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The hall was dead silent.

The ministers’ expressions were extremely shocked.

These three imperial decrees are like three thunders, smashing everyone into dizziness and tenderness on the outside.

First, the princess was established as the reserve, and the sand-heart country was opened.

Su Shi inexplicably became a royal nobility.

Immediately afterwards, all three princes were demoted to commoners!

This simply turned Chao Gang upside down!

After hearing the imperial decree, the three princes hurriedly knelt on the ground as if struck by lightning.


“Father, what did my son do wrong?”

“My son is your own! 35

Abandoned as a commoner, he cannot be pursued forever.

Falling from the cloud to the quagmire in an instant is more painful than the death penalty for them!

Babuch’s eyes were indifferent.

If it was three months ago, he might not have been able to calm down, but now there is only a coldness in his heart.

“What you do, you should know best in your heart. 35

“I keep calling my father and emperor, but in private, I form a party and keep private soldiers. I wish I could die soon!”

“That’s fine, but each of you is more incompetent than the other! You have ambition, but no strength, no strategy, and you are unfaithful and unfilial!”

“How did I give birth to the three of you?!


Babuch became more and more angry, and slapped the armrest off with a slap!

The ministers were silent like cicadas.

At such times, no one dared to stand up and speak for them.

“Your Majesty, calm down and take care of your dragon body.”

The imperial eunuch hurried to appease.

Babuch breathed heavily and said coldly: “Seeing that your blood is still dripping on your body, that’s why you are demoted to common people, otherwise they would have been dragged out and chopped!

They have completely hit the bottom line.

If you want to reorganize the Chao Gang, you must cut through the mess quickly, which is also to clear the obstacles for Alia.

The second prince and the third prince slumped to the ground.

His face was pale and his eyes were dull.


It’s all over.

All plans and calculations were completely smashed by this imperial edict.

Unexpectedly, His Majesty could endure for three months, until they revealed all their trump cards!

The eldest prince clenched his teeth, and a trace of ruthlessness flashed in his eyes.

“You forced me!

He took out a piece of jade and smashed it into pieces!

Babuch frowned, “What are you doing?”

The First Prince was silent.

After a while, a burst of rapid footsteps sounded.

I saw the guards in front of the hall hurried in, “Report to Your Majesty, there is an enemy attack!”

“Nearly 100,000 horses from the Lion Country and Gale Country are rushing towards us, and it is estimated that there are still fifty miles away!””


“One hundred thousand horses?! 35

The ministers exclaimed.

Although the relationship between Sha Xinguo and its neighbors is tense, it has not reached the level of direct conflict.

And still at this juncture!

Babuch suddenly stood up, “Fifty miles? Why are you reporting now?

The guard in front of the hall said: “The border guard post was withdrawn at some point, and the other party was hiding in the sand dunes, and was just discovered by the city guard scouts!”

It is absolutely impossible to silently cross the cordon without an internal response.

Babuch realized something, and suddenly looked at the eldest prince, “Haburi, how dare you rebel?!”

The jade stone that the opponent just crushed turned out to be sending a signal to the enemy!

The ministers also reacted.

“Eldest Prince, you actually fornicated with another country, intending to rebel?”

“How dare you!”

“Joke, why did this king ever rebel?””

The eldest prince stood with his hands behind his back, and said loudly, “It is clear that Alia is having an affair, beguiling the father and the emperor, and trying to usurp the throne. This king has asked the neighboring country to send troops to the king, and the country of Shaxin has a bright future!”

This is what he left behind.

It was originally prepared for the other two princes, but now it seems to be used for the father!


Babuch shot in anger, and a big hand in the void slammed it down!


A mask appeared around the eldest prince, and he took the palm abruptly.

Apparently it was already prepared.

The first prince sneered: “If you kill me, none of you will survive! 39

“His Majesty!

The ministers were terrified.

“Put Haburi up! 39

Babuch looked cold, got up and walked outside the hall.

Now there is no time to entangle with each other anymore, defending the sand heart country is the top priority!

Civil and military officials also hurriedly followed.

Everyone came to the city wall, and when they saw the scene in front of them, they almost collapsed on the ground.

I saw thick smoke billowing in the distance, Wu Yangyang soldiers and horses were rushing towards, and the ground trembled violently like an earthquake.

The black cloud overwhelms the city and wants to destroy it!

The eldest prince was escorted by the guards, but his expression was very proud, “It’s too late to send troops back to the defense, just relying on these city defense officers and soldiers, it is impossible to defend the country of Shaxin!

“If the royal father doesn’t change his mind, I’m afraid the city will be full of blood.”

Babuch gritted his teeth and said, “There are no eggs under the nest, will they let you go?”

…for flowers

The eldest prince shook his head, “That’s better than being demoted to a commoner! Since the father and the emperor are not benevolent, don’t blame the sons and ministers for being unrighteous! 35

Babuch’s face was ashen.

Thinking that the other party is still preparing such a hand!

Oasis countries have a limited area, and the troops are stationed in barracks nearly a hundred miles away. Usually, there are only a small number of city defense soldiers and guards in the city.

It’s simply not enough to stop the 100,000 army!

Alia clenched her hands tightly, her eyes full of worry.

If the city gate is really broken, I am afraid that the people in the city will be ruined!

Soon, the army was already approaching the city.

Looking at the big bearded man at the head, Babuch said angrily: “Zarin, what are you doing? Could it be that the Lion Country is going to go to war with our Sand Heart Country?

Zarin looked up at the city wall, and couldn’t help but be stunned for a moment, “Babuch, you’re not dead?


Noticing the eldest prince kneeling on the ground beside him, he suddenly understood, shook his head and said, “It’s really muddy that can’t support the wall, but it doesn’t matter if you die or not. 35

“Give you ten breaths and take the initiative to open the city gate, otherwise it will not end so well when we break into the city!

Babuch’s face was extremely ugly.

The other party is not good and has been planning for a long time, and it is absolutely impossible to give up easily.

It’s really going to happen this time!



Zarin counted triumphantly, and it seemed that he was already winning.

The foolish prince of the Sand Heart Kingdom actually took the initiative to make a thorough check, allowing them to silently cross the cordon.

Regardless of whether the other party opens the city gate or not, the Sand Heart Kingdom will become history!


The city walls were silent, and everyone’s faces were full of despair.

Su Shi sighed.

Babuch was still too careless.

He underestimated the vileness of the eldest prince, and underestimated the wolf ambitions of neighboring countries.

In this case, he can only try to take Alia away, after all, this is Yu Lian’er’s good friend.

As for the others, it doesn’t matter that much.


“Okay, since you are obsessed, don’t blame me for being ruthless.

Zarin raised his hand and said with a savage smile: “All the generals and soldiers obey the orders and break with me…”

Before he could finish speaking, a soldier rushed over in a panic, “General Zarin, no, it’s not good, there seems to be an enemy attack in the rear!

“Enemy attack?”

Zarin turned his head suspiciously, his pupils shrunk to the tip of a needle.

I saw not far away, a black tide was coming! Qian.


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