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Qiu Ao smiled and said, “If I remember correctly, Commander Su should have just turned 20 this year, right? To break through the Golden Elixir Realm at such a young age, this talent is truly enviable.”


Su Shi smiled and did not deny it.

The audiences’ hearts soared upon hearing it!

It seemed that this was true!

The Golden Elixir Realm was not an unusual thing.

But, a twenty-year-old child in the Realm of Golden Elixir, there was a lot of meaning behind it!

Tianji Pavilion Chief Disciple Zhan Qingchen, a Super Grade Perfection talent, had been hailed as the number one genius of the Righteous path when she was exactly twenty years old when she broke through the Realm of Golden Elixir.

So, what is this Su Shi?

The number one genius of the Demonic path?

If he truly had such potential, they were worried that his future was boundless!

The crowd’s attitude now seemed different and began to think back to whether they had offended Su Shi before.

The commander sitting next to Cao Jie quietly moved his chair to sit further away, clearly wanting to clear his relationship with him.

A moment ago the two called each other brother, but in the blink of an eye he avoided him like a snake and a scorpion.

Cao Jie’s face became increasingly ugly.

“The sect has given us the mission to thoroughly cleanse the Southwest Region from Righteous forces so that we can lay a solid foundation for the next march into the Central Plains.”

“It’s just that the Righteous force is too scattered, so I’m afraid that if we take the initiative, we’ll scare the snakes away.”

Qiu Ao looked at Su Shi, “Commander Su, what do you think about this?”

Fengsha City was originally the weakest.

But now that there were suddenly two Golden Elixir Realm practitioners in addition, their strength surged upwards, and they were considered the main force in this operation.

Su Shi did not reply, but asked rhetorically, “Doesn’t Commander Qiu feel too silently here?”


Qiu Ao was puzzled, “What does this mean?”

Su Shi said, “Zuifeng Building is located in the most prosperous part of Yulin City, and there are no less than dozens of shops and vendors in the vicinity, but after all this time, can you hear the bustling sounds outside?”

Qiu Ao frowned slightly and realized something, “You mean ……”

Su Shi shook his head, “I’m afraid the people around here have been evacuated already.”

Qiu Ao’s pupils shrank.



The main door was kicked open.

The guard outside the door flew to the side and fell to the ground panting.

A group of men entered in single row.

“Who is coming?”

“How dare you, who let you in!”

Several commanders uttered angry rebukes.

Qiu Ao couldn’t help but inhale a cold breath when he saw who came.

“Tian Yi? Biyue Mountain Villa? The Demon Extermination Division is also here?”

When did this group of people enter Yulin City, I hadn’t received any news at all!

The woman in green raised her bloody sword.

“Qiu Ao, are you ready to die?”

Qiu Ao frowned and said, “Chen Qingluan, is the Demon Extermination Division trying to go to war with my Netherworld Sect?”

Chen Qing Luan laughed coldly, “The purpose of the Demon Extermination Division is to eradicate the Demonic path and return the world to a clear and bright world! Since when did the war stop?”

Qiu Ao gritted his teeth and said, “We’re currently inside the city, do you want the people of Yulin City to be buried with you?”

“That’s not for you to worry about.”

Chen Qingluan shook his head, “If you demon practicioners don’t die, the righteous people won’t have peace forever!”

Qiu Ao’s face was very ugly.

The other party had obviously made preparations, taking advantage of the fact that the Demonic force had not fully gathered, to take the lead in eliminating the commanders of the various cities!

This was an extermination operation against the Demonic path in the Southwest Region!

Su Shi looked indifferent, having prepared himself for this scene.

“Chen Qingluan?”

It seemed that the plot had indeed changed, and instead of Tianji Pavilion being present, it had become the Demonic Extermination Division.

Feeling noticed, Chen Qingluan raised her eyes to look.

It was right in front of Su Shi’s calm eyes.

She raised her eyebrows slightly, feeling a little unhappy in her heart, as if she had been completely seen through.


Chen Qingluan’s long sword clanged and her voice was clear, “Demon Extermination Division, listen to my orders, follow me to kill these demons, don’t let anyone live!”


“Zheng Yi follow me!”

Qiu Ao slammed the table, and the solid solid wooden flower table turned to dust.

“I was looking for you, but you voluntarily appeared before us! Do you think our Netherworld Demon Sect is completely unprepared?”

“All Commanders, kill them all!”


The two groups confronted each other.


Spiritual energy surged in shocking waves, and countless martial arts stabbed and roared.

The whole place was instantly shattered into pieces!

After seeing the scene outside, Qiu Ao’s heart tightened slightly.

He could only see a flickering light above his head, as if the light was a translucent confinement, aiming to prevent them from escaping.

“There were no spiritual energy fluctuations just now, which means that this formation was formed a long time ago.”

“They’ve been preparing for this for a long time, they want to annihilate us!”

Qiu Ao’s eyes were grim, “There are spies in the sect!”

The sect had just issued instructions to completely eradicate the Righteous force in the Southwest Region, and this party was already waiting to catch the turtle in the jar!

Any fool would know there was something fishy going on here!

“They came prepared, and they must have backup forces in the back!”

“They should be dealt with as soon as possible!”


With a piercing beeping sound, a sword light cut towards him like lightning!

“Qiu Ao, die!”

“Chen Qingluan, do you really think I’m easy to kill?”

Qiu Ao’s eyes were extremely sharp, and his body burned with a blazing fire.


Sword Qi erupted and the flames burst into flames!

This was a battle between fellow cultivators in the Realm of Golden Elixir!

The houses around were reduced to rubble in a flash like paper.

If the people around had not been evacuated secretly, the casualties would have been extremely heavy!

Su Shi took no action at this time, standing in a corner like an outsider, watching indifferently.

His eyes passed through the chaotic crowd and locked onto a man.

Ye Xiao!


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