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“Su Shengzi, why are you here?”

Alia stared at Su Shi blankly, her eyes full of disbelief.

She rubbed her eyes vigorously, suspecting that she was hallucinating.

Su Shi shrugged, “I showed the guard the jade pendant and was brought here.

Aaliyah had indeed ordered.

If someone shows the golden phoenix flower and jade pendant, they must not stop it and bring it directly to the bedroom.

Alia shook her head and said: “This is not what Ben Gong asked. Didn’t Su Shengzi say that he is not interested in the affairs of Shavan City? Why is he suddenly willing to come to see Ben Gong again?

“I didn’t come to see you.

“I’m here to find something,” Su Shi said.

Alia blushed slightly, pointed to the tube top in his hand, and said, “You… came here to find this?”

“Cough cough.”

Su Shi blushed, and hurriedly threw the tube top into the closet.

Just now, I was busy rummaging through boxes, and I didn’t pay attention to what I was holding.

Seeing his slightly flustered look, Alia flashed a smile in her eyes, “It seems that Lian’er is right, Saint Son is not as indifferent as he looks.”

Su Shi was stunned when he heard the words, “You mean Lian’er…”

Alia smiled and said, “Who else could it be? Of course it’s the little 12 fox from Qingqiuyuan.

Su Shi wondered, “You know Yu Lian’er?

Alia nodded, “Bengong and Lian’er are very good friends, otherwise why would you be assured to let you come directly to the bedroom?

Seeing that Su Shi was still suspicious of the letter, she took out a letter from the storage ring.

“We are still writing letters to each other recently. If you don’t believe me, you can see for yourself.”

Su Shi opened the letter, and it was indeed Yu Lian’er’s handwriting.

The letter was sent recently, and the words were filled with thoughts of Su Shi.

It also describes some of the details of the relationship between the two.

It can’t be faked.

It can be seen from the tone of the letter that Yu Lian’er and Alia have a really good relationship.

Su Shi was puzzled: “Since you know Lian’er, why didn’t you talk about it at first?

Aaliyah smiled bitterly: “The Holy Son didn’t give this palace a chance to speak.

“Besides, there were other people around you at the time, and Ben Gong was worried that if this matter was exposed, it would have a bad influence on you.”

Now the relationship between the two ethnic groups is tense, and Su Shi’s identity is very special.

Aaliyah has to be cautious.

Thinking of the cute little fox, Su Shi’s eyes softened a lot.

Looking at the gentle look in his eyes, it was completely different from the indifferent defense just now.

Alia’s heart moved slightly.

“It seems that Lian’er is really important in his heart.

She cleared her throat and said, “Can the Holy Son trust this palace now?

Su Shi put away the letter and said lightly: “I believe you and Lian’er are good friends, but that doesn’t mean I can trust you unconditionally.”5

At present, even blood relatives may turn against each other.

Friendship proves nothing.

The other party intended for the bead, and he had to guard against it.

Alia smiled bitterly: “Su Shengzi’s words are really straightforward.

At this time, she remembered something and asked: “By the way, what was the Holy Son looking for just now?

Su Shi said, “I’m looking for Zhong.”

“Bell? 35

Alia wondered: “Then what are you going to look through in the closet of this palace?

Su Shi touched his nose, “Ahem, it could be a big bell, a small bell, or even a fragment.

“This thing is related to my practice, and it is the induction that guides me.”

He didn’t know what it would look like until he saw it with his own eyes.

Alia nodded understandingly.

She pinched her chin and pondered: “Why don’t you do this, I will help you find the bell, how about you help me find the bead?”

Su Shi’s eyes flashed, “Then the bead is very important to you?

Aaliyah sighed: “It is very important, because it is related to the life of the father.””


Su Shi was slightly taken aback.

After listening to the other party’s narration, Su Shi suddenly realized.

I thought that Aaliyah was trying to compete for opportunities, but unexpectedly, it was to treat the emperor of the Sand Heart Kingdom.

Three months ago, Emperor Sha Xinguo suddenly suffered from a strange disease, and his body began to turn into yellow sand.

Can barely suppress at first.

Now he is terminally ill and in danger.

Whether it is the imperial doctor or the great power, none of them can see the reason.

Everyone can only watch the emperor’s vitality slowly pass away.

Alia accidentally learned from an ancient book that this is a curse from the ancient desert, which can only be resolved by the legendary Mysterious Sand Pearl.

She almost rummaged through the library and learned the secret of the fall of Shavan City.

The location of the bead was roughly determined.

Su Shi puzzled: “But what does this have to do with me?

Alia explained: “After the change in the desert, this palace sent people to investigate, and happened to see the scene where the Son killed Mukar.

“And that place is exactly where the ruins of Shavan City are located. 39

“Ben Gong guessed that the Holy Son might also be interested in this, so he wanted to cooperate with you to obtain the Divine Pearl.”

“This palace only asks for the treatment of the father, and when the father’s injury recovers, the holy son can take the Mysterious Sand Divine Pearl.

Su Shi shook his head and said, “You Sha Xinguo is not weak, why do you have to find me as an outsider?”

Aaliyah sighed, “Because I don’t know who else I can trust.

Su Shi was stunned for a moment, “Do you suspect that the people in the palace did this?”

487 “I don’t dare to come to a conclusion.

“But if King Father dies, only those few people will benefit.

“Compared to them, Ben Gong would rather trust Lian’er’s vision.”

Aaliyah looked at Su Shi and said, “I know that the Son still has doubts. In order to show my sincerity, how about I help you find a bell first?”

Su Shi asked curiously, “How are you going to help me?”

Alia squeezed her chin and looked at him, “You have to change your clothes first.”

It was getting dark.

The two figures walked out of the bedroom.

Su Shi looked at the round-neck narrow-sleeved robe on his body and frowned, “I have to wear this?”

This is clearly the costume of a servant.

And it doesn’t fit very well, it’s too tight to wear.

Aaliyah smiled and said, “This palace is heavily guarded, so it is at least a lot more convenient to have this dress.”

“All right.”

Su Shi was a little helpless.

This is also no way.

He couldn’t sense the specific location, so the two of them could only search one room at a time.

Alia looked around and said, “Let’s start with the queen’s bedroom.

Taking advantage of no one around, the two sneaked into the bedroom.

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