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After an unknown time, the throbbing of the soul finally stopped.

Sikong Zhuanyue slumped to the ground, his jade cheeks were crimson, his buns were scattered, and his robes were soaked with sweat.

She realized that she had far underestimated the power of that star.

To be able to completely ignore the realm and cultivation base!

If it goes on like this, Dao Xin will really collapse.

“What should the poor way be?”

Sikong Yueyue bit his lip, and his eyes were a little blank.

Su Shi still doesn’t know what happened.

After studying for a while, he turned his attention away from Tianxingxing.

Ever since I realized the Great Dao in the spiritual realm, the simple and simple bell in the dantian has become brighter for a few minutes, and the seal script on the bell wall has faintly lit up with divine light, which looks very mysterious.

Whether it is the speed of cultivation, or the speed of spiritual power recovery, it has improved a lot compared to before.

The Heaven and Human Scriptures are running endlessly, and his realm is also rising steadily.

Open the system panel:

[Host: Ziwei Emperor Star Destiny Killer Su Shi]

[Status: full of qi and blood, refreshed]

[Talent: Perfect Saint Product]

[Realm: Middle Nascent Soul]

[Gong method: Heaven and Earth Hunyuan Jiuzhuan Taihe Fu (Second Revolution), Heaven and Human Scripture (Consummation), Nether Breathing Method (Dacheng)…]

[Plot value: 210 points]

Two hundred and ten points of plot value.

Although there are many 517s, there is still a long way to go before the pure source fire.

He doesn’t need other magical powers for the time being.

Su Shi thought about it and decided to open a blind box to try his luck first.

The last “picturesque country” gave him a lot of confidence.

The prize pool is spinning, and it is full of brilliance.

A golden light flashed.

[Different Technique: Dragon Tiger Golden Elixir Secret Text]

Su Shi has an ancient book in his hands.

The pages of the book moved automatically without wind, and the words jumped up like living things, digging into his eyebrows.

A lot of information poured into the sea of ​​knowledge.

After a while, the light in his eyes flashed, and the contents of the book were fully grasped.

The Dragon Tiger Golden Elixir Secret Text is a thaumaturgy of the ancient art of refining, including the real pharmacology and artifact, as well as a large number of secret formulas that have been lost.

Refine the universe, melt the sun and moon, cultivate yin and yang, and get rid of life and death.

If you study it wholeheartedly, you can even prove the Dao with the utensils!

Su Shi did not delve into this way.

And now, the special technique he has acquired has allowed him to master the alchemy method and the artifact technique, and instantly changed from a novice to a master of refining dao!


“The time has come. 55

In Su Shi’s storage ring, there is also a “baby” that was plucked from Jiaolong.


Just don’t know how to deal with it.

Really dozed off to bring pillows.

It seems that the improved luck is really useful?

Su Shi pondered secretly.

Looking through the storage ring, I found a cauldron with complicated and mysterious lines engraved on it.

Qianyuan Ding.

Ye Xiao’s relic.

Ye Xiao, as the former son of destiny, although his strength is not very good, but the opportunity cannot be underestimated, and the magic weapon he has is the top.

This Qianyuan Ding can be called a treasure, enough to make the practitioners of the refining dao flock to it.

“The materials are basically there. 99

Su Shi thought for a while, “Let’s start with the dragon meat. 35

Not far away, two figures sat side by side at the door of the room.

Xiaoqing’s expression was bitter, and she said pitifully: “Chief, have pity on the poor child, the salaries of the slaves have been deducted for the next year, and now they have no money to eat. 99

Zhan Qingchen said indifferently: “The sect packs room and board.


Xiaoqing begged: “The New Year’s Day is coming soon, and people also want to buy New Year’s goods.”

Zhan Qingchen glanced at her, “Then let me ask you, what would you do if I got married one day?

Xiaoqing was taken aback, “Who is the chief going to marry? 35

“I mean what if!

Zhan Qingchen blushed a little.

Xiaoqing thought for a while and said, “Since the chief wants to get married, as a personal maid, I should naturally be married.

“But… the chief has always hated men, and getting married must be forced to help.”

“Chief, don’t worry, when the bridal chamber is ready, the slaves will stand in the front for you!

“Even if you sacrifice yourself, you must keep the chief’s innocence!”

Xiaoqing’s expression is tragic and solemn, like a martyr who has sacrificed his life generously.

The air is quiet.

Zhan Qingchen said blankly, “You really have a heart.”

“Of course, slaves have always been loyal.

Xiaoqing rubbed his hands in anticipation, “Then look at the salary…”

“You’ve been fired.


“When I redeemed you, I spent forty taels of silver with snow patterns. Remember to return the money to me.”5


Xiaoqing was a little confused.

I didn’t have the money to come, but owed forty taels instead?

She still wanted to say something, but suddenly there was a change in the side, she turned her head to look, and the whole person was stunned.

I saw Su Shi’s figure in the air, with a cauldron hanging in front of him, and the golden flame was burning brightly.

“What is Su Shengzi doing?”

“He’s alchemy.

Zhan Qingchen said, “Quiet, don’t disturb him.”

Xiaoqing hurriedly covered her mouth, not daring to breathe.

Looking at Su Shi’s serious appearance, Zhan Qingchen’s eyes were a little curious, “I remember that when he was in the secret realm of the ancient emperor, he knew nothing about alchemy, why did he suddenly start alchemy?

It must have been a whim.

She didn’t think much of it.

“The cauldron has yin and yang, the medicine has the inside and outside, and the fire has its seasons. This is the pivot point of alchemy.

“Qianyuan Ding, plus Chixinglihuo, is enough to fully exert the effect of dragon meat.”5

Su Shi put the dragon meat and other auxiliary materials into the furnace.

At the same time, they are used for two purposes, while controlling the heat and adjusting the furnace with spiritual power.

Guard the entrance, and control the Ding Furnace.

The primordial spirit controls fire, and the sun burns the moon and refines it.

Su Shi has a clear mind and is in control.

The red fire was burning, the cauldron roared, and the temperature of the air became scorching hot.

Zhan Qingchen’s eyes were slightly startled.

This action seems to be very skilled.

After a long time, Su Shi’s eyes flashed.

“It’s done! Luo

The golden flame ignited, and the furnace cover rose into the air.

A blood-red elixir was dripping in the air.

At the same time, the wind was howling, the dark clouds above the head condensed, and the sky and the earth were darkened.

I saw that in the oppressive heavy cloud, there was a faint flash of thunder, and the terrifying coercion from the ancient times came over!

“Dan, Dan robbery?!

Zhan Qingchen was stunned.

There are nine grades of alchemy, and according to the degree of perfection, they are divided into four grades: heaven, earth, mysterious, and yellow.

Only the Heavenly Spirit Pill of the eighth rank or above can trigger a pill calamity.

I thought Su Shi was just on a whim.

In the end, he made an eighth-rank Heavenly Spirit Pill?!

This vision of heaven and earth alarmed the elders and disciples of the sect.

Several figures flew over.

After seeing the scene in front of them, everyone was stunned.

“Su Shi this is….”

“In a robbery?!


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