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Sensing the aura on Su Shi’s body, Babu He wondered: “Su Shengzi, you don’t seem to be in the Golden Core Realm?

Su Shi nodded, “I have entered the Yuan Ying.””

“Yuan Ying?!”5

Babuch trembled.

Su Shi was only about twenty, but he had already stepped into the Nascent Soul Realm.

Even if the holy product is perfect talent, it is impossible to be so exaggerated.

There’s a big chance for this guy!

“Su Shengzi is worthy of being the supreme talent. 35

Babuch couldn’t help but feel a little envious.

Why is there no such genius in Sha Xinguo?

The queen blinked and looked at Su Shi carefully.

“The talent and strength are all top-notch, and the status and status are also very noble. The most important thing is…”

“Oasis doesn’t have such a good-looking man!”

“If you are really with Aaliyah, it will be a good fate.”

The queen said softly: “This palace is in the palace, but I also heard about Su Shengzi’s name. I saw it for the first time today, and it really is a talented person.

Su Shi shook his head and said, “It shouldn’t be the first time we met.

The queen asked curiously: “Did we meet before? Why is this palace not impressed.””

Su Shi shrugged, “Queen 12 hasn’t seen me, but I have… uh!”

Before he could finish speaking, Alia hurriedly pounced on him, covering his mouth with her small hands.

“You, you, you, don’t talk nonsense!”

Is this guy crazy?

How dare you say anything about hiding in the closet and peeking at the mother’s dressing?

Seeing Su Shi’s playful gaze, Alia reacted.

This man is kidding himself again!

He couldn’t help but beat him, and said angrily: “You are really necrotic.

The queen frowned and said, “Alia, what are you doing, why don’t you get off the Son of God quickly? 55′

Babuch also sternly said, “Dignified princess, what is the proper way to look like this?

“…Bastard, it’s all your fault!”

Alia glared at Su Shi resentfully.

He jumped off him, bowed his head, his face flushed as red as an apple.

The Queen and Babuch looked at them, and the corners of their mouths evoked a silent smile.

These two are clearly in a situation.

At this time, the queen thought of something and asked: “Your Majesty, how do you plan to end this matter?

Everyone thought that the emperor could not survive today.

The three princes are eyeing the throne, I am afraid they will not be good!

Babu He sneered and said: “Is the throne so easy to sit on? If you want to seize the imperial power, you have to see if you have the strength! 35

Alia’s heart froze slightly.

It seems that there will definitely be a bloody storm in the courtroom tomorrow!

Su Shi glanced across the entire hall.

Since entering this Funing Hall, the tremor of the broken ancient bell has become stronger and stronger, and an inexplicable feeling tells him that what he is looking for should be here.

Following the guidance in his heart, he walked to a box.

Reach out to open the box.

I saw that there were some antique treasures inside.

A small bronze bell the size of a palm lay quietly in it.

The clock wall is covered with mottled patina, and its unpretentious appearance is incompatible with the surrounding treasures.

Su Shi’s eyes flashed with joy, “Finally found! 35′

Reaching out to pick up the small bronze bell, a feeling of blood connection came.

In the dantian, the incomplete ancient bell trembled violently, and the spiritual lake seemed to be boiling!

He was absolutely sure.

This small bronze bell and Jiuyou bell definitely come from the same source!

Aware of the movement here, Alia came over, saw the small clock in his hand, and suddenly said: “This is what you’re looking for?

Su Shi nodded, “That’s right.

Babuch wondered: “This thing is very important to Su Shengzi?”

This is just an ordinary antique, not even a Lingbao, otherwise it would not be placed in the box so casually.

“I’m here for it.””

Su Shi made no secret and said calmly: “It may be useless to others, but it is of great benefit to my practice. If you are willing to give up your love, I will try to meet any conditions.”

Even so, the other party may be lionized.

But Alia was very sincere to him, and he didn’t want to play any tricks.

“It’s just a small item, and the Son likes to take it.


Babuch rolled his eyes, “I do have something to ask for.

Su Shi nodded, “But it doesn’t matter.”

Babuch cleared his throat, “Tomorrow, I will ask the Son to help you perform a good show…”

After listening to him, Su Shi frowned, “This is not appropriate, right? 39

Alia’s pretty face flushed, “I’m not going to marry him!”

The royal father made Su Shi his concubine?

This is too absurd!

Babuch shook his head and said: “It’s just a verbal canonization, as for what you will do in the future, I will not interfere too much.

Alia was flustered, “But we’ve only known each other for two days, and how should this minister explain to Lian’er?

Babuch glanced at her, “You’ve only known each other for two days, and you’re throwing yourself at them?”


“Besides, you can’t even share with men, what kind of good friends are you?


Aaliyah’s head was dizzy.

what’s the situation?

The royal father just saw Su Shi and couldn’t wait to marry him?

Su Shi’s eyes sank slightly, “It seems that you are planning to establish a reserve?”

Babuch nodded and said, “The Son is indeed smart, I intend to make Alia the crown princess. 99

Alia was stunned, “Princess?

Alia has a good talent, filial piety, and cares about the people, and promises to love the people.

I don’t know how much stronger than the three straw-bag princes.

Babuch had such a plan for a long time, and the performance of the past three months made him completely firm up this idea.

“Although Aaliyah is the eldest princess, she has no intention of being powerful, and her foundation in the court is very weak.

“If there is Su Shengzi as a ‘backer’, presumably the civil and military officials will also consider it. 99

“If the Holy Son is willing, you can take this small 500 bronze bells, and I will also prepare a generous dowry. 99

Babuch’s abacus was playing loudly.

This move will not only help Alia stabilize the court, but also establish diplomatic relations between Shaxin Kingdom and Linlang Kingdom.

With such a powerful country as an ally, who would dare to act rashly in the oasis countries?

Solve external and internal problems together!

Su Shi rubbed his brows.

The other party was really a lion.

It’s just that it’s not treasures, it’s him!

Although it’s just a show, but if the Demon Emperor finds out…

Su Shengzi couldn’t help shivering.

Alia’s cheeks were hot and her eyes were a little blank.

“Hon Gong… is going to marry Su Shi?”

“It’s outrageous!

Desert country.

Inside the palace, Damour asked, “Have all the pictures of Su Shi been posted?”

The national teacher nodded, “The streets and alleys have been covered, and the civil and military officials also have a share.”5

“That’s good.

Damour rubbed his eyebrows.

What happened recently has dealt a serious blow to Mochen Country.

Not only did he damage a prince and two generals, but he also completely became the laughing stock of the entire oasis.

And all this is thanks to Su Shi.

“I hope this evil spirit will never come again.

At this moment, a guard stumbled in and ran in, “No, it’s not good, Your Majesty, we are surrounded!

Damour was stunned, “What??”


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