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Sikong fell to the moon.

It’s a real hemp.

The throbbing that came from the depths of her soul made her soul tremble, and she couldn’t even lift her strength.

Seeing her blushing face, Su Shi was a little puzzled, “I’m playing with my own star, what is the Taoist doing so excited?”5

Said and fiddled again.

Sikong Yueyue gave a shock, “Wait, wait a minute!”

Seeing that something was really wrong with her, Su Shi hurriedly stopped and did not continue.

“Master Sikong, are you okay?”

“Pindao is very bad!”

Sikong Yueyue’s jade cheeks flushed red, and he could not wait to find a seam to dig into.

Lost people!

She herself doesn’t understand.

Why does the other party fiddle with Tian Xuanxing, but the feelings are passed on to her?

With a firm and pure heart, he panicked for the first time.

At this time, Su Shi’s ear sounded the prompt “May 17”:

[Sikong Luoyue’s heart has changed, which affects the subsequent plot trend, and gets 15 plot points. 】

“Inner change?

“It should refer to the surrender effect.

“After I go out, she won’t bother me…”

Su Shi did not expect that Ziwei Emperor Star would actually act on her.

Thinking of this supreme method, I can’t help but feel a chill on my back.

This plot is worth holding hands hot!

Sikong Yueyue was silent, wondering what he was thinking.

The air fell silent.

After a long time, Su Shi’s body finally solidified completely.

I moved my body a bit and made sure that there was no problem, and my heart felt at ease.

“Director Sikong, let’s go.”



Sikong Yueyue stood up.

He held the jade pendant between his neck with his slender hands and muttered an ancient incantation in his mouth, only to see a door of light slowly lit up in the darkness.

“Let’s go.”

Sikong Yueyue lowered his head, still not daring to look at him.

Suddenly he stiffened.

I saw Su Shi standing beside her, holding her arms with both hands.

“You, what are you doing?

Sikong Yueyue looked flustered.

Su Shi said solemnly, “I’m afraid.”

Sikong Yueyue said angrily: “It’s just a gate, what are you afraid of?”

Su Shi shook his head, “I’m afraid you will retaliate against me.

Sikong Falls to the Moon:

I just made this Taoist girl lose face, what if she holds a grudge and keeps herself here?

Although the other party should not be able to do such a thing.

But Su Shi thinks it’s better to be cautious.

Sikong Yueyue’s head was dizzy.

She had never had such close contact with anyone of the opposite sex.

Not to mention such an “intimate” move.

She wanted to withdraw and leave, but the throbbing of her soul had not dissipated, so she had no way to resist.

“Fine, let’s go.

If you drag it on, I’m afraid you will be embarrassed again.

Sikong Yueyue’s legs and feet were weak, and he almost leaned on Su Shi’s body, and he walked into the gate with his help.

Joan’s nose moved, and a strange thought suddenly appeared in her heart:

“So Qingchen didn’t lie, Su Shi is really fragrant…”

The two figures disappeared into the white light.

Ask the cliff.

The elders were still waiting in front of the cliff.

“After so long, where did they go?”

“I don’t know, is there another mystery to this question?”

Everyone has checked carefully.

Behind this cliff is the rock, and there is no hidden space at all.

But the headmaster and Su Shi entered the cliff again under the watchful eyes of everyone.

“But then again, I didn’t expect Su Shi to be the destined person.

“Having dragon energy and controlling Hunyuan… and he is just twenty years old this year, so he can even match his age.”

“Back then, the former Sect Master burned Shou Yuan and used his life to make prophecies, but he didn’t expect it to be fulfilled by a man in the devil’s way?”

The elders shook their heads and sighed.

Back then, when the former Sect Master spied on the secrets of heaven, his original intention was to pacify the chaotic world and restore the life of the people to a bright future.

At that time, Tianji Pavilion also sent people to look for the prophecy.

Unexpectedly, this real dragon worshipped the Nether Sect.

Although Su Shi has made great contributions to the human race, the identity of the Son of Magic cannot be changed.

If one day a war breaks out between the demons, Su Shi is likely to be the formidable enemy of Tianji Pavilion!

“In case, I mean in case.

An elder whispered: “If the head of the sect recruits Su Shi into the sect, isn’t the one who is destined to be my disciple of Tianji Pavilion?”

Everyone was stunned.

It seems to make sense!

The first elder shook his head, “Impossible, the head has always hated men, how could it be possible to accept Su Shi as a disciple?”

“That’s also…”


Sikong Luyue’s misogyny is very serious, otherwise Tianji Pavilion would not be full of female nuns.

The elders looked regretful.

Zhan Qingchen stood in front of the cliff and prayed silently.

“I hope Su Shi and Shizun can come out safely…”

I don’t know if the prayer was fulfilled or not, the cliff suddenly lit up with bright rays of light, and a gate of white light slowly emerged.

Two figures came out.

At the moment of leaving the gate, the cloud and mist quickly condensed, covering the slender figure.

Su Shi laughed and said, “Director Sikong’s reaction is quite fast. 35

“Why don’t you let go of the poor road? 99

With his cultivation restored, Sikong Yueyue has the confidence to speak.

The original soft voice has changed back to the ethereal voice that does not distinguish between men and women.

The panicked appearance disappeared, and he once again changed back to the supreme power that could only be seen from a distance.

“It would be a real waste of time.

Su Shi shook his head and said, “It looks so good-looking, but it has to be covered with clouds and mist.”

“Poor Dao is willing!

Sikong Yueyue gritted his teeth and said, “If you dare to tell what happened just now, you will die!

Su Shi hummed: “Threat me? I didn’t expect Daoist Master Sikong to have two faces, who begged me just now, ‘Don’t move, stop now’

“Shut up!”

Sikong Yueyue was utterly embarrassed.

Looking at the other party’s calm appearance, a sense of powerlessness rose in his heart.

“Could it be that Pindao hit this calamity 4.2?


A call brought her back to reality, and Zhan Qingchen asked with concern, “Are you alright?”

Sikong Yueyue’s cheeks were hot, “Pindao is fine. 99

“That’s good.

Seeing that Su Shi was safe and sound, Zhan Qingchen breathed a sigh of relief.

I don’t know if it’s an illusion, I seem to have seen Su Shi holding a woman just now?

“It must be wrong…

Sikong Yueyue cleared his throat and said, “Take Su Shengzi to rest first, and settle his residence.

“Yes. 99

Zhan Qingchen smiled and said, “Let’s go, Su Shengzi?”

“Chief Zhan, please.

The two left side by side.

Looking at their far-away backs, Sikong Yueyue’s eyes were complicated.

What happened today had a huge impact on her.

“What a shame!”


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