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Only then did Su Shi notice.

He also hugged his slender waist.

Alia’s feet did not touch the ground, hanging on him like a koala.

The other party’s body is light, and his waist is unbearable to hold, just like a paper man without weight.

Su Shi let go.

Alia landed lightly on the ground, her eyes were erratic and she dared not look at him, “Let’s go quickly, it will be bad if someone bumps into it later.”

The two sneaked out.

Go back to the princess’ bedroom.

Alia closed the door, breathed a sigh of relief, and said, “It’s too late today, let’s wait until tomorrow.”

“That’s all.””

Su Shi asked, “Where do I live tonight?

Alia hesitated for a moment, “At this hour, the palace gate is under curfew, so you must not be able to go out, or… or you should stay here.

Su Shi touched her nose, “That’s not right.

Alia gave him a faint glance, “When Su Shengzi hugged Ben Gong just now, he didn’t seem to think it was inappropriate.”


Su Shi said, “This huge palace doesn’t even have an empty room?”

Alia shook her head and said, “Saint Son Su is Ben Gong’s trump card, and Ben Gong does not want others to know about it for the time being. Living in the dormitory is also an expedient measure.

“The bottom card?

Su Shi frowned, “I don’t seem to have promised you yet?”

Although the other party is Yu Lian’er’s good friend and is very concerned about his affairs, this matter is the internal affairs of Sha Xinguo after all. 500

Any words related to imperial power, conspiracy, and succession are generally very troublesome.

What he hates most is trouble.

Aria Dai frowned, “I am so help you, you are not touched at all?”

Su Shi shrugged, “I’m sorry, I’ve been in the magic way for thirteen years, and my heart has long been as cold as my sword.”

Alia rolled his eyes at him.

Although the time they spent together was short, she could feel that although Su Shi was not a good person, she had her own principles and bottom lines.

“This palace doesn’t care.”

Alia hugged her shoulders, “If you don’t help Ben Gong, Ben Gong will tell Lian’er that you insulted Ben Gong and peeked at the queen’s dressing!”

Su Shi frowned, “Are you threatening me?”

Alia raised her delicate chin, “You guessed it right…”

Before the words were finished, a red rope flew over and tied her firmly.

His hands were tied together and held high above his head, revealing his exquisite figure.

“Su Shengzi, what are you doing?”

Alia looked at him blankly.

Su Shi sneered: “Since it’s said that I insulted you, isn’t it too bad for me not to do something?

“You, you dare?

Alia nervously said: “Everything outside (bcec) is the imperial guard, if you dare to mess around, this palace will call someone!”

“You shout, no one will come to save you if you shout.

Su Shi carried her to the bed.

Aaliyah wriggled like a caterpillar.

But the gap between the two is too great, and she has no ability to struggle at all.

Su Shi threw her on the bed.

Falling into the soft mattress, Alia was flustered and stammered: “You, you, don’t mess around, you are worthy of Lian’er…”

Before he could finish speaking, Su Shi was sitting cross-legged on the ground.

“Get some rest early, there’s still work to do tomorrow.”

Aaliyah was stunned.

“Are you frightening Ben Gong just now? 95

Su Shi said lightly: “As I said, I’m not interested in washboards.”

“…Nonsense, this palace is not a washboard!”

Alia’s face was slightly red, and she glared at him angrily.

Just now I almost thought that Su Shi was really thinking about it.

This time she understood why Yu Lian’er always called him a “bad” person…

Really dead!

She looked down and muttered in a low voice, “Where does it look like a washboard? It’s so annoying! 99

In the hotel room.

Jiang Yuan paced anxiously.

“Where did the Son go? 39

As soon as he entered the Sand Heart Country, Su Shi asked him to find a place to stay, but he disappeared.

It was dark now, but there was still no movement.

“It’s not going to happen, is it?”

“Why don’t you tell the sect…”

At this moment, he seemed to sense something.

When I took out the sect spiritual jade, I saw a gleaming ray of light on it, and vaguely came the unique fluctuations of the Nether Sect.

“It’s the news from the Holy Son!

[I am in the palace, everything is safe. 】

After deciphering the information, Jiang Yuan breathed a sigh of relief.

It’s fine.

But why did the Son suddenly run to the palace?

Jiang Yuan pinched his chin, remembering the blond princess of Sha Xinguo, and a sudden smile flashed across his eyes.

“Go to the palace to pick up girls? As expected of a holy son!”

Weiyang Capital, Yugan Palace.

The sky was already dark, and Feng Chaoge was still at his desk to review the memorial.

She hadn’t been back to the bedroom for a long time.

Because as soon as you step into the room, the figure of that person will appear in your mind.

Only by keeping yourself busy, can you barely divert your attention.

At this time, the imperial court lady walked quickly into the hall and said in a panic, “Your Majesty, something happened!”

Feng Chaoge didn’t lift his head, flipped through the memorial, “Furious, panicked, what kind of formality? Could it be that there is trouble in the northern border again?

The female official shook her head and said, “No, it’s about Duke Zhen Guo.


Feng Chao singer’s memorial was accidentally torn in half.

The air was quiet for a moment.

“What happened to Duke Zhen?”

Feng Chaoge’s voice was low.

The female official lowered her head and said, “The Western Regions sent back a report that Duke Zhen Guo was taken away by the people of Mochen Country, it seems that it was because the Second Prince was killed.

Since Mo Chen came to make it.

The Holy Emperor sent people to the desert to keep an eye on the movements of the Mochen Kingdom.

Unexpectedly, the other party really dared to attack Su Shi!


The atmosphere dropped to freezing point, there seemed to be thunder in the void, and the entire bedroom trembled under the glory of heaven!

The female officer knelt on the ground tremblingly, breathing a little hard.

“It seems that my warning, they did not take it to heart.”

“Very well, then I will do as he wishes! 39

“Passing on my will, the general Wei Su, led 30,000 tigers and Ben army, went to the oasis in the Western Regions, and surrounded the country of Mochen!

“If Duke Zhen has any mistakes, he will directly destroy the city and destroy the country, and wash the gold with blood!

Feng Chaoge’s voice echoed in the hall.

“Hu Ben Army?””

The female officer looked horrified.

That is the forbidden army guarding the king’s lineage, and each of them is a leader in the army.

Thirty thousand tigers can be a million teachers!

“Your Majesty, with such a big fanfare, I am afraid it will attract dissatisfaction from the oasis countries, should we send messengers first…

Feng Chaoge’s voice was cold, “I have already given them a chance.

“Su Shi is a hero of the human race, and more importantly, Grand Duke Linlang! If he can’t even protect him, what qualifications do I have to call myself the co-lord of the world?”

“Whoever dares to intervene in the oasis countries will let Wei Su be destroyed together!”

She is in charge of Qiankun, and she is the most powerful person in the world, and she is also diligent in political affairs, making Linlang a top-level power.

All this is done not to reason with others!

Looking at Feng Chaoge’s murderous eyes, the female official couldn’t help shivering.

Your Majesty is really hot this time!

Sand Heart Country, the bedroom.

Aaliyah opened her eyes dazedly.

After seeing the scene in front of him, his eyes suddenly became round.

“Holy, Holy Son?!


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