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Sikong Yueyue has never lost such a big person in his life.

Thinking of how weak and powerless she was just now, letting the other party handle it, she had an unreal feeling.

“Forget it, it was a nightmare.

Silently comfort myself.


The first elder asked aloud, “Is Su Shi really the destined person?”

The elders all looked at Sikong Luyue.

Although it has been basically determined, they still want to get an accurate answer from the door.

Sikong Zuiyue nodded and said, “He understood the Great Dao of Hunyuan, and he can control the dragon energy. He is indeed the true dragon predicted by the master.”

“Sure enough!”

The crowd was amazed.

The first elder asked again: “Then what is the head going to do with this matter?

“You can’t hand the destined person to the Nether Sect, right?”

“The Demon Emperor is already so tyrannical, if you add Su Shi, over time, I’m afraid it will turn the sky down!””

“Although Su Shi is not a villain, after all there is a cold-blooded and ruthless Demon Owl behind him!”

Sikong Zuo sighed in December: “Why don’t the poor people understand what you are saying?”9

“But there is no way. Pindao wanted to accept Su Shi as his apprentice, but he refused.”


Everyone was stunned.

Unexpectedly, the head really wanted to bring Su Shi to the door.

What surprised them even more was that Su Shi refused?

This is the supreme powerhouse standing at the top of the Immortal Road, and the Tianji Pavilion is the top inheritance of Kyushu, and many supreme powerhouses are masters, who can resist this temptation?

The elders were puzzled.

Sikong Yueyue said: “Let him go, Pindao believes that he will not do evil.”

Demons are not necessarily bad people.

Su Shi has good intentions in his heart, and if his merit is added to his body, he may be able to change Yun Qiluo.

“Although he didn’t want to be a teacher of the poor Dao, he realized the Dao Law in the Taoist Spiritual Realm.

“Since he accepts the inheritance of the Tianji Pavilion, he is naturally a member of the Tianji Pavilion.”

Sikong Yueyue’s eyes were smug, “Yun Qiluo, your holy son is no longer clean!”

At this time, the first elder thought of something, and said puzzledly: “Master, don’t you hate men the most? Why are you willing to accept Su Shi as a disciple?

Has misogyny cured itself?

Sikong Yueyue paused, shook his head and said, “Su Shi is different from other men.

The first elder asked curiously, “What’s the difference?”


Sikong Yueyue thought for a while, and said with certainty, “He is fragrant. 95


The elder had a question mark on his face.

Su Shi and Zhan Qingchen left Wen Daoya.

The disciples passing by all cast curious glances.

A man actually appeared in the sect?

And such a handsome man!

Some of the disciples who recognized Su Shi had disbelief written all over their faces, suspecting that something was wrong with their eyes.

Zhan Qingchen asked, “Where did you go just now?

Su Shi suddenly fell into the cliff, which really startled her.

“It seems to be called Daozang Spiritual Realm?”

Su Shi briefly explained what happened just now.

It just hides the process of Sikong Zuoyue’s “make a fool of himself”.

Zhan Qingchen covered his mouth and said in shock, “So there is an extra-worldly spiritual realm hidden behind the cliff?

As the chief of the sect, she had never heard of this.

“Since you are qualified to enter the spiritual realm, I think Master is definitely willing to accept you as an apprentice?”

Zhan Qingchen looked expectant.

This is the main reason why she asked Su Shi to come to Tianji Pavilion.

As long as Su Shi can worship the sect, the two can be together in an open and honest way.

Su Shi nodded, “Director Sikong really wants to take me as a disciple.

Before Zhan Qingchen could be happy, he heard him continue: “But I rejected it.

Zhan Qingchen was stunned, “Why, why?”

Su Shi said lightly: “Because I have someone I can’t betray. 35

Whether it is the right way or the devil, even if he is cast aside by the world, he doesn’t care.

In any case, Yun Qiluo’s sincerity cannot be let down.

“I see.

Zhan Qingchen looked lost.

That person must be important to him, right?

It seems that between her and Su Shi, after all…

Su Shi said, “However, Daoist Director Sikong has made it clear that even if we don’t worship Tianji Pavilion, he will agree to our relationship.”

Zhan Qingchen raised his head suddenly, “Really?

Su Shi nodded, “Exactly.

“You bad guy, why don’t you finish it in one breath? It’s really scary!”

Zhan Qingchen angrily beat his chest, “I thought we two… we were about to cry!”

Su Shi laughed: “Why, worried that I don’t want you anymore?”

“you dare!””

Zhan Qingchen snorted softly: “If you dare not to let me, I will let the master clean you up! 35

Su Shi shook his head.

She still doesn’t know that her most beloved master has fallen…

Seeing the intimacy of the two, the passing disciples were dumbfounded.

“That’s Chief Zhan?”

“Am I right, Chief Zhan is actually acting like a spoiled child in a man’s arms?”

“Come on, wake me up, this must be a dream! 35

Their worldview is split.

Zhan Qingchen noticed the shocking gazes around him, his pretty face flushed, and he hurriedly pulled Su Shi and fled.

Came to a quiet mountain.

A neat and tidy courtyard is located here.

The two fell from the sky.

“This is where I live.””

Zhan Qingchen walked over and opened the door.

“Chief, you are back!”

Xiaoqing ran over excitedly, “I have another big news, it’s about Su… Su Shi?!

Looking at the man in front of her, Xiaoqing was stunned in the original 517.

Su Shi smiled and said, “Long time no see.

When he was stabbed by Zhan Qingchen with a sword, the first person he saw when he opened his eyes was Xiaoqing.

Although this girl has few strings in her head, she is really careful in taking care of people.

“I am not wrong, right?”

Xiaoqing reached out and poked.


Su Shi asked curiously, “What is the big news you just said?

Xiaoqing scratched her head and said embarrassedly: “The big news is that someone saw you coming to Haoyun Continent…”

Who ever thought that the other party came directly to Tianji Pavilion?

Zhan Qingchen said: “Su Shengzi is the benefactor of Tianji Pavilion, and he was invited by the head master.”

“So it is.””

Xiaoqing understood.

It seems that what the chief said was right, Su Shi is really a good person!

Su Shi was hanging out in the yard.

Looking at his tall and straight figure, his temperament is a little more majestic than before, coupled with his handsome face, which makes people’s heart beat faster.

Xiaoqing blushed slightly, and said in a low voice, “Chief, why do you think he looks better than before? Shengxue in white clothes, Fengshen is handsome, just like the person in the painting!”

Looking at her nympho look, Zhan Qingchen was expressionless, “Do you think Su Shi’s clothes are clean?”

Xiaoqing nodded, “Clean.

Zhan Qingchen said lightly: “In the next few years, your pockets will be cleaner than this.

Xiaoqing: 66…”


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