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In a quaint pavilion.

Zhan Qingchen sat opposite a white figure.

The man seemed to be shrouded in clouds and mist, and he couldn’t see his figure and appearance, exuding an elegant and dusty aura.

As if not in this world.

“The disciple has seen the master.”

Zhan Qingchen respectfully greeted him.

The one in front of her is her direct master, who can stand against the Nether Demon Emperor in court and suppress the group of demons with the power of one person:

Lord of the Secret Pavilion, Sikong Falls to the Moon!

Sikong Zuiyue nodded slightly and asked, “Zhaozhao, how is the situation in Southwest Prefecture?”

The voice is indistinct and difficult to catch, and you can’t even tell whether it is a male or a female.

Zhan Qingchen replied: “Southwest China is occupied by demons, and it is difficult for the righteous forces to penetrate. I am afraid that it will take a lot of effort to completely eradicate it.”

Sikong Yueyue shook his head, “The task given to you by the sect is to kill Su Shi, the commander of Fengsha City. When will you be asked to eradicate the power of magic?”

Su Shi?

Zhan Qingchen’s heart skipped a beat.

Does Master already know?

Here’s to trouble!

“I’m sorry, Master, I…”

“You did very well.”


Sikong Zuoyue said: “Su Shi has been confirmed dead, and the plan of the Demon Emperor to take control of Nanli City has been temporarily put on hold, which is equivalent to slowing down the progress of the Demon Dao’s encroachment on the Central Plains in disguise.”

Zhan Qingchen was stunned, “What did you say? Su Shi is dead?”

Sikong Yueyue asked in confusion, “You don’t know who you killed yourself?”

Zhan Qingchen’s eyes were erratic, and he said vaguely: “I did stab him at the point at the time, but a little accident happened later…Ahem, how did you determine that he was dead?”

Sikong Yueyue didn’t think too much, and said, “The Netherworld Demon Emperor issued a black killing order to kill you to avenge Su Shi, isn’t the answer already obvious?”

“I see.”

Zhan Qingchen breathed a sigh of relief.

Obviously, this is a misunderstanding.

Su Shi wasn’t dead at all, but the Demon Emperor didn’t know it yet.

But she couldn’t explain this matter, it would be bad if it aroused the suspicion of Master.

Seeing that she didn’t speak, Sikong Yueyue thought it was scaring her, and comforted: “You don’t have to be too afraid, this black killing order is tricky, but as long as you stay in the sect, no one can touch a single hair of your hair. “

Speaking of this, Sikong Yueyue was also a little puzzled.

The black killing order is issued, and it will rest until death.

As the highest-level pursuit order in the magic way, the black order has not appeared for decades.

This sudden release without warning.

He even dispatched the Western envoy Cen Baihu!

Under the Demon Throne are the four great saints, twenty-eight constellations, and one hundred and ninety-six demon generals.

Becoming a magic general is enough to take charge of the affairs of a city.

The constellation rules a continent.

The holy messenger will not be dispatched at will, representing the top combat power of the magic way.

The dispatch of the Western Saints this time shows how strong the Nether Demon Emperor’s killing intent is!

Moreover, it is to start with the chief disciple of Zhan Qingchen, which is no less than declaring war on the entire Tianji Pavilion!

“Although Nanli City is very important, it’s not the only way of the Su family. As for such a big fight?”

Sikong Yueyue pondered darkly.

Zhan Qingchen frowned and said, “Master means that the disciple can only stay in the sect recently?”

Sikong Zuoyue nodded, “Unless the Demon Emperor cancels the pursuit, it would be too dangerous to venture out.”

“All right.”

Zhan Qingchen frowned.

Wouldn’t it have been a long time since I saw Su Shi?

“The world is flashy and the world is chaotic. It’s better to stay in the sect, so as not to let the world affect your Taoism.”


Zhan Qingchen’s cheeks were slightly red.

Her Dao Heart has been corroded by Su Shi’s disciple…

“Master, is Hongchen really as terrifying as you said?” Zhan Qingchen couldn’t help but ask.


Sikong Zuiyue said: “Climbing the immortal road, you should be heartless and forget your sex. The matter of men and women will only blind the heart of the Tao, corrode the foundation, and pull you into the abyss of depravity.”


Zhan Qingchen asked curiously, “How does the master know about this?”

Sikong Yueyue replied, “It was the master of the poor way who told the poor way.”

Zhan Qingchen understood, “That means you haven’t really tried it?”

Sikong Zuiyue frowned and said, “How could a poor Daoist try something so filthy?”

Zhan Qingchen bit his lip and said carefully: “Practice can bring true knowledge. Before drawing conclusions, Master should have a relationship first. What if it is completely different from what you imagined?”

“What did you say?”

Sikong Yueyue was sluggish for a moment, and then the clouds and mists fluctuated violently.

“You actually let Pindao talk and fall in love?!”

“I’m just giving you a suggestion…”

“Presumptuous! You will be fined for half a month in seclusion!”


Before Zhan Qingchen could finish speaking, Sikong Yueyue waved his sleeve robe and threw her out.

“This rebel is getting more and more presumptuous, and he dares to say such foul language to Pindao!”

Sikong Yueyue was surrounded by clouds and mist, obviously not at peace.

After a long time,

A low humming sounded in the room:

“The love between men and women is poison through the intestines, and the poor will never be fooled!”

Sand City.

In the study, the old god Su Shi was sipping tea, and the fragrant tea fragrance filled the air.

There were six men standing across from them, and their expressions were a little terrified.

“Commander Su, what are your orders for calling us here?”

One of them asked cautiously.

After seeing Su Shi’s methods, facing the commander again, several people felt extremely stressed.

Su Shi put down the teacup and cleared his throat:

“I’m going to give you a chance, it’s up to you to grasp it.”*


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