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Su Shi was stunned.

He did say that.

But that was talking to himself in the dead of night, with Zhan Qingchen alone, how could Sikong Jueyue know?

He realized something and narrowed his eyes slightly, “I didn’t expect that Daoist Master Sikong still has such a hobby?

Sikong Luyue’s face did not change, “Pin Dao is just worried about cleaning up the dust.

“Hiding in the dark and peeping, is this what the head of the righteous path does?”9

Su Shi looked unhappy.

Sikong Zuiyue said coldly, “You did that kind of thing to the disciples of the poor Daoist, and the poor Daoist didn’t invite his teacher to ask the guilt, so you blamed the poor Daoist first?” Su Shi’s heart froze.

Sure enough, the other party knew everything.

Zhan Qingchen was still confused, “Master, what are you talking about? Su Shengzi is very good to his disciples and even saved his life. We are very good friends.”

Sikong Yueyue shook his head “May 17” and said, “Lying in someone’s arms and calling me husband, and kissing…ahem, do you call this a good friend?”

Zhan Qingchen: (⊙_⊙)

The pretty face quickly turned bright red, her eyes were flustered, and she stammered: “Master, Master, how do you know?”

Sikong Zuiyue snorted coldly and said, “No wonder you have been helping Su Shi before, Pindao thought you were just grateful to him, but I didn’t expect you to do such a treacherous thing!”

This traitor!

Speaking of this, she was still full of fire.


Zhan Qingchen lowered his head in shame.

Su Shi frowned and said, “The matter of men and women, the relationship between people, Qingchen and I are in love with each other, how can it be so rebellious?”

Anyway, the other party knows, there is nothing to hide.

Sikong Zuoyue said: “As the chief of the sect, is it not considered a great treason to openly violate the ancestral teachings?”

Su Shi shook his head and said, “It is clear that your Tianji Pavilion’s ancestral teaching is contrary to human relations.

“What did you say?!

Sikong Luyue was surrounded by clouds and mists.

Facing the supreme brilliance and oppression, Su Shi’s eyes seemed to have purple energy flashing across his eyes, his face was not afraid, and he did not dodge.

“Master, this disciple violates the ancestral precepts, no matter what kind of punishment they are willing to accept.

“But this has nothing to do with Su Shi, the disciple is completely voluntary.

Zhan Qingchen stood between the two.

Looking at those firm eyes, Sikong Yueyue suddenly felt a little disappointed.

His most beloved disciple would rather be punished and help other men speak.

She waved her hand and said slyly: “Forget it, the poor Daoist doesn’t bother to care about you.”

Zhan Qingchen was stunned for a moment and couldn’t believe it: “Master, do you agree?

Sikong Zuiyue said helplessly: “Pindao disagrees, but is it useful?”

Your own apprentices know it.

Zhan Qingchen has identified Su Shi.

Even if the two are forcibly separated, how can their hearts be changed so easily?

If you don’t care about hitting the mandarin duck, the effect will only be counterproductive, and it may even affect the immortal path.

“Master, you are so kind to me!”

Zhan Qingchen jumped into Sikong Luyue’s arms excitedly.

He wrapped his arms around his neck and rubbed his face affectionately against her.

I thought that Master would obstruct in every possible way, but I didn’t expect to agree to the two of them dating!

Sikong Yueyue was stunned.

Their master and apprentice have been together for more than ten years, and Zhan Qingchen has always respected her, but he has never been so close.

“Qingchen has really changed…”

“But Pindao still likes this kind of change.”

“Cough cough.”

Sikong Zhuoyue cleared his throat and hummed, “You traitor, the poor Daoist hasn’t allowed you to be together yet.”

Zhan Qingchen’s face suddenly collapsed, “Then what should the Master say?

Sikong Chuiyue said: “The poor way can not punish you, but the rules are the rules, you can only choose one of the chief sect chief and dating.”

“I choose Su Shi!

Zhan Qingchen did not hesitate.

Sikong Jueyue glared at her, “It’s useless!”

Zhan Qingchen pouted, “But the disciple just likes him~”

At this time, Su Shi said: “Is there no other way? Zu Xun is also determined by people. As the current head of the Sect, it should not be a problem to change it?”

Sikong Yueyue shook his head, “I can’t change it.

Su Shi frowned, “Why?”

Sikong Zuiyue said lightly, “Because Pindao is a stubborn old Taoist nun.”


Su Shi was a little embarrassed.

This Taoist girl is really vengeful.

“Before I was the one who didn’t choose to say anything, Dao Chief Sikong should not take it to heart. 35

“If the Taoist priest can keep Qingchen’s chief position, I can agree to any conditions. 99

Su Shi’s tone is sincere…

In the mist, the corners of Sikong Yueyue’s mouth were slightly raised.

It’s what you’ve been waiting for!

“Well, since you said so… Although Zu Xun can’t be changed, but if he can prove himself, Qing Chen can continue to be the chief.


Su Shi puzzled: “What do you mean?”

Zhan Qingchen thought of something, “Master, do you mean to ask Ya?

Sikong Yueyue nodded, “That’s right, if you can prove that your Taoist heart is still pure and not eroded by the red dust, then you can continue to be the chief successor.”

Zhan Qingchen nodded, “The disciple is willing.

“It’s not just you.”

Sikong Yueyue looked at Su Shi, “He also has to prove himself.”

“After all, this is your ‘husband’, Pindao must see clearly his heart, otherwise how can he trust you to hand over to him?

The word “Husband” was bitten very hard, and Zhan Qingchen lowered his head shyly.

Su Shi was a little dazed, “What are you talking about?”

Sikong Luyue stood up.

“Come on, you’ll understand later.”

Qiongyun Peak, asked the cliff.

The cliffs were straight and smooth, as if cut off by a sharp sword, exuding a lustrous luster like jade.

The elders of Tianji Pavilion gathered under the cliff.

“Why did the Sect Master suddenly open the question?”

“I heard that the chief is back, is it because she wants to prove herself?

“But when you ascended the throne, wasn’t it already proven?”


There was a lot of discussion.

The origin of this cliff is mysterious. It is said to be the divine jade that fell from the Nine Heavens. It has stood here since the opening of the Heavenly Secret Pavilion.

It has the magical effect of sensing the secrets of heaven and exploring the heart of the Tao.

Every time the chief disciple ascends the throne, he must prove his Taoism here.

Now that it is suddenly turned on again, the elders are a little confused.

“Here comes the boss.”

Everyone looked up and saw a cloud of mist falling from the sky, followed by two figures.

One of them is Zhan Qingchen.

And the other… turned out to be a man?

He was dressed in white, tall and straight, handsome, and looked familiar.

“Su, Su Shi?”

“Looks like it’s really him!””

“The Son of Magic, Su Shi?!


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