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“Being surrounded?”

Damour wondered: “What do you mean by that. 35

Civil and military officials are also at a loss.

The guard swallowed, “Your Majesty, let’s go and see for yourself.

Damour stood up and walked out of the hall quickly, and the ministers followed.

When they came to the city wall and saw the scene in front of them, everyone was stunned.

I saw that tens of thousands of troops had arrived at the city without knowing when!

They were wearing black armor and fine iron masks on their faces, revealing only pairs of eyes without any emotion.

Everyone’s breathing rhythm is exactly the same, and the breath of bloody killing rises into the sky!

The guards’ legs and feet were weak.

These black armored soldiers are like wild and ancient beasts, and the strong sense of oppression makes people feel chills!

“What, what’s the situation?

Damour came back to his senses, “Could it be that other neighboring countries want to go to war with me Mochen?”

But how could the oasis countries ever have such a terrifying army?

Not to mention the realm of cultivation, just looking at the murderous aura, these people seem to have climbed out of the sea of ​​blood and corpses!

“I’m afraid not a neighbouring country. 99

The national teacher swallowed his saliva and said with difficulty: “Your Majesty, take a closer look at the emblem on the armor… 99

Damour looked intently.

I saw a flaming golden feather engraved on the left chest of the black armor!

“Flying Phoenix Feather!”

“Linlang, it’s the army of the country of Linlang! 55

Damour’s face changed, and all the hair on his body stood up.

Empress Linlang is going to attack Mo Chen?!

At this time, the black armored soldiers surged and gave way.

A general riding a one-horned demon slowly came to the front.

The silver armor is dazzling, with a burly body, and the brilliance and oppression are like a prison!

“Crossing the Tribulation Realm?!

The national teacher’s scalp was numb.

These tens of thousands of black armored troops, coupled with the great power of transcending the calamity, I am afraid that they will be able to wipe out the desert country in an instant!

He moved and stood beside Damour, ready to escape with His Majesty at any time!

The silver armor general looked up at the city wall, and the indifferent voice echoed in the air:

“I am Wei Su, General Linlang~”


“The Mochen Kingdom detaining the Grand Duke of Zhenguo without authorization is a provocation and a declaration of war against the Linlang Kingdom!

“Let’s wait for a stick of incense and send Duke Zhen Guo intact, otherwise the Hu Ben army will break through the Mochen Imperial Court.”

“Blood is not dry, death is not a truce! 99

Thirty thousand black armored tigers took a step in unison.


The yellow sand is rolling, and the ground trembles!

The two groups of ministers were fighting, and weakly slumped to the ground.

Damour also had some weak legs, and said with a strong support: “Wei, General Wei, this is a misunderstanding, Zhen Guo’an is safe and sound, and has already left Mochen.


Wei Su frowned.

Divine Consciousness covered the entire Mochen, without letting go of any corners.

Indeed, no trace of Su Shi was found.

Wei Su asked, “Where did Duke Zhen Guo go?”

Damour swallowed his saliva and said, “After Mr. Zhen Guo left, he went to the center of the oasis… By the way, the princess of Sha Xinguo seems to be very interested in him.”

“Sand Heart Country?”

Wei Su’s eyes flashed slightly.

In order to confirm his statement, the national teacher also reproduced the pictures at that time.

Damour sneered and said: “General Kurban has mistaken the person. I have already explained it to Duke Zhenguo.”

Wei Su looked at the memory screen, and his mind moved slightly.

Several figures flew out of the city, as if being picked up by an invisible big hand.

It was Kurban and the soldiers who were escorting Su Shi at the time.

Kurban’s arm had just been connected, and he was still recovering from the injury in the mansion, and inexplicably came to the top of the city wall.

Looking at the dark army in front of him, his expression was still a little dazed, “What happened…


Several people were directly blown to pieces!

Flesh and blood flew, and blood fell like rain, drenching everyone on the city wall!

The ministers were extremely embarrassed, but no one dared to speak up!

Wei Su said indifferently: “If Duke Zhen Guo has the slightest mistake, this general will come back.

The black armored tiger Ben left silently, fading like a tide, and disappeared without a trace between breaths.

As if nothing had happened.

The walls were dead silent.

Damour was dripping with blood, and his eyes were sluggish.

He underestimated Empress Linlang’s ruthlessness and underestimated Su Shi’s position in Empress’ heart.

The other party will really take action to destroy the country!

The national teacher whispered: “Your Majesty, what do you think should be done now?”

“How to do……”

Damour’s voice was hoarse, “Now I can only pray that Su Shi won’t have an accident!”

The faces of the people were pale.

Why did things develop to this point?

Sand Heart Country, Golden Palace.

Early in the morning, the entire courtroom was noisy.

“Have you heard the news yesterday?”

“Of course, the Imperial Hospital has already spoken out. His Majesty’s condition has deteriorated sharply. I’m afraid…”

“I guess it won’t last until today.”

“I don’t know if Your Majesty has made a will?”

The ministers were discussing.

Only a few people were expressionless and said nothing.

The center of the hall.

The three princes in Zhenglong yellow robes stood with their hands behind their backs.

The ministers stood behind them, clearly distinguishing themselves from each other.

The eldest prince frowned and said, “.”Why hasn’t the prime minister come yet?”

Since the emperor was bedridden, the affairs of the court have been managed by the prime minister again.

But it has been half an hour since the court, and there is still no sign of the Prime Minister.

The second prince on the side sneered: “Why, big brother can’t wait?

The third prince hugged his shoulders, “The prime minister is probably by the father’s side.

Several people’s eyes flickered and their expressions changed.

When he is dying, His Majesty will definitely choose a candidate to inherit the throne.

Establish a direct descendant to be long rather than virtuous.

It stands to reason that this throne should be inherited by the first prince, but it is impossible for others to let it go.

They have already torn their faces.

No matter what the content of this edict is, only those who ascend the throne are qualified to survive!

“The Prime Minister is here!”

The ministers looked back.

I saw the white-haired old man walk in.

The eldest prince asked aloud: “Prime Minister Chamuha, why has it been delayed for so long? Could it be that there is any news to announce?

All (Li’s) eyes were focused on Chamuha.

Chamuha nodded and said, “There is indeed big news, but let His Majesty announce it in person.”

“The royal father announced?”

“What do you mean by that?”

The crowd looked puzzled.

At this time, the imperial eunuch came in, stood at the door, and said loudly: “The emperor is here!

The next moment, a tall figure came into view.

Everyone’s breathing stopped at this moment.

I saw that the emperor Babuhe, who had already turned into yellow sand, appeared in front of everyone intact at this time!

Wearing a golden robe of nine dragons and a crown of beaded curtains, Babuch walked into the hall with great steps.

Alia silently followed behind.

Babu He walked to the throne and sat down, his eyes looking around the ministers, “Why, if you don’t go to court for three months, you can’t even salute when you see me?”

The hall was silent.

After a long time, everyone reacted and fell to the ground with a bang.

“Long live my emperor!”


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