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Cen Yi was not lightly angry.

Before she got up in the morning, the man fell from the roof and hit her bed.

This is too outrageous!

Su Shi sighed helplessly.

He didn’t know how to explain it either.

It can’t be said that he was thrown out for flirting with the Holy Master, right?

It was a bit of a rush in the morning.

With Yun Qiluo’s character, this is already very gentle.

Thinking of last night, the other party was half-dressed, showing a moving posture, and his heart was beating “thumping”.

“Top, too top!”

At this time, Cen Yiren whispered: “Su Shi, you can’t do this, although my father agreed, but I haven’t agreed yet.


Su Shi looked at her suspiciously, “Agree with what?”

Cen Yiren’s ears were flushed, and he said, “You are acting stupid again… Next time you are not allowed to climb my roof again, won’t you knock on the door? 99


Su Shi rubbed his brows.

It seems that this misunderstanding is not clear.

Suddenly, there was an exclamation from the crowd, “The Holy Lord is here!

The hustle and bustle of the dojo was instantly quiet.

Everyone looked up and saw a frightening figure stepping out of the sky and slowly landed on the high 12-path platform.

The eyes of the disciples were full of enthusiasm and excitement.

The Lord preaches only once every five years.

And today is a great day for evangelism!

As one of the only remaining supreme powers, the prestige of the Nether Demon King resounds throughout the world!

Even if there is a trace of understanding, it is a great opportunity for them!

Even the elders of the sect and the holy envoys from the four directions sat cross-legged on the dojo, quietly waiting for the voice of the Holy Master.

Yun Qiluo stood with her hands behind her back, looking down.

A white figure came into view.

Su Shi winked at her.

Yun Qiluo’s face was inexplicably hot, and she hurriedly looked away from him.

“This apprentice, I’ll clean you up at night!

After a stick of incense.

The preaching officially begins.

Yunqi Compass sat cross-legged on the high platform, and a faint voice echoed over the dojo:

“Stay calm, look at me alone. If there are more than one change, I will not be surprised.””

“No ignorance, no hatred, no desire, no desire. No abandonment, no action, no self…


It aims to let people get rid of distracting thoughts and realize the Dao carefully.

Otherwise, the more you try to understand, the more you will fall into obsession and miss that fleeting aura.

Everyone’s hearts were turned to the sky, their eyes were slightly closed, and they entered a state of ecstasy where there is no god and no self.

After they entered the meditation, Yun Qiluo paused slightly.

Begin to impart real Dao insights:

“The vitality of a person has the wonder of natural tranquility, and embraces the body of pure emptiness and mystery, so it can live forever…”

“…In and out without breath, that is, the vitality is restored…the way of longevity.

“Sun Soul Pearl Scenery, Illuminated Green Reflection, Huixia Chi Tong, Xuan Yan Biao like…

The voice was clear and crisp, as if it resounded in everyone’s heart.

Mysterious, obscure, and contains the opportunity of the avenue.

It seems to understand something, but also seems to understand nothing.

Most of the disciples looked bitter, and obviously they were not able to do the Dharma, and even the elders frowned tightly.

Even if Yun Qiluo has tried to make it as simple as possible, how can the level of the strongest person be easily understood?

To understand is to understand.

If you don’t understand it, you will never understand it.

Su Shi was still distracted.

But when the sound of the Dao sounded, Heaven and Earth Hunyuan Jiuzhuan Taihe Fu actually started to run automatically.

He instantly fell into a mysterious and mysterious state.

[Comprehend the way of Hunyuan…]

[Comprehend the way of Hunyuan…]

[Comprehend the way of Hunyuan…]

The system beeps constantly, but Su Shi can’t hear it at all.

In the ears, mind, Zifu, Huang Ting, all echoed the sound of the underworld.

Between the sky and clouds, countless scenes rise and fall.

He seemed to be wandering in an illusory ocean, his body disappeared, his spirit came out of his body, and he looked down at all beings from above the sky.

“Is this the Tao?”

Su Shi was completely intoxicated.

“Look at the Holy Son!”

There was a muffled cry from the dojo.

The disciples looked up and couldn’t help being stunned.

I saw Su Shi suspended in the air, and Dao Dao Huaguang bloomed from the body.

It’s like a blazing sun is rising!

Yun Qiluo also noticed this scene, and there was a hint of surprise in her eyes.

But the voice in his mouth did not stop.

With the continuous operation of Taihe Fu, Su Shi and Dao’s sense of fit became stronger and stronger, and finally he opened his mouth and uttered the Dao sound:

“The heaven and the earth are natural, and the filth is scattered. The cave is mysterious and swaying, and Taiyuan is swaying. 35

“The mighty gods from all directions, make me natural, the spirit treasures talisman, and all the nine heavens.

The voices of the two overlapped, and the resonance caused the world to change color!

Countless anomalies emerged one after another.

The sky is chaotic, and the ground is full of golden lotuses.

The mighty purple air dyed the sky purple, and the dazzling golden clouds covered the dojo!

“The filth dissipates, the Dao Qi lives on! 35

The last mantra was spit out, and the air suddenly fell into silence.

After a while.

A melodious bell rang through the sky.

Kyushu Bell is ringing!


The aura in the air suddenly boiled, swept up and poured towards Su Shi!

The golden core in the dantian rotates faster and faster, and with the continuous injection of spiritual power, it is covered with cobweb-like cracks.

“Break the void and see my true body! 35

Su Shi’s mouth screams thunder!


There was a soft sound in the body.

Jin Dan is broken.

Daigo empowers, nectar sprinkles the heart.

The whole world seemed to be lifted, and suddenly it became extremely clear, and the perception of everything became completely different.

In the dantian, the spiritual power turned into rainwater and poured down, forming a large spiritual power lake.

On the top of the lake, a quaint big bell replaced the original gold 440 Dan.

Under the radiance of the Milky Way and stars, the ancient clock shone with a faint divine light.

Su Shi was stunned.

It stands to reason that he should be broken into a baby.

But the shape of this Yuanying seems a bit strange?

“Holy, Holy Son?”

A call from the outside woke him up.

He opened his eyes, the preaching stopped at some point, and all eyes were on him.

An elder wondered: “Holy Son, what happened just now?

Those kind of visions are really amazing.

In the past, the Holy Master preached, but this has never happened.

Facing everyone’s gaze, Su Shi touched his nose, “I just broke through.”


The elder frowned slightly, “You are already a complete golden core, if you make a breakthrough…”

Su Shi hesitated: “It should be considered a broken pill and turned into a baby, right?”

He also doesn’t know if that thing counts as Nascent Soul…

“Yuan Ying?! 35

The elder couldn’t believe it: “How is it possible, how long did it take you to break through the golden pill, how could it be possible to break the pill and become an infant?”

He walked quickly to Su Shi’s side, grabbed his arm and poured spiritual power into it.

The whole person was silent for a moment.

“What’s wrong?”

“Elder, you are talking! 55

“What’s the situation?”

The elder swallowed his saliva, his eyes full of shock: “Holy Son… he has indeed broken through the Nascent Soul!

Above the dojo, there was no sound!


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