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Originally Su Shi could not be completely sure.

But after seeing the jade seal, the dragon robe and the correspondence, it became clear in my heart.

Chu Yin is not a fool.

What’s the point of being a fake jade seal in the house?

There are also letters with the tiger tribe, do you want to keep them for collection if you don’t destroy them?

Obviously, this is all Feng Chaoge’s handwriting.

Just the corpses of the Gao family were not enough to conclusively convict Chu Yin.

But with this jade seal and letters, even if Chu Yingui is the prince, there is absolutely no chance of turning over.

“If you don’t have evidence, you will create evidence, if you don’t do it, it will be done, and if you do it, there will be no life left.”

“This is the art of the emperor?”

Su Shi shook his head.

But Chu Yin was not wronged either.

Fornicating with the Tiger Clan, splitting Kyushu, it is true that there will be more than one death.

Chen Wangchuan came back to his senses from the shock and wondered: “Your Majesty has handed over the case to the Demon Slayer Division, and we still need to interrogate Chu Yin and check the evidence. This…”

Su Shi said: “The iron evidence is like a mountain, what else is there to check? Since Chu Yin has been imprisoned, what is the difference between living or dead?

Chen Wangchuan was suddenly stunned.

Then he sighed and said helplessly: “I have been an official for so many years, but I still don’t understand the officialdom.

Su Shi said: “It is because you don’t understand officialdom that the Holy Emperor will hand this case to you.

As someone else, who would dare to lead someone into the gate of the Prince’s Mansion just because of a clue?

Chen Wangchuan is upright and fair, preferring to take what is straight rather than seeking from what is good.

This is a rare advantage in His Majesty’s eyes.

Chen Wangchuan was stunned for a moment, and then showed a smile, “Gong Zhen Guo is right, he has been taught. 55

Su Shi smiled and said, “Since I have been taught, do I have to pay some tuition fees?”

“tuition fee?”

Chen Wangchuan puzzled: “What tuition fees?”

Su Shi glanced at the box full of treasures and said in a low voice, “There are at least hundreds of pieces of gold marrow! We are five or five points, anyway, that rich woman is not bad for money!””

Chen Wangchuan: 66…

Su Shi frowned and said, “I’m four, six, three or seven at most, don’t be too dark.”

Chen Wangchuan shook his head, “This is stolen money, it is evidence, isn’t this corruption?

“Why are you yelling so loudly?”

Looking at the surprised eyes of the people around, Su Shi cleared his throat awkwardly, “Actually, I was testing you just now, congratulations, Master Chen, you passed my test.

Chen Wangchuan looked at Su Shi suspiciously.

How did this person comprehend Haoran Sword Intent?

“Master Su, shall we go back to the palace?”

Eunuch Wei was afraid that Su Shi would make another remarks against the sky.

Su Shi shook his head and said, “If you want to go back to yourself, I don’t want to see Feng Chaoge now.

Turn around and leave.

Eunuch Wei rubbed his brows, his head hurting.

Protecting Su Shi is the most difficult task he has undertaken in so many years…

Kyoto shook again.

The prince Chu Yin, who dominated the government and the opposition with only one hand covering the sky, actually fell in just a few hours!

And the reason turned out to be fornicating with other races, ignoring people’s lives, and dividing the country!

The evidence is conclusive, and he has been sent to prison!

The horror of the imperial prison is above the three divisions, and no one who entered has yet been able to come out alive!

Xian Wang Chu Yin, it is completely over!

Su Shi.

It’s Su Shi again.

This Duke Zhenguo, who just ascended the throne, has turned the capital upside down several times, and now even the prince has been pushed off the high platform by him!

But the dignitaries in the city only feared him.

Who dares to offend him even if the prince is allowed to knead it?

It is said that the Minister of Rites, who questioned Su Shi in the court, is now writing his resignation list and is preparing to retire and return to his hometown…

Chen’s mansion.

In the study, Chen Qingluan leaned on his chin and asked curiously, “How did you know there was something tricky under the pool?”

That is Xianqingchi, which was given the name by the late emperor, and most people don’t think about it at all.

Su Shi said solemnly: “Because I can tell fortunes.


Chen Qingluan doubted: “Then help me do the math.”

Su Shi looked at her seriously, as if admiring the artwork.

Facing those deep eyes, Chen Qingluan’s cheeks were flushed, and she was slightly nervous, “You, you haven’t calculated yet?

Su Shi nodded and said, “Forget it. Chen Yushi’s complexion is bright, which is the sign of prosperity. There is a faint purple transpiration, which means that there are noble people around to help.”5

“the most important is,

“Your face is lined with peach blossoms, your eyebrows are like green feathers, and the autumn waves between your eyebrows are splendid, indicating that you have been very lucky with peach blossoms recently.

“Peach Blossom Luck?”

Chen Qingluan’s eyes were shy, and he said, “You are talking nonsense again, where do I have any luck?”

Su Shi smiled.

I used to think this woman was a tigress, but now she’s getting more and more cute.

“Honestly, how on earth did you know?”

Chen Qingluan was a little puzzled.

Even Chen Wangchuan’s consciousness can’t be swept out, why can Su Shi see through it at a glance?

And looking at the determined appearance, it is obvious that he is well-informed.

Su Shi didn’t hide it, 66 “I already knew that the turmoil in northern Xinjiang was caused by Chu Yin.”

Chen Qingluan was stunned, “Then why didn’t you say it at first?”

Su Shi glanced at her, “With your character, if you know you can hide it? If you are scared by the grass, it will be difficult to catch Chu Yin’s handle.”

Chen Qingluan waved his pink fist in dissatisfaction, “I’m not that stupid!”

“Chu Yin is the only remaining royal family. If you can’t kill him with one shot, it will probably be detrimental to your Chen family.”

“I can’t take the risk.

“So we have to wait for the Holy Emperor to take action before we can guarantee that he will be completely pressed to death.”

Chu Yin’s influence in Kyoto is too strong.

This kind of thing can’t show a little bit of wind, and it must be killed with a single strike with the momentum of thunder, otherwise there will be endless troubles!

It is estimated that the Holy Emperor has the same idea as him.

Chen Qingluan looked at Su Shi with starlight in his eyes, “Why are you always in control?”

Su Shi smiled and said nothing.

It’s not how smart he is, but he is familiar with the plot and has foresight, so he can be one step ahead of himself.

But that also doesn’t master everything.

For example, Feng Chaoge is an exception.

The Empress was so deep in her mind that even Su Shi couldn’t fully see through it.

“In terms of strength, the Demon Emperor is definitely not weaker than her, but in terms of skills…”

Thinking of the heartless Demon Emperor who bit the candied haws and laughed heartlessly, Su Shi secretly sighed.

The Nether Sect can erode the three continents, relying on hard power.

dong dong dong.

At this moment, the door was knocked.

The housekeeper pushed open the door and walked in, “Prince Zhen Guo, there’s a father-in-law waiting for you outside for a long time.”

Su Shi waved his hand, “No, let him go back.””


The butler backed out.

After a stick of incense, the butler came back again, wondering, “He said you won’t come out, so he will wait outside until the world is old and the sea is dry and the rocks are rotten.”5


Su Shi frowned.

Put it aside and play idol drama with me?


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