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Bai Qing followed Su Shi step by step.

Feeling the temperature from the other’s palm, her little face became slightly hot.

“Young master’s hands are so warm.”

Looking at Su Shi’s handsome profile, Bai Qing’s eyes seemed to have ripples, and she quietly tightened her hand.

Su Shi didn’t notice her little movements.

He seemed to be wandering, but he was actually drawing the street pattern in his mind.

Although Su Shi is familiar with the plot, the novel is a novel after all, and the description of the city is basically a brushstroke.

You have to see it with your own eyes to understand.

At this time, the two passed by a small alley, and there were bursts of iron hammering.

Su Shi stopped suddenly.

“Sir, what’s wrong?”

Bai Qing raised her head blankly.

Su Shi smiled slightly, “If you guessed correctly, you should have found something good.”

The two walked into the alley.

I saw at the end of the alley, there was a dilapidated blacksmith shop.

A strong, shirtless man stood outside the house, pounding the red-hot iron with a hammer.

Sparks flew everywhere, and the sound of “ding dong” was incessant.

“Excuse me, is it Blacksmith Yu?”


The strong man stopped beating, looked at the handsome man in front of him, and said doubtfully, “My surname is Yu… Do you know me?”

Su Shi smiled even more, “I came here because of my reputation and wanted to buy a sword.”

Blacksmith Yu didn’t think much, nodded and said, “The sword is in the house, go in and see.”

Su Shi walked into the room and saw all kinds of long swords hanging on the wall.

Although sharp, they are all ordinary products.

He glanced over and stopped on a pile of sword embryos in the corner.

He walked over and turned around, picking up a dark iron block.

“How much is it?”


Blacksmith Yu shook his head and said, “This is just a sword embryo, it hasn’t even started forging yet.”

“I know, I like sword embryos.”


Without waiting for him to speak, Su Shi threw a gold ingot over, “Just buy this, don’t look for it.”

Then he turned and left with Bai Qing.

After weighing the gold ingot in his hand, the blacksmith Yu couldn’t help scratching his head.

“Where is this idiot, exchanging gold for scrap iron?”

“Master, is this the good thing you said?”

After walking out of the alley, Bai Qing asked with a puzzled face.

This thing is pitch black, and it really doesn’t seem to have any value.

“If you guessed correctly…”

Su Shi’s spiritual power is running and injected into the sword embryo.


With a crisp sound, the appearance of the sword embryo was cracked inch by inch, and it shattered into pieces in Bai Qing’s surprised eyes.

A long sword like autumn water was revealed.

The cold light radiates everywhere, and the sword qi compels people!

Bai Qing was stunned.

It turns out that there is a sword hidden in this sword embryo!

But how did the son know?

It’s almost like a prophet!

Su Shi flicked the blade with his fingers, and the long sword made bursts of clanging sounds, and the light of the sword was as blue as frost and snow.

“Good sword.”

[The host obtained the high-level spiritual treasure “Blue Frost Sword”, successfully plundering the protagonist’s luck, affecting the subsequent plot trend, and obtaining a plot value of 8 points. 】

【The host please make persistent efforts. 】

“not bad.”

Su Shi nodded in satisfaction.

This sword is called Qingshuang, and it has been hidden in the blacksmith shop of Yulin City.

It was later gained by the protagonist “Ye Xiao”, which greatly enhanced his combat power at that time.

Thinking of the so-called “Child of Destiny”, Su Shi’s eyes gradually turned cold.

When he played the villain, Ye Xiao often jumped out to pretend.

Relying on the aura of the protagonist, he acts without any scruples.

Stupid and narrow-minded.

Su Shi had several chances to kill him, but in order to keep the plot going, he had to keep playing the role of the tool man.

But now it’s different.

“The Cyan Frost Sword is just the beginning.”

“You want to go all the way to the sky just relying on luck? I’m sorry, luck is not on your side this time!”

“I don’t know how much plot value I can give to kill the male protagonist?”

Su Shi was very curious about this.

Check out the system panel.

The last time I killed Shi Meng, I got 3 plot points, plus the 8 points this time, it’s enough to open a blind box once.

Open the prize pool and touch a gift box casually.

The light blooms and the beep sounds:

[Magic Powers: Slashing the Heavens and Drawing Swords]

“As soon as you got the Cyan Frost Sword, you got the sword magic power?”

“And it’s still heavenly?”

Su Shi was stunned, “This luck is too incomprehensible, can’t I be the real protagonist?”

The light group did not enter the sea of ​​​​knowledge, and insight came to his mind.

This magical power is very pure.

Pure to only one action: draw the sword.

However, this simple move is a terrifying killer move that can cut through everything!

Cultivation to the highest depths, even this heaven can be cut in half!

Su Shi held the Blue Frost Sword in his hand, but it felt completely different from before.

The long sword seemed to have spirituality, trembling and clanging, communicating with his mind, like an arm and a finger, like an extension of the body.

“It seems that this magical power has also strengthened my perception of kendo.”

“Blood earns!”

Su Shi’s heart surged.

It’s a pity that in the busy city, I can’t try the power of the supernatural power.

After getting the treasure, the street is almost gone.

They found a clean restaurant and planned to open two rooms first.

“Only one room?”

Su Shi frowned and looked at the shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper spread his hands and said: “I don’t know where so many foreigners have come here recently. All the restaurants in the city are full, and this one was just vacated.”

Su Shi’s eyes flashed, “Outsiders?”

It seems that the demons of the other cities have arrived one after another.

The shopkeeper asked, “Can the guest stay? If you don’t, there will be people waiting for this room.”


Su Shi hesitated.

Bai Qing blushed and whispered, “Young Master, I, I don’t mind…”

Su Shi: “…”*


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