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Yun Qiluo felt extremely aggrieved.

This person gave her a heart-shaped pendant, made her candied haws with peach cake, and kept saying that she was the only one in his heart.

On the other side, he was entangled with other girls.

Bai Qing, Chen Qingluan, Yu Lian’er…

She knew that there were more than three or four, and now there was another Yu Jiaolong.

The two are still blatantly sleeping together under her nose!

“Su Shi, you bully people!”

Seeing Yun Qiluo who was about to cry, Su Shi couldn’t help but froze.

Why has the Holy Lord ever revealed such an expression?

After a long time, he came back to his senses and asked cautiously, “Holy Master, what’s wrong with you? What did I lie to you?”

Yun Qiluo turned her head, “You know what you have done yourself!”

Su Shi scratched his head.

He has done too many good things, which one is it referring to?

“Why don’t the Holy Master remind you a little?”

Yun Qiluo glared at him, “Who are you sleeping with, do you still use this seat to remind you?

Su Shi swallowed.

sleep together?

This seems to be quite a wide range!

Su Shi said embarrassedly, “Can the Holy Master be more clear.”


Yun Qiluo said bitterly: “Yesterday you and Yu Jiaolong, the two of you… are really dirty! 35

Su Shi suddenly said, “It turned out to be the Jade Messenger.


It’s not just Feng Chaoge.

“The Holy Master misunderstood, the Jade Saint caused the cold poison to attack, and his subordinates only helped her to expel the cold air, and nothing else happened.

Su Shi explained.

Yun Qiluo snorted coldly, “At dawn, the cold will subside, but you all slept until the hour!

Su Shi wondered, “How did the Holy Master know?”

Do you even remember the time so clearly?

Yun Qiluo’s expression was not very natural, her eyes were erratic, “This seat was also discovered by accident…

Su Shi squeezed his chin, “The Holy Lord is not peeping all night, right?”

“What, what peeping?”

Yun Qiluo stammered: “This seat is an open and honest look!


Su Shi was a little amused, “Since the Holy Master watched it all night, then you should know that there is nothing wrong with me and the Jade Holy Envoy.

Yun Qiluo bit her lip.

The two of them really didn’t do anything.

Apart from embracing each other and sleeping, there is no other act of overstepping.

But the fact of embracing each other to sleep shows a lot of problems in itself.

“This seat understands Yu Jiaolong.

Yun Qiluo was silent for a moment, then said: “Yu Jiaolong has a firm personality and a heart like a rock, the cold poison last night was within her tolerance, but she still took the initiative to seek your help.

“It shows that your position in her heart is very different.”

“At the very least, she trusts you. 35

For so many years, Yu Jiaolong has never approached anyone actively.

Ten thousand years of cold, not only the body, but also the ability to get along with other people.

Everyone in the sect felt that the Qinglong Holy Envoy was alone, and the Shenlong saw its head but not its tail.

In fact, Yu Jiaolong is simply autistic.

But looking at her attitude towards Su Shi last night, it was clear that she was different from everyone else.

Su Shi scratched his head, “Maybe it’s because I fought side by side with the Jade Messenger?”

“Fight alongside?”

Yun Qiluo was stunned for a moment, “Could it be that what happened on your way back?”

Su Shi told the other party what happened to Daemo.

“Underground sand city?”

Yun Qiluo frowned slightly.

Su Shi stretched out his palms, and the Mysterious Sand Divine Pearl was quietly suspended, “This is the chance I got underground.

Yun Qiluo’s pupils shrank slightly, “What a pure power of the Earth’s heart!

She could clearly feel that the bead contained innate principles, as if it were a small world.

The unpredictable power in it, even she couldn’t help but be a little shocked.

“This is no ordinary chance. 35

Yun Qiluo said with a serious expression: “Unless absolutely necessary, you’d better not use this thing lightly.

Every man is innocent, but he is guilty.

Su Shi now only has the Golden Core Realm, and is easily coveted by others.

In the face of sufficient interests, the identity of the Holy Son of Demon Dao may not be so easy to use.

Su Shi nodded, “Apart from the Holy Master and the Jade Holy Messenger, no one else should know.”

There are very few people who know the history of Shavan.

Besides, the second prince had already been slaughtered by him.

“That’s good.”

He learned that Yu Jiaolong helped Su Shi get a chance, and at the same time, he was also affected by illusion, causing all the cold poison to erupt.

Yun Qiluo’s anger also disappeared.

Su Shi looked at her cautiously, “Holy Lord, you shouldn’t be jealous this time, right?”

Yun Qiluo blushed, “Who is jealous of you? I don’t care.


Su Shi said with a smile: “The Lord was not like this just now. You said I was a big liar, and you also said that I was bullying people.

Covering his mouth with slender hands, Yun Qiluo said angrily, “Don’t say it!

A smile flashed across Su Shi’s eyes.

“By the way, I still have a gift to give to a Holy Master.”


Yun Qiluo pretended not to care, but her eyes were full of anticipation without blinking.

Su Shi took out a sculpture.

Yun Qiluo was stunned when she saw it.

This sculpture is made of yellow sand, and it is a woman holding a child.

The woman was wearing a long robe, her expression was cold, and there was a faint majesty between her eyebrows, but she was holding a bunch of candied haws in her hand.

It was Yun Qiluo herself.

The child beside her was about six or seven years old. Although her face was immature, her expression was very firm.

It is clearly Su Shi when he was a child.

This sculpture is meticulous and detailed, and it completely reproduces the scene at that time.

Yun Qiluo’s eyes froze.

It seems to be back to that snowy night.

[I want to practice because I want to protect my sister. 】

The young and sincere voice of the little boy was still ringing in his ears.

Yun Qi (alright) Luo whispered: “Why do you want to give this to this seat? Didn’t you say that the words of a child were unscrupulous and could not be counted?

Su Shi shook his head and said, “That’s not what I said in my heart. No matter thirteen years ago or now, I want to protect my sister.

elder sister.

These two words were like flying swords, instantly hitting Yun Qiluo.

Her face was crimson, her heart was pounding like a deer, and her drooping eyes sparkled.

“Su Shi the nasty guy.”

“Why is it always three or two sentences that will smash my heart to pieces?

Seeing Su Shi’s serious appearance, her heart beat faster.

After hesitating for a long time, he said in a low voice, “Since this is the case, I also have a gift for you.

Su Shi asked curiously, “What gift?”

Yun Qiluo bit her cherry lips, “You’ll find out in the evening.”

“But you have to stay in the palace tonight, or this seat will not be given to you!”


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