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Everyone was stunned.

I saw the waves recede, revealing a huge figure.

Snake body, lion mane, eagle claws, covered with pitch-black scales, the winding body almost spans the entire river surface.


The crowd was horrified!

This creature that only existed in ancient legends has now appeared alive in front of their eyes!

Heilong raised his huge head, and his voice was like thunder: “What kind of supernatural power are you, you can actually block my water? 39

It even speaks!

The crowd was completely numb.

Ordinary beasts can’t speak, and only when they break through the golden pill can they enlighten their spirits.

In addition to some special creatures, at least they must be above the Nascent Soul to be able to barely spit out simple syllables.

Judging by the fluency of the black dragon’s speech, the realm must be more than Yuan Ying!

Divine Realm!

The devil of the distracted realm!

“It’s over.”

Jiang Tieyi’s back felt cold.

This time it’s really over.

Unexpectedly, under this river, there is such a behemoth lurking!

This is definitely not something they can contend with!

In the face of such a fierce monster, Su Shi did not change his face, “This move is called Dashabi. 35

“Big sand wall?”

Heilong shook his head, “What an ugly name. 95

Its pale yellow vertical pupils looked directly at Su Shi, “Your cultivation is not weak, but you are far from my opponent. Are you sure you want to stop me?”

Su Shi said lightly: “If you were really that strong, you wouldn’t be talking nonsense with me here. 35

In general, there is a lot of nonsense, mostly because of a guilty conscience.

“I am a true dragon, born in response to the creation of heaven and earth, Huangkou Xiaoer An dares to be presumptuous!

The black dragon’s voice was piercing.

“Can you still use idioms? It seems that you eat people a lot. 35

Su Shi sneered: “It’s just a little snake, lying on the dragon’s veins, absorbing a trace of the dragon’s energy, luckily awakening his mind, and even the Jiao dragon hasn’t completely degenerated, yet he dares to call himself a real dragon?

This black dragon looks very intimidating.

But he saw right away.

The dragon’s horns have not yet grown, the snake has only two claws, and even the scales on its abdomen are not even.

In that scarlet demonic aura, there was a faint trace of purple light.

I think it is the real dragon’s breath that has been contaminated with dragon veins.

It takes five hundred years to transform into a dragon, and a thousand years into a dragon.

This is just a long snake like a dragon, and it is far from a real dragon!

There was a hint of coldness in the black dragon’s eyes.

Unexpectedly, this human race could see through it at a glance.

“Originally, I didn’t want to slaughter, I would leave after eating a few more people, this is what you forced me to~

The black dragon soared into the sky, a huge figure covering the sky, “Today you all have to die!

Everyone’s face became even paler.

Su Shi sighed, “You don’t eat early or late, so you have to eat people while I’m here? It can only be said that you are out of luck.”

“Hmph, still stubborn…”

Before he finished speaking, Heilong was stunned.

I saw a golden giant standing upright in front of me!

“Come on, let’s get your tendons to make a belt. 35

Su Shi’s indifferent voice sounded.

The golden giant moved in response, grabbed the black dragon and plunged directly into the Fengjiang River.


The water is surging!


Not to be outdone, the black dragon fought back with the golden giant.

One man and one dragon fight together.

The ground is shaken, the sea is boiling and the river is overturned!

Looking at the terrifying scene in front of them, everyone’s throat was a little dry.

I didn’t expect the masked man to be so strong!

At this level of battle, they are no longer able to intervene.

Zhan Qingchen’s eyes were full of worry, and he held the magic formula tightly in his hand.

If Su Shi is a little unsupportive, at least she can stop this black dragon for a moment!

“The ants of Damn it!

The black dragon broke free from the giant’s control, and the dim light in the big mouth of the blood basin condensed.

A blazing beam of light hit the giant’s chest directly.

At the same time, the invisible soul power turned into a storm and swept towards Su Shi!

Heilong did not hold back and did everything he could.

This human race is too weird, it must end the battle as soon as possible.

If it attracts the great power of the human race, it will be bad!


Just as the soul power storm touched Su Shi, a melodious bell rang.

The storm was immediately dispelled!

Black Dragon’s movements suddenly froze.

Su Shi keenly seized the opportunity.

The golden giant jumped up and ruthlessly pressed the black dragon to the ground, revealing the void of the universe behind him, the dazzling galaxy revolving and shining, exuding an ancient and vast aura!

“what is this?

The black dragon’s eyes were full of fear.

This person can actually control the stars?!

Su Shi’s eyes are indifferent, “This trick is to watch the meteor shower together. 35

The stars are falling!


Boom boom boom!

The Milky Way circulated, endless stars crashed down, and the ground trembled violently!

In the smoke and dust in the sky, the howl of the black dragon was deafening.

“It hurts, it hurts too much!”

Every inch of its bones was smashed, and the power of the stars was like a gangrene attached to the bones, and it was still destroying its fleshly body.

After some time, the meteor shower finally stopped.

Before Heilong could catch his breath, he suddenly felt a scorching heat.

Look up.

I saw a star burning with flames is coming!


Bright golden flames instantly covered its body.

The flesh is scorched, the tendons are broken and broken, and even the blood is almost dried up by the flames of God!

The black dragon has completely turned into a carbon dragon!


The golden giant grabbed it with both hands, and under everyone’s horrified gaze, it was torn into two pieces!

The entrails rained down with blood!

Everyone was fighting with their legs, and some people were already slumped on the ground.

This cruel and tyrannical method made their legs and feet a little weak.

In the broken body of the black dragon, a translucent phantom drilled out and flew away like lightning.

In the realm of distraction, the soul can leave the body!

Heilong couldn’t understand why, it was clearly ahead of the opponent by a big realm, but it was beaten with no strength to fight back!

“Damn it!

“I was infected with the aura of a real dragon, and I had the opportunity to transform into a flood dragon, but now he has destroyed it all!”

His eyes were full of unwillingness and resentment.

It has been lurking at the bottom of the river without (Li Dezhao) hand, driving the water candle demon to capture the living people for its own devouring.

It’s just the fear of attracting the power of the human race.

Seeing that the strength of this group of cultivators is low, I just wanted to make a quick decision, but I didn’t expect to encounter a tough problem!

The physical body that has been cultivated for many years has been destroyed!

“Fortunately, under the cultivation of dragon energy, my soul is strong enough, as long as I have the right body, I have the opportunity to make a comeback!

Heilong looked back at Su Shi, gritted his teeth, “I remember you, and I will be back!


Suddenly, the melodious bell rang again.

The black dragon phantom stagnated.

An invisible suction force came and kept pulling it backwards.

“what is this?”

It didn’t even react, and was directly sucked into Su Shi’s body!

Su Shi himself was stunned.

What just got into your dantian?

At this time, a prompt sounded in his ear:

[Get the Qi of a True Dragon…]

“True Dragon Qi?!” Yu.


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