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Looking at the white clothes, the elders were all stunned.

Is it him?

The hottest figure in the younger generation.

At the age of 20 years, he broke through the pill and became an infant. He was a genius with a perfect sage, and even Zhan Qingchen couldn’t match his innate savvy.

Even if they were far north, they had already heard about Su Shi’s illustrious name.

But why did this person appear in the Tianji Pavilion?

Sikong Zuoyue said: “This is Su Shi, Duke of Zhen Guo, I don’t need to introduce too much, everyone should know it.”5

“It’s really him!

“Why is Su Shi here?”

“This, this is a person in the devil’s way!

The elders were suddenly discussing.

Listening to everyone’s discussion, Sikong Yueyue’s voice was clear:

“Su Shengzi was invited by Pindao. 39

“He has saved Qingchen’s life. Not long ago, he slaughtered the demon dragon in Xuefeng City, and saved several disciples of my sect again. He has a great kindness to Tianji Pavilion.”

“You still don’t say hello?”

The elders looked at each other in dismay, but they could only bow their hands to greet each other, “I have seen Su Shengzi.

Su Shi didn’t care.

There is no need to engage in these hypocritical courtesy.

He came for 12 Zhan Qingchen and didn’t care about other people’s thoughts.

Seeing his laziness, the elders looked a little ugly.

No matter how they say, they are also the great powers of transforming gods and transcending tribulations, but the other party seems to have no regard for them at all.

The first elder asked aloud: “Why did the sect master suddenly open the cliff?”

“That’s the second thing Pindao has to say. 99

Sikong Chuiyue said, “Su Shi and Zhan Qingchen will prove themselves in Daoya today.”


When this statement came out, everyone was shocked.

Forget Zhan Qingchen, Su Shi even asked?

“Master, this is inappropriate!”

“Wouyaoya can only be used by direct disciples.

“Even if he is kind to the Heavenly Secret Pavilion, it is no trivial matter to ask, and I hope the Sect Master thinks twice!

“In the final analysis, he is also a person in the devil’s way.””

“Master think twice!

The elders reacted violently and spoke out to dissuade them.

Wen Wenya is a secret sect, similar to the Nine Nether Bells of the Nether Sect, so how can outsiders touch it easily?

What’s more, he is still a devil!

“A man in the devil’s way?”

Sikong Yueyue said solemnly: “In your eyes, what is righteousness and what is devilish?”

The first elder said: “Su Shi is the holy son of the Nether Sect, isn’t this not the way of the devil? Since ancient times, the righteous and the devil have not been at odds with each other, and I still hope that the head will think twice before proceeding.””

Sikong Zuiyue asked, “Then when he rescued my disciples from the Heavenly Secret Pavilion, did he ever think about the righteousness and the devil?


The elder was at a loss for words.

Sikong Falling Moon’s voice is cold:

“The Wasteland City was attacked by aliens, and the disciples of the righteous way almost ran away.

“And the people in the devil’s way in your mouth have broken the great formation with one’s own power, turned the tide from the fall, and saved hundreds of thousands of people!

“In terms of meritorious deeds to the human race, who of you can compare to Su Shi?

Faced with the questioning of Sikong Zuoyue, the elders’ faces turned red, and they were speechless.

“The right way also has stubbornness, and there are heroes from the devil’s door.

“The word righteousness is to remind everyone to be righteous and keep the righteousness, not to make you condescend to question a human hero.”5

“If sect disciples are as narrow-minded as you…”

Sikong Zuoyue said coldly, “That day, the Ji Pavilion was simply disbanded!”


The elders shivered and fell to the ground in fear.

Su Shi looked at Sikong Luyue in surprise.

This Taoist nun actually abandoned her stereotypes and spoke for herself in public.

“It seems that I said that she was stubborn before, but she was a little wronged…”

The first elder hesitated for a moment, and said, “Even if the sect master is right, it seems that it is not suitable for outsiders to use the cliff as the inheritance of the sect?

Sikong Yueyue said impatiently: “With so many opinions, why don’t you be the leader?”

The first elder hurriedly bowed his head, “I dare not.”

“Shut your mouth if you don’t dare. 35

“How to use the inheritance of the sect, it is not your turn to teach the poor way.

Looking at the surging clouds and mists, everyone froze and remained silent.

The elder did not dare to say another word.

Zhan Qingchen whispered to persuade: “Master, don’t be angry.”

“Hmph, it’s not for you? Otherwise, why would a poor man take so much trouble?

Sikong Jueyue glared at her.

This traitor will really cause trouble for himself.

Zhan Qingchen said coquettishly: “The disciple knows that the master is the best, and he is the best master in the world~”


Sikong Yueyue shook his head.

She likes to be coquettish so much, and I don’t know who I learned from.


Feeling good?

Ask the cliff.

The cliffs in front of you are towering into the clouds, as smooth as a mirror, exuding a luster like jade.

Su Shi noticed something extraordinary and asked, “You haven’t told me, what is the use of this cliff?”

Sikong Zuoyue explained: “Woyaoya can communicate with the heavens, explore the heart of the Dao, reveal the resonance with the origin of the Dao, and at the same time enhance your understanding of the Dao.”

“This aspect is to repay your kindness.”

“In addition, Pindao should also look at your Taoism.”

She spoke candidly.

Asking the cliff can verify the heart of Taoism.

Only by seeing his heart clearly, can I trust Zhan Qingchen to him.

“Disciple come first.””

Zhan Qingchen calmed down and pressed his palm slowly on the cliff.

The air trembled slightly, and there seemed to be a faint sound.

The cliffs are like ripples on the surface of the water, and the lights are blooming.

A picture scroll appeared.

In the lonely night sky, a bright moon hangs high in the frosty sky, exuding a cold brilliance.

The river below is mighty, reflecting the sparkling light.

The cold 517 is arrogant and majestic.

The moon reflects the river tide.

Zhan Qingchen is born with a top-level Taoist heart.

“The Chief’s Dao Heart is still as stable as ever.

“Tanchuan’s blue waves are white at dusk and the night is white, and the blue sky and the moon reflect the tides of the river. You deserve to be the chief successor.””

“It’s simply born for the road.

“Super-quality perfection, coupled with this kind of Taoism, the chief’s future is limitless. 99

The elders praised one after another.

Sikong Zhuyue also nodded secretly.

Zhan Qingchen’s mind is clear, not only is he not distracted, but he is much more stable than before.

At this moment, the picture on the cliff suddenly changed.

I saw that the night was torn apart, the sun was shining on the earth, and the golden sun was hanging beside the bright moon.

In the river, two fish chased the waves.

The loneliness and loneliness dissipated, and the picture was full of joy and satisfaction.

The elders were stunned.

“This is?”

“The sun and the moon are the same day?

Sikong Jueyue stared blankly at the picture scroll.

Zhan Qingchen’s Taoism has actually changed!

Others may not know, but she knows in her heart what this blazing sun represents.

It’s Su Shi!

This girl carved Su Shi into the heart of Taoism!

“Wouldn’t the love between men and women not only cover up the heart of Taoism?

“Instead, it also helps with practice?””

Sikong Yueyue looked bewildered.

This has obviously touched her intellectual blind spot…


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