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Feng Chaoge calmed down for a long time before his face gradually recovered.

“Get up, all gentlemen.”

“Yes. 35

The ministers stood up one after another.

Feng Chaoge looked at Dali Si Qing, who was in charge of the prison, and asked, “According to Linlang’s law, what crime should those who conspire against?

The head of the Dali Temple bowed and replied, “According to my law, those who conspire against great rebels will be beheaded regardless of their heads and followers!”

“His wives, concubines, sons, brothers and sisters were all hanged! 35

“Uncle, nephew, and other side branches are all exiled for three thousand miles! 99

“The family’s chorus, slaves, wealth, and fields are all without officials!”

The voice echoed in the hall.

Rebellion is a heinous crime, and the severe punishment will bring disaster to the descendants!

At this time, Chen Wangchuan stood up and cupped his hands: “Your Majesty, although Prince Chu has committed a heinous crime, he is the only remaining royal clan, so please think twice about it.

The ministers froze for a moment.

Isn’t Chu Yin arrested by Chen Wangchuan?

Why did he even help the other party to talk?

Only a few ministers’ eyes flickered.

They knew that Chen Wangchuan was blocking other people’s mouths!

Feng Chaoge shook his head and said, “What about the clan of the royal family? Even if the alchemy book is an iron coupon, it does not guarantee the crime of treason!

“If you let Chu Yin go, how can you be worthy of the people of the Wasteland City? How can you be worthy of the soldiers who fought bloody battles 12?”

“I, I must give the world an explanation!”

Her eyes were cold, and her voice was stern: “If you pass on my will, Chu Yin’s crime is unpardonable, and he will commit suicide in prison!”5

“The rest, etc., shall be dealt with according to the law!

Instead of killing the city Cao, but giving him suicide, it is already the only fig leaf left for the royal family.

Looking at the pale face of the Holy Emperor, the civil and military officials secretly sighed in their hearts.

Your Majesty is really burdened with too much.

Now he even has to reluctantly kill the last royal bloodline with his own hands.

Decree issued.

Feng Chaoge was silent for a while, then said: “Besides this, I have to reward one person today.


The ministers were a little puzzled.

Shouldn’t it be to punish other ministers involved?

Feng Chaoge looked at Su Shi and said, “The reason why Chu Yin’s case went so smoothly is mainly due to Duke Zhen Guogong.


Su Shi froze for a moment.

It’s not in the script.

Feng Chaoge said: “The Duke of Zhen Guo investigated the illusion of Xianqingchi, found out the key evidence of Chu Yin’s rebellion, and helped me eradicate this chaotic minister and thief.

“I have decided to make him a doctor of the imperial censor, to exercise the responsibility of supervising hundreds of officials, to make judgments on major matters, and make final judgments on minor matters!

As soon as these words came out, the ministers took a deep breath!

The doctor of the censor belongs to the censor station, and the official residence is from the first grade.

This is not a big deal, after all, Su Shi is already a super prince.

What matters is the second half of the sentence.

Supervising officials.

This range is too broad!

However, it wasn’t over yet, and I just listened to Feng Chaoge and continued: “I specially bestow the Duke of Zhen Guo’s ‘Shang Fangjian’ to beat the emperor upright, and to behead the ministers for disloyalty, and I have the right to behead first and then file!

The boss of the group of ministers opened his mouth, his head buzzing.

Shangfang Sword?

Seeing the sword is like seeing the Son of Heaven!

This sword is a symbol of imperial power!

It can make the faint-hearted prince angry, and let the traitorous minister give the head!

Doctor Censor, plus Shang Fang Baojian, above the court, doesn’t Su Shi cut whoever he wants?

Only then did the ministers of the prince’s faction understand.

His Majesty did not mention other people’s guilt, and did not really intend to let them go.

Su Shi, now is the sword hanging over everyone’s heads!

I don’t know when they will cut off their necks!

This kind of pressure and threat is more terrifying than any punishment!

The maid of honor walked into the hall with a sword and walked slowly to Su Shi.

The body of the sword is engraved with the flying dragon on one side and the phoenix spreading its wings on the other side, and the Big Dipper is decorated with the seven stars.

Su Shi frowned slightly.

He inexplicably gained another official position, and he also gave Shan Shangfang a sword?

Obviously he is the biggest rebel, but in turn wants to monitor hundreds of officials, isn’t this nonsense…

However, in this case, Feng Chaoge’s face could not be refuted.

Su Shi reached out and took it.


Sword unsheathed!

The cold light flickered, and the sword intent screamed!

All the ministers were startled.

Chen Wangchuan hurriedly reminded: “Prince Zhen Guo, in front of His Majesty, you can’t easily draw your sword!”

“It’s okay.”

Feng Chaoge said lightly, “I heard that Duke Zhen Guo is proficient in swordsmanship, why don’t you take this opportunity to show everyone a hand?”

The ministers were stunned.

Want to dance the sword in the courtroom?

This is something that has never happened before.

Su Shi did not refuse, but nodded and said, “Then I will show my ugliness. 39

The long sword in his hand trembled slightly, his clothes were automatic without wind, and the silver sword intent was surging like waves.

As if the night had opened, the entire hall was darkened.

In everyone’s eyes, there is only that silver brilliance left.

“The water of the Yellow River rises from the sky, and it flows to the sea and never returns.”

A sword cut out.

The surging sword qi swept across the nine days, and thousands of sword lights rolled back like the Milky Way, tearing the darkness and haze apart!

The sun shrouded the hall again.

The surroundings were intact, but everyone felt as if they were separated from each other.


Sword in sheath.

Su Shi looked around at the ministers and said, “This sword is called Ji Zhuo Yang Qing, what do you think?


Several ministers with ghosts in their hearts collapsed to the ground on the spot, and the others were also pale without a trace of blood!

Feng Chaoge’s mouth curled into a smile.

“What a turbulent and clear!

Su Shi really understands her mind!

Looking at the white robe standing with the sword in hand, the phoenix eyes behind the bead curtain flickered with brilliance.

Then, thinking of the “gift” the other party gave her, a trace of shame and resentment flashed across her bright eyes.

“This person is good everywhere, but…too 423 absurd!

Youzhou Rift Valley.

Nether Rakshasa Sect.

Yun Qiluo sat on the chair, her eyes were out of focus, and her fingers unconsciously rubbed the pendant around her neck.

During this time, Su Shi’s name resounded throughout Kyushu.

The top genius, the son of the devil, the hero of the human race who saved the wasteland city.

Both fame and prestige are in full swing.

Of course, now to add another name:

Grand Duke of Zhenguo!

The dignified son of the devil has actually become the first-class duke of the court!

After the news spread, there was an uproar in the sect.

The disciples talked a lot, and some even worried that Su Shi’s court would be recruited.

But Yun Qiluo didn’t care.

She has an inexplicable confidence in Su Shi, and it is absolutely impossible for him to betray her!

“However, when exactly is this person going to come back?”

Yun Qiluo bit her lip.

When she saw Su Shi with the little fox, she came back alone in a fit of anger.

I thought that Su Shi would go straight back to the sect when he woke up, but unexpectedly, he went around to the imperial capital to become a high-ranking official!

“I knew it earlier and brought him back with me.

At this moment, there were rapid footsteps outside the door, and a deacon ran in panting.

“Report to the Holy Master, the Holy Son…”

Yun Qiluo’s eyes lit up, “Su Shi is back?”

The deacon shook his head and said with difficulty: “Holy Son, he has been promoted again!”

Yun Qiluo: (⊙_⊙)?.


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