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The two looked at the sound.

I saw the gongs and drums in front of me, and the entertainment team crowded the streets.

Playing swords, dancing pills, jiu-jitsu, handstands, playing wine jars, and a group of people dancing on stilts and dancing giant beasts, the onlookers let out bursts of applause, and from time to time someone threw copper plates into the jars in the field.

The children danced with excitement.

Even though the sky has turned dark, the lights are still bright as if it were daytime.

The entertainment team tours between different cities, which is an indispensable touch of the Zhengyuan Festival.

Looking at the jugglers who were wielding swords and swords, Zhan Qingchen applauded excitedly, “Look, they are amazing!””

Su Shi nodded, “It’s really amazing.

Sikong Yueyue shook his head.

It’s just juggling and tricks.

It’s just for ordinary people to see the excitement, which is too child’s play for practitioners.

Zhan Qingchen pointed at the artist beside him, “That person can still swallow a sword! Su Shi, can you do this?

“let me try.

Su Shi really took out the Dragon Slaying Sword.

As a result, I tried for a long time and couldn’t swallow it.

“What about fire breathing?”

“I can do this.

Su Shi opened his mouth and spit out flames.

The golden divine flame spewed out towards the sky and exploded in the air like fireworks, arousing people’s exclamations and pushing the noisy atmosphere to a climax.

Although very naive, 517 still cooperates with each other seriously.

Sikong Yueyue was stunned.

I saw that Zhan Qingchen’s eyes were bright and his smile was like flowers, while Su Shi’s eyes were doting and stroking his jet-black hair.

Against the backdrop of golden fireworks, a moving silhouette is formed.

“The mind is detached, and the body enters the mundane world?”

At this moment, she seemed to understand the meaning of this sentence.

“If you don’t enter the mundane world, how can you escape?”

“Pindao is far away from the world, and he thinks he is detached, but in reality it is nothing but fear of the unknown.

“Preserve Heaven’s Principles and Exterminate Human Desires?”

“Master is right, there is not only this kind of Dao in the world. 99

The corners of Sikong Yueyue’s mouth twitched slightly.

“Only fireworks can soothe people the most.”

Su Shi came to her side at an unknown time, and put a red tiger hat on her head, “People are not the moon, staying in the sky all the time will inevitably lead to loneliness, sometimes it’s good to be a little tacky.

“That’s right…”

Sikong Yueyue frowned, “But isn’t this hat too childish?”

“I bought it from a child at a great price. 35

Su Shi himself put on a top, “If you don’t want it, give it back to me.

Looking at the tiger-headed hats of the same style as the two of them, Sikong Yueyue turned his head and said, “No, you are too embarrassed to ask for the things you sent out?”

“Master, Su Shi, come quickly~”

Zhan Qingchen waved his hands in front of him.

“Let’s go.”

Su Shi naturally pulled her forward.

Sikong Yueyue’s cheeks were slightly red, but he did not break free.

Looking at the handsome profile, although the ears are noisy, but the heart is surprisingly peaceful.

Not far from the entertainment team, there was a long stall in front of a pear orchard, and many scholars in long gowns were dancing and writing.

The entertainment includes the six arts.

In addition to the lively juggling, there is also a place where scholars and writers can play.

The head of the Liyuan class shouted at the door: “During the Spring Festival, family reunion, let’s write a poem on the theme of “reunion”.

“Those who are of the highest quality in poetry can enter the Yayuan to enjoy the music!

Zhan Qingchen’s eyes lit up.

Su Shi looked into his eyes, smiled and said, “Why, do you want to listen to music?”

Zhan Qingchen nodded vigorously.

She has no other hobbies, but has a special preference for opera. Yushulou, which used to heal Su Shi’s injuries, was a pear orchard.

“Su Shi, I heard that you are the best at writing poetry, why don’t you write one, let’s go in and listen to the music?

Zhan Qingchen looked expectant.

Sikong Yueyue also looked at him.

This person wrote two poems in Kyoto, both of which are famous for the ages, and can be called a great talent in poetry.

It would be a worthwhile trip to see him compose poems on the spot.

Su Shi was not pretentious, nodded and said, “Okay, let’s just write a song.”

Before he arrived at the case, he dipped his brush with ink and looked at the bright moon hanging high in the air, and he already had a clue in his heart.

After pondering for a while, he wrote eloquently.

But a moment of effort, the pen wrote poetry.

“All right.

“So soon? It seems that this little brother (bcec) is also here to join in the fun.”

The class leader smiled and took the rice paper.

But as soon as I glanced at it, I couldn’t move my eyes.

“This, is this what you just wrote?! 35

The head of the class was full of disbelief.

Others crowded around curiously, and after seeing the writing on the paper, they all stayed where they were.

“This word?!”

Their eyes widened.

The head of the Liyuan class was the first to come back to his senses, and walked quickly to Su Shi’s side, respectfully saying, “It’s because I have eyes that don’t know Mount Tai, I didn’t expect that the little Liyuan could attract such writers as Mr.

Su Shi smiled, “Just write it casually.

The head of the class shook his head and smiled bitterly, “Sir, you are humble. Although there is no first place in writing, I would like to call this word the leader! It really makes my garden flourish!”

This word is definitely a masterpiece that has been passed down through the ages!

Sikong Yueyue was a little curious, and took the rice paper and glanced at it.

“When will the bright moon be there, ask the blue sky for the wine. I don’t know what year it is in the palace in the sky.”

“I want to ride the wind back home, but I’m afraid that the heights will be too cold. If I dance to understand the shadow, why is it like in the world. 99

“Turn to the Zhu Pavilion, the low Qi household, and the sleepless night. There should be no hatred, what is the long way to go? 99

“People have joys and sorrows, and the moon is cloudy and sunny. It is difficult to complete this matter. I hope that people will live long and live together for thousands of miles. 39

Her eyes narrowed slightly.

Unlike Su Shi’s previous style,

This poem is less rough and heroic, but full of tender and romantic thoughts.

The rhetoric is gorgeous and the mood is endless.

Most importantly, it perfectly fits the theme of “reunion”.

“Nung, moon and new moon……”

Even though they are separated by thousands of mountains and rivers, the hearts of the two are together, and now looking at the same moon, it is considered a reunion.

Sikong Luoyue couldn’t help but feel a little crazy.

At this time, Su Shi asked, “Then can we go in?


The class leader nodded vigorously, “Sir, please come to the private room!”

Just as the three of them were about to enter the Liyuan Garden, the class leader remembered something and said, “By the way, sir, you haven’t left your name yet!

Such masterpieces through the ages must be included in the poetry collection, and the signature is extremely important.

Su Shi thought about it and said, “The author will just write ‘Pick the Moon’.”

“Pick the moon?

Sikong Luyue’s heart was beating wildly.

Did this person say it casually, or did he mean something?

Until then, everyone came back to their senses and burst into amazement.

“Good word!

“Won’t go down in history!

“When is the moon coming, ask the sky for wine? It’s absolutely amazing!”

“The pinnacle of Zhengyuan’s poetry is unprecedented!”

Sikong Yueyue sighed: “You can write such a word in just a few breaths, are you the reincarnation of Wenquxing?

Su Shi shrugged, “Actually I copied it, the original author is someone else.”

Sikong Yueyue shook his head, “I don’t believe it. Then tell me, what’s the name of the original author?”

“His name is Su Shi.

“…Are you kidding me? Aren’t you Su Shi?”


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