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Facing Feng Chaoge’s expectant gaze, Su Shi always felt strange.

It seems that he has become a brothel trustee, and the other party is an enthusiastic guest official…

But he is a big man, and there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Su Shi’s clothes were under his legs, revealing a strong tendon.

The smooth muscle lines contain explosive power and exude a strong masculinity.

Looking at the tiger’s back and the wolf’s waist, Feng Chaoge’s eyes flashed, and a trace of shyness flashed across his eyes.

Although she had seen it before, the sculptural perfect figure of the other party still made her a little flustered.

“This person usually looks as gentle as a scholar, how can he look so… so slutty when he takes off his clothes?

She couldn’t think of a better adjective.

Su Shi put on the official uniform, the size was just right, as if it was tailor-made for him.

Standing in front of the Empress, he asked “Four Two Three”: “How does it look? 99

Feng Chaoge’s eyes were slightly startled.

Only the man in front of him was tall and straight, heroic and valiant, just like a handsome and handsome boy.

The silver dark lines on the clothes and the five-clawed nine pythons added a little extravagance and majesty to him.

After a while, she looked away, “Not bad.”

Su Shi nodded, “I also think it’s not bad. 35

The clothes fit well and are very comfortable to wear. The other party is really attentive.

Come and don’t go indecent.

It seems that he has to have a decent return gift.

Su Shi pinched his chin, thought for a while, and said, “Actually, I also prepared a gift for you.”


Feng Chaoge suddenly raised his head and looked at him with bright eyes.

Then he realized that he had lost his way, and his expression quickly subsided, “Ahem, what gift?”

“Should, perhaps, be a piece of clothing?”

Su Shi took out a ball of black cloth from the storage ring, and stuffed it into her secretly.


Feng Chaoge held it lightly in his hand, and the texture was soft to the touch, like a thin silk gauze.

Just wanting to take a closer look, Su Shi said with an unnatural expression: “After all, it’s a girl’s dress, you should wait until no one else is there.”

After speaking, he walked out of the Yugan Palace quickly.

The corners of Feng Chaoge’s mouth twitched, “This guy is quite polite, why didn’t he find out before?”

Pick up the black cloth and look at it.

Suddenly stunned.

“what is this?”

I saw that this “clothing” was black as a whole, with a little starlight.

It seemed to be a pair of pants, but it was joined with socks.

It is a little tight in the natural state, but it is full of elasticity when it is pumped, especially when it is fully stretched, it is almost translucent.

Most of Linlang’s servants are mainly loose, and she has never seen such strange clothes.

“Such tight trousers can’t be worn outside, and they are attached to socks.”

“Could it be… underwear?

Feng Chaoge looked at the stockings, her eyebrows frowned slightly, imagining what it would look like to wear this thing.

The picture appeared in my mind, and the jade cheeks were instantly red and transparent.

“Su, Shi!! 99

“Presumptuous, simply too presumptuous! 95

“This prodigal son, how dare he give me such a thing!””

Feng Chaoge’s chest heaved up and down, and his expression was ashamed and angry.

How could she wear such shameful “clothes”?

Before Su Shi could go far, he could not help shrinking his neck when he heard the roar from behind him.

Although Jiujie is the world of cultivators, the basic background is very similar to ancient China. Most of the people’s thinking is feudal and conservative, and things like stockings are still too avant-garde.

What’s more, the other party is also expensive as the emperor.

“It seems… it’s a little fun…”

Cui Tian Palace.

The atmosphere was cold and dignified.

The civil and military officials stood above the court hall, bowing their heads and daring not to look at the tall figure.

His Majesty’s pressure was stronger than before, as if he was suppressing his anger.

Could it be because of Prince Chu?

The ministers of the former prince’s faction were even more terrified, and cold sweat fell down their foreheads.

Only Su Shi knew why she was angry.

Looking a little embarrassed.

After a long meeting, Feng Chaoge said: “I believe you all know about Chu Yin’s matter without me telling me? 35

No one in the court dared to answer.

Feng Chaoge said: “Chen Wangchuan, tell me about it.


Chen Wangchuan came out and cupped his hands: “The Gaofan family was killed, Wei Chen was ordered to investigate, but unexpectedly found that the clues pointed to the Xian Prince Chu Yin.”

“Wei Chen led people to the Prince’s Mansion to investigate the case, and with the help of Duke Zhen Guo, Yu Xianqing found the bodies of the Gao family, a jade seal, a golden armor, a Tenglong yellow robe, countless treasures and golden marrow, and nine Eighteen Letters and Jade Letters…”9

“As confirmed by the three divisions, it is the correspondence between Chu Yin and the Wild Tiger Clan! 35


The ministers took a deep breath.

Although this matter has been raging in Kyoto, the meaning from Chen Wangchuan’s mouth is completely different.

Third Division confirmed,

It means that this matter is a certainty!

Feng Chaoge asked, “What was written in the letter? 55

Chen Wangchuan lowered his head, “Chen, I don’t dare to say. 35


Feng Chaoge’s voice was irresistible.

Chen Wangchuan sighed and said solemnly: “According to the content of the letter, Chu Yin colluded with the barbarous tiger clan, provided the tiger clan with a bloody array, and planned to refine 200,000 souls in the wasteland city!”

“Thus triggering a war between the two races, taking advantage of the chaos to split Kyushu, trying to cede territory and become king!


Thunder on the ground.

Chaotang exploded in an instant!

The ministers’ eyes were extremely horrified.

It’s okay to form parties for personal gain, corruption and bribery, after all, few people in this court are truly clean.

Split Kyushu and cede territory as king?

This is treason!

The legs of the ministers of the prince’s faction are all weak.

It turns out that the rumors are all true, and Chu Yin really has such courage!


Feng Chaoge slapped the armrest into powder with one palm!

The ministers shuddered and fell silent for a while.

Feng Chaoge’s voice was cold, and he laughed in anger, “Okay, very good! 35

“Treachery 4.2 Jiangshan, for the sake of the common people, for the sake of one’s own selfish desires, at the expense of life, this is my lingering prince!

“It really opened my eyes!


He coughed twice as he spoke, clutching his chest, his face was ugly, as if he was really in a hurry.

The civil and military officials fell to their knees suddenly.

“Your Majesty, calm down!”

“Wanwang take care of the phoenix body!”

“My emperor, don’t get angry, don’t get angry. 35

The ministers kowtowed like pounding garlic.

Only Su Shi stood there, the smile on his face could hardly hold back.

Don’t say it, this female emperor’s acting skills are really like that.

Feng Chaoge glared at him, and said with a voice transmission: “Laugh all the way, you will have your good fruit to eat at night!”5


Su Shi’s face fell instantly.


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