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In the bedroom, Su Shi sat cross-legged, holding a spiritual stone in his hand.

The spiritual energy was quickly inhaled into the body, turning it into a dull stone.

The spiritual energy that entered the body was removed from impurities by the dantian bell, tempered into pure spiritual energy, and integrated into the meridians.

The scriptures of heaven and man operate automatically, constantly improving the realm of cultivation.

And Su Shi just needs to provide resources.

With the perfect talent of the holy product and the continuous blessing of high-level spiritual stones, his cultivation base can be improved by leaps and bounds.

“A little bit.

Su Shi took out three golden pulps and absorbed the spiritual energy in one breath.

Massive spiritual energy poured into the meridians, surging like a river.

Then it was quickly refined by Dantian Xiaozhong.


There seemed to be a small sound in the ear.

As if breaking through the shackles, the breath is rising.

The radiance in the dantian bloomed, and the quaint little bell became a little brighter than “820”.


Feeling the abundant spiritual power in his body, a smile flashed across Su Shi’s eyes.

Late Yuanying period.

On the path of cultivation, there is a world of difference between each small realm.

Breaking through is not easy.

Su Shi’s talent is amazing, and he has the automatic cultivation of the scriptures of heaven and man, so that he can achieve such an exaggerated speed of cultivation.

“Dantian Xiaozhong still doesn’t feel it.

“It seems that you have to enter the distraction state before you can sense the position of the next ancient bell.”

Su Shi didn’t know how many Jiuyou Zhong there were.

But each of them is very important to him, and it is an important opportunity to break through the Hunyuan Taihefu.

The starry sky in the dantian is gorgeous.

Next to the Purple Emperor Star, a pure white star spun quietly.

The corners of Su Shi’s mouth were slightly raised, and a cute and pretty face appeared in front of him.

“I don’t know what Chang is doing?”

He fiddled with the stars like a prank.

Thousands of miles away, at the top of Qiongyun Peak, Sikong Zuyue was preaching to Zhan Qingchen.

There was a sudden jolt, and the voice stopped abruptly.

Zhan Qingchen asked curiously, “Master, what’s wrong with you?”

“No, it’s fine.

Sikong Yueyue hid in the cloud and mist, his cheeks were red and hot, and he gritted his teeth bitterly.

“Damn it’s little thief, teasing Pindao again!””

Fortunately, Su Shi only touched it and turned his attention away.

Open the system panel:

[Host: Ziwei Emperor Star Destiny Killer Su Shi]

[Status: full of qi and blood, refreshed]

[Talent: Perfect Saint Product]

[Realm: Late Nascent Soul]

[Gong method: Heaven and Earth Hunyuan Jiuzhuan Taihe Fu (Second Revolution), Heaven and Human Scripture (Consummation), Nether Breathing Method (Dacheng)…]

[Plot value: 300 points]

“Three hundred plot points.

Su Shi pinched his chin.

The safest way is to continue to buy pure source fire.

But Tai He Fu was still far from the third turn, and Chi Xing Li Huo was enough to dispel Yu Jiao Long’s cold poison.

For the time being, I’m not in a hurry to raise the divine fire.

Look at the system store.

Recommended purchases are gleaming with gold:

[Magic Power: Prayer of All Laws, Selling Price: 200 Plot Value]

[Lingbao: Mountain and River Fan, Price: 250 Story Value]

[Wonderful Object: True Dragon Spirit, Price: 260 Story Value]

Su Shi glanced over and stopped at the last item.

[True Dragon Spirit Yin Yin: The ancient wonders contain the breath of a real dragon, which can arouse the blood, trigger the dragon’s aura, and achieve the body of a real dragon. 】

Become a real dragon?

It sounds bluffing, but the conditions of use are very harsh.

You must have dragon blood and the spirit of the real dragon, and the spirit of the real dragon can play a role.

Coincidentally, Su Shi has both.

【Whether to buy the strange item: True Dragon Spirit Guide?】


Su Shi did not hesitate.

It is meaningless to save the plot value, only by spending it can you really improve yourself.

After confirming the purchase, a black pill appears in the hand.

Simple and unpretentious, without a hint of luster, you can’t even feel the aura.

Su Shi threw it directly into his mouth.

As soon as he swallowed the pill, his expression changed suddenly.

The entrance of the pill dissipated, and a wisp of breath rose into the spiritual platform, instantly lighting up the dark purple palace!

The thick clouds gathered in the purple palace, the purple light bloomed, and the blood and soul trembled.

Su Shi’s body suddenly swelled in size, and the knotted muscles almost burst his shirt.

The “Blood Dragon Pill” that he took before contains the pure dragon blood essence of Jiaolong.

All excited now!

Qi and blood were churning like boiling water, and his whole body was red and hot, exuding a scorching hot breath.

At the same time, the galaxy in Dantian also changed.

The Purple Emperor Star trembled slightly, and the purple energy gushed out.

Blood qi and dragon qi are entangled together, constantly infiltrating the meridian bones…

I don’t know how long it took before the change slowly stopped.

The system prompt sounds:

[The bloodline is strengthened, and the dragon energy is transformed. 】

[Strength enhancement, comprehension enhancement, majesty enhancement, Taoist resistance enhancement, Dragon Qi perception enhancement…]

[The effect of “Ziwei Emperor Star” has been improved. 】

[Get magical power: the power of the true dragon. 】

Su Shi opened his eyes, and purple air flashed past.

The whole person exudes the coercion of the world.

He made a fist.

The strength is surging, and the physical strength has increased several times!

Before he obtained dragon energy, he also took the ninth-grade dragon blood pill, but it was only stored in the body and could not be fully utilized.

And this true dragon spirit guide completely stimulated the power of the two.

“Good stuff! 99

Su Shi nodded in satisfaction.

Not only has the strength been greatly improved, but also a magical power was given away for free.

This drama is worth it!

“The power of the true dragon…”

Just when he wanted to study it carefully, he suddenly heard the sound of rustling footsteps outside the door.

The door was quietly pushed open.

A figure crept over.

As soon as he reached Su Shi’s side, he stretched out his hand and pulled him into his arms, exclaimed, and the familiar body fragrance wafted through his nostrils.

“It turned out to be you little thief.

Looking at the panicked Yu Lian’er, Su Shi showed a smile, “If you don’t sleep well at night, wouldn’t you be here to steal something?”

Yu Lian’er came back to her senses, her face flushed slightly, and she said confidently: “Yes, I’m here to steal Su Shi’s brother~”

“You girl, I haven’t seen you for a long time, but your face is thicker.

Su Shi shook his head.

Yu Lian’er bit her lip, “I’m your daughter-in-law anyway, what should I do with my face?”

Su Shi:

“Brother, I miss you so much. 55

Yu Lian’er hugged him obsessively, like an octopus, unwilling to let go.

Su Shi rubbed her hair, her eyes full of tenderness and doting.

This girl is really nice.

Sometimes being nice makes people feel a little distressed.

“elder brother.”

Yu Lian’er buried her cheeks in his chest, her voice a little gruff.

Su Shi said softly, “What’s wrong?

Yu Lian’er whispered, “How far have you and Alia progressed?”

“Cough cough!”

Su Shi almost choked on his saliva.


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