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Cen Yi rubbed his eyes to make sure it wasn’t an illusion.

Su Shi is really back!

In addition to being excited, she couldn’t help but feel a little strange, “Since it is the Son of God who has returned, why do you have to stop me from coming in? 35

Bai Jing’s eyes flickered, “This…”

Cen Yiren frowned slightly and said in a low voice, “Qing’er, don’t you want to eat alone?”

“Eat, eat alone?”

Bai Qing’s pretty face suddenly turned red.

Cen Yiren hugged his shoulders and hummed: “As expected, you little girl is getting more and more scheming, let’s see how I will deal with you later.”5

Bai Qing’s face turned even redder.

Cen Yiren has a straightforward personality, and the two get along very well~

Sometimes they would sleep on the same couch and talk all night.

Cen Yi knew exactly what she thought about Su Shi.

“The slaves go down first, let’s talk.

Bai Qing was a little shy, turned around and left quickly.

Only Cen Yi and Su Shi were left in the room.

Looking at the man he hadn’t seen for a long time, Cen Yiren was inexplicably nervous, “Holy Son, when did you come back?”

“just came back.

Su Shi said, “It seems that you and Qinger have a good relationship?”

Cen Yiren nodded, “We are good best friends, I often help her check her body…cough, check her cultivation.””

“I see.” Su Shi nodded and said, “No wonder Qing’er comprehends Taoism so quickly.”

Bai Qing’s talent is very good, but after all, she did not join the sect.

He can’t be by his side all the time, and his practice is basically in a state of stocking.

With the guidance of the Cen Yi people, at least there is no need to worry about going astray.

The air was quiet for a moment.

Cen Yi said in a ghostly way: “I heard that you kissed Qing’er? 39

“Cough cough!

Su Shi almost choked to death on saliva.

He beat his chest, “She even told you about this?”

“It seems to be true, Qing’er still wants to hide it from me.

Cen Yiren muttered in a low voice, “Not even the maid is spared, the Holy Son is really ridiculous.

The tone sounded a little sour.


Su Shi was angry and funny, “Do you believe that I don’t even spare my senior sister?

Cen Yiren’s pretty face immediately flushed, “You are not allowed to talk nonsense.”

Su Shi smiled and said, “It seems that Senior Sister Cen is unwilling?”

Cen Yiren turned his head and stammered: “Anyway, I don’t want to be a concubine anyway…

Seeing her flustered appearance, Su Shi stopped teasing her, raised his hand and threw a piece of soft armor over.

Reflexively, she reached out to catch it.

“This is?”

Su Shi said casually: “I killed a flood dragon, used dragon scales to refine a few pieces of soft armor, and I also made one for you.

Cen Yiren was stunned, “Give it to me?

The dragon scale armor flickered brightly, with a faint dragon might, it turned out to be a half-spirit treasure!

There is also a small “cen” inscribed on the collar.

“This person is still stubborn, it is clearly a gift prepared with heart.

Cen Yi was both shy and happy.

As everyone knows, it’s just a mark made by Su Shi to avoid sending it to the wrong person…

Cen Yiren’s eyes sparkled, “Thank you for the gift of the Son, I will dress well.

Su Shi pinched her chin, “I just don’t know if it fits.

Although the dragon armor is very flexible, judging from the opponent’s figure…

It’s really hard to say.

Cen Yiren hesitated for a moment, then took the soft armor and walked behind the screen.

Then came the rustling sound.

Su Shi was stunned.

Why did she try it now?

After a while, Cen Yiren stuck his head out and blushed, “Holy Son, it seems to be a little small…”

“It doesn’t matter, I still have some dragon scales, which can help you rebuild. Uh, how much smaller?”

“You, you should see for yourself.”

Cen Yi walked out from behind the screen with his head lowered.

Su Shi’s nosebleed almost came out.


So brutal!

“Cough cough!

“My remaining dragon scales may not be enough!”

Cen Yi’s face turned even redder, and she could not wait to find a crack to burrow in.

Rakshasa Palace.

Yun Qiluo looked at the deacon, “Is there any news from Haoyunzhou?””

The deacon replied: “The Holy Son has not left the Tianji Pavilion and is currently safe and sound.”

Yun Qiluo nodded, “That’s good. 35

Although she knew that Sikong Yueyue would not attack Su Shi, she was inevitably worried.

Therefore, they have been sending people to monitor the movements of Tianji Pavilion.

“The subordinate also inquired about a piece of news…”


The deacon hesitated for a moment, then said: “The Holy Son was enshrined as the first guest of the Tianji Pavilion, and has become the peak master of Tianxuan Peak.

The deacon looked apprehensive.

The righteous and the devil are at odds.

The Heavenly Secret Pavilion and the Netherworld Sect have always been enemies.

Now the Holy Son of the Devil has become a guest of the righteous way, which is indeed a bit strange

Yun Qiluo was silent for a moment, with a calm expression, “This seat knows, let’s go down.


…for flowers…

The deacon didn’t dare to say more, bowed and walked out.

As soon as he walked out of the hall, he saw a familiar figure.

The deacon couldn’t believe it: “Holy…


Su Shi motioned for her to keep silent and whispered, “Is the Holy Lord there?”

“Hmmmm. 39

The deacon nodded.

Su Shi tiptoed into the bedroom.

The deacon covered his flushed face, “Saint Son is back? I feel like he’s even more handsome!

Yun Qiluo stood by the window, her eyes were out of focus.

“Sikong Yueyue knows the importance of the man of destiny better than anyone else.”

“It stands to reason that even if Su Shi is not allowed to be the chief, at least he should be accepted as a direct disciple, but he turned out to be just an ambiguous guest?

“I think it must have been rejected by him?”

“Hmph, that guy has some idea.

“But when will he come back, I really want to see him. 39

At this moment, there was a slight sound of footsteps.

She was absent-minded and said without turning her head: “This seat didn’t let you down…”


Halfway through the words, Yun Qiluo noticed something and turned around abruptly to look.

I saw Su Shi in white standing behind him, looking at her with a smile, “Holy Lord, long time no see.

Yun Qiluo stood there blankly.

It wasn’t until Su Shi held her in his arms and smelled the familiar breath that he regained his senses.

“When did you come back?

She didn’t get any news at all.

“Just got back. 99

Su Shi smiled and said, “I heard that the Holy Master misses me, so I must come back quickly?

Yun Qiluo snorted: “Smelly, who misses you?”

Su Shi shrugged, “Then I miss the Holy Lord, is this the head office?”

“It’s almost there.”

Yun Qi and Luo Yu’s cheeks were buried in front of his chest, and she said in a loud voice: “Sikong Zuiyue seems to take you very seriously, this seat thought you were lingering for a while.

Su Shi cleared his throat, “I have something to report to the Holy Master, but you have to promise me not to be angry…

“Okay, this seat knows it all.”

Yun Qiluo said, “It’s just a guest, and I’m not that stingy yet.”

Su Shi breathed a sigh of relief and gave a thumbs up, “Holy Lord is really atmospheric!

“However, 35

Yun Qiluo said faintly: “I heard that the Tianji Pavilion is all female cultivators, how many did you hook up with this time? Give me one hundred and fifty-one honest recruits!

Su Shi: Thousand.


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