny way, “Little girl, don’t think about it all day, right now for you, practicing well is the most important thing.

After saying that, he turned and left.

Bai Qing’s pouting old man.

He looked down and muttered in a low voice, “Really, she’s not a little girl! 35

Branches on the moon.

Su Shi took advantage of the moonlight and walked all the way to the room.

The heavy snow was still falling, and there was a crunching sound of snowflakes compressing under my feet.

Suddenly, he noticed something, stopped and looked up.

I saw a figure standing on the eaves of the roof with their hands behind their backs, looking particularly cold under the moonlight.

Su Shi flew up and came to her side.

“It’s so late, the Holy Master is still not resting?”

Yun Qiluo looked at 837’s jade plate-like bright moon, and said softly, “Do you remember what day is today?

Su Shi nodded, “Of course I remember, the snow that day was as big as today.”

Thirteen years ago today, he met Yun Qiluo for the first time.

It was also at that meeting that he was brought into the Nether Demon Sect, and the plot officially kicked off.

“I didn’t expect time to pass so quickly.

Yun Qiluo sighed softly.

Su Shi said: “The deceased are so stubborn, they are reluctant to give up day and night, and the past time cannot be retraced, so we should cherish the present more.99

Yun Qiluo was slightly startled.

After chewing for a long time, he shook his head and said, “I really don’t know where you got these insights.

This man is brilliant and always has some thought provoking truth to say.

But when it’s not serious, it’s extraordinarily ridiculous.

I don’t know which one is the real him.

“By the way, who are you going to have a baby with?

Yun Qiluo asked coldly.

“Cough cough!

Su Shi almost choked on his saliva, “What, what?”

Yun Qiluo glanced at him and snorted coldly: “I guess those girls are quite willing, right?

Su Shi shook his head, “I don’t have this plan now. 35

Yun Qiluo seemed to be relieved.

Su Shi went on to say: “But if the Lord wants, I can cooperate with you.

Yun Qiluo: “???”


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