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With a strong hatred, the silver spear pierced into the one eye with a whistling whistle.


Yu Jiaolong didn’t hold back, turning into a rapidly spinning silver tornado, directly smashing the ugly one-eyed!


The nerubian let out a piercing cry like a baby.

The eight long legs struggled frantically, and a look of extreme pain appeared on the human face.

Yu Jiaolong broke out from the other side.

Twist in the air and dive down again!

Her figure was flying like a silver lightning bolt, and she kept opening horrific wounds on the spider demon’s body.

Blood splattered, mixed with a foul-smelling yellow-white liquid.

The cry of the spider demon gradually weakened, and the long legs that were grasping the spider web were unable to loosen, and crashed to the ground.

The whole hall trembled.

Without illusion, it would not be Yu Jiaolong’s opponent at all.

The one-eyed was broken and shone with despair.

The pliers-like mouth kept moving, and a hoarse voice came out:

“Please…please…don’t kill…”

This nerubian spirit has been opened.

Coupled with the many times of infiltrating the consciousness of the human race, he actually obtained the ability to speak human words.

Yu Jiaolong landed in front of it, and in the face of the nebula’s pleading, his indifferent eyes did not loosen at all.


The silver spear did not enter the nerubian brain.

The spider demon trembled, and then his eyes completely dimmed.

Yu Jiaolong flicked the silver spear, walked up to Su Shi, and asked, “It shouldn’t be an illusion this time, right?”

Seeing her blood-soaked appearance, Su Shi’s throat moved, “It shouldn’t be.

“That’s good.

Yu Jiaolong nodded.

Heart silently relieved.

“So, Su Shi caught me just now… there, it should be just an illusion.

But it felt so real.

Looking back now, I still feel a little numb all over my body.

Yu Jiaolong turned around and secretly grabbed it with his hands.

“Strange, why does it feel completely different?

Su Shi didn’t notice her small movements.

Looking up and looking around the palace, the scene is dilapidated.

And on the throne in front, there is really a white skeleton sitting.

He walked over to the skeleton.

I don’t know how many years have passed, but the bones have not rotted in the slightest. Sitting on the throne with a golden sword, I can vaguely feel the majesty of reigning over the world during his lifetime.

Between the eyebrows of the skull is inlaid with a pale yellow bead.

Looking closely, there seems to be yellow sand surging.

The light curtain that shelters the entire city is emitted from this bead.

Su Shi’s eyes flashed with fiery heat.

Mysterious Sand Pearl!

He is here for this opportunity!

Su Shi didn’t rush to take off the beads, but cast his eyes below the throne.

I saw lines of large characters carved on the ground.

The font is complex and simple, and it should be the unique text of this desert city-state.

Barely able to understand the content.


There is pain and despair between the lines.

It turned out that this small town was originally an independent city-state in an oasis, but it was accidentally swallowed by natural disaster quicksand.

Falling into the depths of the desert overnight.

Fortunately, the king held the Mysterious Sand Divine Pearl and sheltered the entire city under the yellow sand.

But the disaster is not over.

Food was quickly eaten up, riots broke out in the city, and there was even a phenomenon of cannibalism!

At the same time, desert beasts also invaded.

For a time, the lives of the people were ruined.

The king wants to go out to seek reinforcements, but he must bring the bead to return to the ground.

If so, the city-state will be buried in yellow sand in an instant!

The king was in a dilemma and could only watch the people being devoured by the beasts.

Under the pain and self-blame, the king did not live alone, but chose to be buried with the city-state in the ground.

Sitting alive on this throne.

Su Shi let out a thick breath.

“It turns out that in the fantasy world, the lines of the nerubian came from this suicide note.”

“This king is indeed punishing himself with loneliness.35

Su Shi was silent for a moment, then turned and left.

Seeing this, Yu Jiaolong was puzzled and said, “You don’t want this chance?”

Without turning his head, Su Shi said, “Until the opportunity is taken away, none of the beasts in the city can live! 99

Yu Jiaolong was stunned for a moment, then shook his head and said, “It doesn’t make any sense to do so.

Su Shi said lightly: “There has to be an explanation.

As the last witness to this history, he wants to bring this to an end with his own hands.

Always have to give yourself an account.

Looking at his back, Yu Jiaolong’s eyes moved slightly.

“Su Shi he…”

“It really doesn’t look like a person in the devil’s way at all.”

Hearing the roars outside the hall, Yu Jiaolong sighed, picked up the silver spear and followed.

“It was agreed in advance that this would cost extra money.

An hour later.

The two returned in blood.

There was silence outside the palace, and none of the beasts survived.

Go to the skeleton again.

Just as Su Shi stretched out his hand, the Mysterious Sand Pearl automatically fell into his palm.

It seems like it was given to him on his own initiative.

Without the blessing of the divine beads, the bones quickly turned into fly ash and completely dissipated in the air.

There was a faint sigh of relief in the air.

Su Shi clenched the bead tightly, and a strange sensation came, as if he was holding the whole desert.

“, “Hold me tight.

Su Shi said.

Yu Jiaolong reached out and grabbed his arm.

The divine bead in his hand shimmered, wrapped the two of them into the sky, and merged into the endless desert.

Without the protection of the bead, a thousand meters of yellow sand slammed down, burying the entire city-state in an instant.

The two stood in the sand and watched this scene silently.

From now on, no one will know this history.

They are the last witnesses.

At this moment, Su Shi said, “Holy Envoy Jade, I have a small problem.”

Yu Jiaolong said, “What’s the problem?”

Su Shi asked curiously: “Why are you cold, but your body is so warm? 99


Yu Jiaolong slowly looked down.

I saw that my clothes were in tatters. At this time, I hugged Su Shi’s arm tightly, and the two were almost close to each other.

Can clearly feel each other’s touch and temperature.

The atmosphere was quiet for a moment.

“Give you five seconds.”

Yu Jiaolong gritted his teeth, “If you don’t get up within five seconds, I’ll stab you to death!”


Su Shi gave a shudder, and hurriedly took her up.

The rolling yellow sand is automatically avoided, and the line of sight is completely unobstructed, as if a duck in water.

Yu Jiaolong started timing, “One, three…”

“What about two?!”


“You’re counting too fast!”

Western Desert.

Above the yellow sand, a group of people came from the sky.

The head was a young man in a fancy dress.

Several people fell to the ground.

The man in Chinese clothes asked, “Are you sure it’s here?”

The guard beside him nodded, “Go back to Your Highness, according to the ancient records, this should be the ruins of Shavan City.”

“It can cause the beast to move, indicating that the bead is likely to appear in the world.

The man in Chinese clothes looked aside.

Several men were tied into zongzi, covered in blood.

The man in Chinese clothes smiled and asked, “Are you sure you won’t say anything?”

One of the men who was bound sneered: “You are all dead, and the Son will kill you!


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