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Sikong Zuiyue looked at Su Shi faintly.

“Pin Dao promised to help you, but you want to leave without saying goodbye?

“You really have no conscience.

Seeing the hurried look of the other party, she felt that something was not right.

Sure enough, like last time, he wanted to leave silently.

Su Shi scratched his head, “I really have to go back. But don’t worry, I can come back to see you anytime.

Sikong Yueyue turned his head and snorted coldly, “Who wants you to see it? Besides, you came back to see Qingchen, right?

Su Shi was slightly taken aback.

How could he hear a sour smell?

Sikong Zuiyue said: “Qingchen is with you, and the speed of cultivation is astonishing, and even entered the realm of Taoism.”

“It seems that the previous understanding of the poor road was wrong.

“The love between men and women is not a beast, and falling in love may also be beneficial to practice…”

Although “837” was already shaken in her heart, it was the first time she admitted it in front of others.

Su Shi looked proud, “Of course, don’t you look at who she is dating?”

Sikong Yueyue gave him a pretty stern look, “Your face is still so thick.”

But what he said was the truth.

Except for Su Shi, she still had an indescribable disgust when she saw other men.

Sure enough, this kind of thing still has to be divided into objects.

Sikong Yueyue was silent for a moment, then said: “I said before that Pindao accepted your friend as a disciple, and you promised Pindao a condition, and now Pindao has already thought about the conditions.

Su Shi nodded, “Master, but it doesn’t matter.”

Sikong Zuiyue said: “Pindao wants you to come to Tianji Pavilion at least once a month.

Su Shi was taken aback.

It’s that simple?

Sikong Yueyue’s eyes flickered, “Don’t think too much, Pindao is for the sake of cleanliness. If she doesn’t see you for a while, she has no intention of practicing, so you have to come and see her often…

Said he was a little guilty.

Su Shi said with a smile: “I thought what the conditions were, even if the Taoist priest didn’t mention it, I would come here often.

“You’re good to know.””

Sikong Yueyue turned around, turned his back to him and said, “Okay, hurry up and leave, Qingchen will wake up and stick to you again, it won’t be so easy to leave…”

Before he could finish speaking, his body suddenly froze.

I saw a pair of big hands coming around from behind and grabbing her slender waist.

“You, what are you doing?”

Sikong Yueyue’s voice trembled a little.

Su Shi said solemnly: “It is a traditional etiquette in my hometown to hug before parting.


Sikong Zhuoyue gritted his teeth and said, “Why haven’t you heard that Nanli has such a tradition?”

“Didn’t you hear it now?

Su Shi whispered: “Daoist, happy new year.”

“It’s obviously not yet the Yuan Festival…”

With a light behind him, the big hand around his waist disappeared.

Sikong Yueyue knew that Su Shi had left.

Her face was red and hot, and her eyes looked into the distance without focus.

Obviously the other party did not touch the stars, but the throbbing in his heart was surging like a wave.

“Happy New Year, little thief. 35

The bright moon was obscured by the clouds, and only he could hear the slight voice.

Su House.

The void split open, and Su Shi burst out.

The surrounding environment was familiar, it was his own room, and he was immediately relieved.

“This time the crossing is quite reliable, and it didn’t send me to any strange place.

“came back?”

“Well, come back…””

Su Shi made a sound.


Candles are lit.

I saw Feng Chaoge sitting at the table, leaning on his chin and looking at him, the jade cheeks were exceptionally bright against the candlelight.

“Why did you go?

Su Shi’s eyes flickered, “I went out for a walk.”

Feng Chaoge sneered and said, “You walk so fast, you disappear in the blink of an eye, and you can’t see anyone in the entire Nanli City.”

“Cough cough.

Su Shi cleared his throat and changed the subject: “Why did Your Majesty come to me all of a sudden?”

Since the “sneak attack” that day, the other party has been avoiding him intentionally or unintentionally.

Feng Chaoge’s jade cheeks flashed a blush, and said lightly: “I have taken care of you, is there any problem with letting you sleep?


Su Shi smiled, “It depends on what His Majesty is wearing.”


Feng Chaoge said ashamedly and angrily, “What kind of stuff are you filling your head with?

She stood up and walked aside.

Su Shi was taken aback, “What are you doing, Your Majesty?”

Feng Chaoge glared at him, “Don’t hurry up and sleep! 35

The closer to the Zhengyuan Festival, the stronger the festival atmosphere in Nanli City.

Every household hangs red spikes, pastes window grilles, entertainment teams walk through the streets, beating gongs and drums, the lively atmosphere makes people very relaxed…

And the Su family’s house was full of various boxes containing treasures.

Although the Su family had closed the door to thank guests, Su Shi never received anyone.

But this does not dispel the enthusiasm of those families.

They have also learned to be smart.

No longer expecting to see Su Shi, but carried the things to the front of Su’s house, shouted, put it down and left.

For a time, all kinds of treasures and spirits almost blocked the street.

No way, the family members can only move into the yard.

“The Chen family in Yulin City, sent a congratulatory gift of Zhengyuan!

“Commander Cao of Qianyang City sent a congratulatory gift! 99

“Zhangzhou Mu in Southwest State…”

With a burst of shouts, the streets that had just been emptied were jammed up again.

In the courtyard, Feng Chaoge shook his head and said, “It seems that Duke Zhen Guo is really a hot celebrity.

Su Shi smiled and said, “It’s all up to Your Majesty’s favor.”

“Bah, who spoiled you?”

Feng Chaoge blushed a little.

At this time, a housekeeper walked over quickly, “Master, there is a guest outside the door asking to see you.

Su Shi frowned and said, “Didn’t I tell you that no one is there?

Jiading scratched his head and said, “But he said he came from the Western Regions…

“Western Region?

Su Shi was stunned for a moment, thinking of something, and hurriedly got up and walked towards the door.

Feng Chaoge frowned slightly.

I think it came from the sand heart country.

Outside the gate of Su’s house.

A white-haired old man stood outside the door, followed by a group of guards in gold and armor.

2.9 Seeing Su Shi walking out, he hurriedly bowed and saluted.

“Have seen Duke Zhen Guo. 35

Su Shi looked at the old man, feeling a little familiar, “You are…”

The old man straightened up and said with a smile, “This old man is Cha Muha, who once had a chance to see the heroic appearance of Duke Zhen Guo.

“It turned out to be Prime Minister Chamuha.

Su Shi just remembered.

Back then, when Babuch, the King of Sand Heart, pretended to be sick, he was the prime minister’s representative, and later he assisted Alia in rectifying the affairs of the court.

It can be said that he is the minister of the humerus of the Shaxin Kingdom.

“The New Year’s Day is coming soon.”

“As a vassal state, the old man was ordered to pay tribute to the Linlang state, just passing through the southwestern state, so I thought of visiting the Su family first. 39

Chamuha smiled brightly.

Su Shi didn’t look at him, glanced around, and asked, “Where’s Alia?”


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