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Qiongyun Peak.

On the top of the mountain, Sikong Yueyue stood with his hands behind his back.

Behind him, the gray-robed Taoist bowed and said, “Sect Master, the three southern states are very calm, and the Netherworld Sect has not moved so far.”


Sikong Yueyue raised his brows slightly.

Su Shi came to Tianji Pavilion, although there was no fanfare, but he must not be able to hide from the eyes and ears of the Demon Emperor.

With Yun Qiluo’s character, it would be nice if she didn’t come to the door.

How can it be so peaceful?

Just as she was thinking about it, the gray-robed Taoist asked, “Sect Master, Su Shi is really the man of destiny?”

Sikong Zuoyue nodded and said, “Yes, he has realized the Great Dao of Hunyuan.”

The pupils of the gray-robed Taoist shrank.

With his realm, he naturally knows what the word “Hunyuan” means.

That is the origin of heaven and earth, the supreme avenue that existed before Hongmeng was opened.

Thousands of Dao Principles are all nurtured and born in the Primordial Yuan.

“The real dragon was born and controlled Hunyuan, and the prophecy has been fulfilled.”

“Then next, it should be to ride the phoenix and ride the luan to the top, right?

Thinking of the various feats of Su Shi during this period, the Taoist gray-robed realized that the rise of this holy son of the devil path was unstoppable.

“Then what are you going to do?”



Sikong Yueyue looked helpless.

Master said at the beginning that the destined person must be kept in the Tianji Pavilion.

But Su Shi doesn’t want to be a teacher, what can she do?

Thinking of what happened in the spiritual realm, Sikong Yueyue’s calm Dao heart stirred up waves.

She has never been close to a man now.

The throbbing from the depths of the soul is simply irresistible.

Looking back now, I am still a little flustered.

“Master said that the love between men and women will interfere with the Dao heart, but why did Qingchen’s Dao heart change because of this?”

“Master said that men are dirty and smell bad, but Su Shi’s bones are as crystal clear as jade, and his body is also fragrant…

“Could the Master be wrong?

Clouds and mists rolled around.

At this time, Sikong Yueyue remembered something, “By the way, why did Pindao forget about this~”?”

The figure dissipated instantly.

Only the gray-robed Taoist with a blank face was left.

Floating Cloud Palace, Tibetan Scripture Pavilion.

Sikong Falling Moon broke out of the sky.

When I came to the bookshelf in the corner, the palm of my hand was rippling, and the air was rippling.

The illusion was broken, and a jade letter was seen at the top.

“Master said before his death that if the Tao’s mind is disturbed, he can open this box.

“It’s supposed to be the solution here.

Sikong Yueyue opened the jade letter with anticipation.

There is no bright light, no vision, and there is a letter lying quietly inside.

Unfolding the stationery, the familiar handwriting comes into view:

[Teacher, since you have opened this letter, you must have encountered a puzzle that is difficult to solve, and may even have doubts about Zu Xun. 】

Sikong Yueyue smiled, “As expected of the Master, this can be expected.”

Continue to look down:

【You are the most proud disciple of your teacher, your innate nature is rare in the world, and your Taoism is even more perfect, which can make your heart turbulent. I think that man should be excellent, right?]

“How does Shizun know it’s a man?”

Sikong Yueyue nodded, “But Su Shi is really good. 99

[Nine out of ten men in the world are only obsessed with color. 】

[Red and pink skeletons, white bones and flesh, if one day your face is gone, they will abandon you heartlessly, leaving you alone in the quagmire and suffer the backlash of the rolling red dust. 】

[Because the teacher doesn’t want you to be trapped by love and affect your practice, so I told you from a young age that men don’t have a good thing. 】

[But nothing is absolute, there will always be a special person in this world. 】

【Some people will push you down into the abyss, and some people will light up your life. 】

[If one day, your own star appears, I hope you can follow your own heart, and don’t get stuck in your life because of the so-called ancestral teachings. 】

[Preserving the principles of heaven and destroying human desires is not the only way. 】

[If you can’t be too oblivious, then it seems to be good to be very affectionate? 】

[In short, don’t leave any regrets for yourself. 】

Sikong Yueyue was stunned.

These words, Master has never said to her.

“A star belonging to the poor road?”

Thinking of the pure white star, she couldn’t come back to her senses for a while.

Could it be that Su Shi is that special person to her?

After the letter, there is a short paragraph:

[The teacher also faced the same confusion. 】

[In the end, he chose to obey the ancestral teachings, and watched helplessly as the stars that belonged to the teacher went out. 】

[This is the most regrettable thing in the teacher’s life. 】

[Hope it doesn’t happen to you. 】

After reading the entire letter, Sikong Yueyue frowned.

I thought that Master would tell her the solution, but in the end he was trying to persuade her to compromise?

“Although I don’t know what Shizun has experienced.”

“But it is obviously not applicable to Pindao.39

She and Su Shi just met, how could she have been stuck for the rest of her life?

Sikong Yueyue collected the letter.

“.”Master’s suggestion lacks reference value. “

“The reason for the gaffe in the spiritual realm is because the cultivation of the poor Dao was suppressed.

“As long as the cultivation base is restored, foreign objects cannot affect the poor way at all.”

She can ascend to the Supreme Being and become the strongest person, and has sufficient confidence in her own avenue.

Sikong Zuoyue simply sat on the ground and recited the Calm Qi Mantra, and the surging clouds and mists quickly returned to calm.

The heart of the Tao is as stable as a rock, without a trace of loosening.

“Sure enough, how can Pindao be so weak?”

She showed a smile.

However, the next second, the smile stiffened on his face.

The soul trembled again, and the strong throbbing was like a wave, drowning the heart of Tao almost instantly.

The clouds dissipated completely.

Sikong Yueyue’s figure was revealed, trembling slightly.

The speed of her heartbeat was getting faster and faster, Yanhong climbed up on her fair jade cheeks, and the feeling of panic made her whole body weak.

Not to mention suppression, even Yi (Li Dezhao) Si spiritual power could not be raised.

“Starting again?”

“Poor Dao… what should I do?”

Her eyes were blank, and she was completely lost.


Su Shi lay on the rocking chair, eyes closed slightly, looking inside himself.

I saw a bright star river in Dantian, and a pure white star shone with light.


“I don’t know how this star is lit.

The scorching sun is because of divine fire, and Ziweixing is because of dragon energy, but this Tianxuan star is somehow bright.

Recalling the strange performance of Sikong Falling Moon in the spiritual realm.

Su Shi opened the system panel and made sure that the surrender effect had disappeared.

“It should be all right now. 35

He controlled his spiritual power and tentatively touched the stars of Tianxuan, and the white stars suddenly burst into bloom.

Inside the Sutra Collection Pavilion, Sikong Yueyue shivered, and his eyes had completely lost focus.



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