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“Why are you doing this to this king!

Chu Yin was panting heavily, his eyes were bloodshot, and he looked at Feng Chaoge hatefully.

Feng Chaoge’s expression was calm, and he said, “Gao Fan embezzled disaster relief funds back then, was he under your instigation? 35

A trace of panic flashed in Chu Yin’s eyes, “I don’t know what you are talking about.

“Gao Fan was coerced and lured by your coercion and greedy for the relief funds. After the incident, he became your scapegoat.”

“Because you were afraid that Gaofan would confess to you, you tried your best to excuse him, and finally changed the death penalty to be sent to Northern Xinjiang.

“The rest of the Gao family were left in Kyoto by you as hostages threatening him.

“And then Gauvan became a tool for you to collude with the Tigers. 35

Feng Chaoge looked at him, “Did I say something wrong?”

Chu Yin’s back was soaked in cold sweat.

Turns out she knows everything!

Feng Chaoge said: “Besides that, you formed a party for selfishness, disrupted the court, and did all kinds of evil things, why do you think I would do this to you?

Chu Yin gritted his teeth and said, “What evidence do you have?”

He did everything flawlessly, never left any clues, and even Chu Qi didn’t know what he did.

Even if the Holy Emperor notices it, it is impossible to have substantive evidence.

Feng Chaoge shook his head, “I don’t need evidence. 35

Chu Yin was stunned, speechless.


With the identity and means of the other party, there are a hundred ways to make his life worse than death.

But he naively thought that as long as his hands and feet were clean, nothing would happen…

“The name given by the late emperor is ‘Xianqingchi’, I hope you can be like a free cloud and a wild crane, clean your body and clean yourself, and don’t be greedy for power.

“Having ambition and incompetence will only kill you.”

“But you changed the name without authorization, pretended to be a virtuous king, and formed a party for personal gain.”

“I have been giving you opportunities, but you don’t know how to cherish them.

Feng Chaoge had promised that the late emperor would not move Chu Yin.

But the other party was unwilling to be a Taiping prince, and even colluded with aliens, split Kyushu, and tried to cede the land and become the king.

This has touched Feng Chaoge’s bottom line.

Looking at Chu Yin, who was in a state of despair, Feng Chaoge said lightly, “I will choose a good day for you, so feel free to go. 35

Chu Yin suddenly raised his head and said in horror: “You can’t kill me! I have the iron voucher of the late emperor, even if you are the emperor, you have no right to kill me!

Feng Chaoge shook his head and said, “Even if the alchemy book iron coupons are not guilty of treason, future generations will inevitably die.

Danshu iron coupons are not a panacea.

The crime of treason cannot avoid death, and the descendants are also implicated.

Feng Chaoge seemed a little tired, got up and was about to leave.

“Wait! 35

Chu Yin grabbed the railing and said hoarsely, “I’m the only remaining royal clan! If you kill me and Chu Qi, the royal family will really be gone! Then, what will happen to this country?! 55

Feng Chaoge’s figure stopped.

After a while, he said softly without looking back: “If the royal family is like you, I might as well give the country to the devil.”

“Feng Chaoge!

Looking at the receding back, Chu Yin slumped on the ground helplessly, his empty eyes full of despair.

Outside the prison.

It was getting dark.

The ministers participating in the interrogation are waiting outside.

Seeing Feng Chaoge come out, everyone hurriedly knelt on the ground.

Chen Wangchuan said: “Your Majesty, the matter of Prince Chu…

Feng Chaoge said: “The Son of Heaven breaks the law and commits the same crime as the common people, so don’t be afraid because he is a prince.

Chen Wangchuan nodded, “I understand.

Feng Chaoge boarded the luxurious phoenix carriage, but did not leave immediately, but turned to look at Su Shi, “Where are you staying at night?”

Su Shi shrugged, “It should be living in the Chen Mansion. 99

“No. 55

Feng Chaoge said expressionlessly: “Come up, follow me back to the palace.

Su Shi wanted to refuse, but looking at the other party’s slightly lowered eyes, his heart was suddenly touched.

After hesitating for a while, he boarded the chariot.

Luan Feng Qingming.

The phoenix flickered with golden light and flew away.

The scene was silent.

Feng Ran had been gone for a long time, but the ministers were still kneeling on the ground, not daring to raise their heads, as if they had not heard anything.

Cold sweat dripped on the ground.

Chen Wangchuan swallowed.

“Ride in the same chariot, and stay in the palace together…’

“Your Majesty’s relationship with Su Shi seems to be a little too good?

Inside a luxury chariot.

Su Shi sat on the wooden chair carved with flying phoenix chasing the sun and looked at Feng Chaoge strangely.

Feng Chaoge frowned, “Why are you staring at me like this?”

Su Shi asked: “You said that you will hand over the country to the devil, is it true or false?


Feng Chaoge looked at him, “But if you want…”

 …for flowers  …

“I do not want.”

Su Shi’s head shook like a rattle.

Seeing how he couldn’t avoid it, Feng Chaoge laughed a little, shook his head and said, “In this ten thousand miles of rivers and mountains, some people desperately want to grab it, and some people don’t give it for nothing.”9

His tone was somewhat mocking and somewhat helpless.

Su Shi shrugged, “Everyone wants something different.”

Feng Chaoge asked curiously, “Then what do you want?”

Su Shi thought about it and said seriously: “I want to take my destiny in my own hands, and I want to protect the people I want to protect.”

“Those who want to protect…”

Feng Chaoge’s eyes flashed blankly.

She is the emperor and rules Kyushu. Everyone in the world respects her and fears her, but who wants to protect her from the bottom of her heart?

Who needs her protection?


Sitting high in the frosty sky, looking down at the world, there is no one around.

“In ancient times, emperors were all lonely.””

Su Shi seemed to see what she was thinking, “Since you have become a great treasure, you will naturally be at a high altitude.

Feng Chaoge was silent for a moment, then suddenly asked: “Do you know why I asked you to come to the prison?

Su Shi shook his head.

Feng Chaoge clearly knew everything, so there was no need to “interrogate” Chu Yin.

There is no need for him to be present.

“Because I want you to know that the reason why Chu Yin is like this is that he deserves it.

“Before this, I also gave him many chances.””

Feng Chaoge shook his head and said, “My heart is not like stone.

Su Shi was stunned for a moment, “You called me here to prove this?”

Feng Chaoge turned his head and said in a low voice, “You said that my heart is full of calculations and interests… I am not convinced!

Su Shi’s throat moved.

I didn’t expect the words in the morning to make the Holy Emperor care so much.

“Knowing that Chu Yin colluded with the tiger clan, and knowing that there was something tricky under Xianqing Pond, but you didn’t say anything.”5

Feng Chaoge snorted coldly and said, “You keep saying that I am plotting against you, so why aren’t you plotting against me?

Su Shi scratched his head, “I wasn’t calculating, was it?”

“I said yes!”


Feng Chaoge glanced at him, “You watched me take a bath, I haven’t punished you yet.

Su Shi grimaced, “Then how will you be punished?”

“Imperial Tu and Dominance can’t beat life’s drunkenness while talking and laughing.

Feng Chaoge said lightly: “I will punish you to accompany me to a bar. 35 thousand.


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