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Chen Qingluan looked back and saw a man in white waving at her.

“Su Shi?”

A surprise flashed across her eyes, “Why are you here?”

Su Shi walked up to her and said with a smile: “I haven’t seen you for two days, does Yushi Chen miss me?

The people around looked around, pretending they didn’t hear anything.

The relationship between Duke Zhen Guo and Chen Yushi is unusual.

This has long been no secret in the imperial city.

Chen Qingluan blushed and pinched him quietly, “I’m working on a case, don’t talk nonsense! 35

Su Shi frowned and said, “Who is talking nonsense? Am I the only one who misses Yushi Chen, Yushi Chen doesn’t miss me at all?

“It’s really sad.”

He clutched his chest in pain.

Chen Qingluan bit his lip, glared at him angrily, and whispered: “Yes, there is a little…”

“Cough cough “four zero seven”!”

The face of a school lieutenant next to the Demon Slayer was flushed.

Is this shy look like a young girl in Huai Chun still the cold-faced censor who doesn’t smile?

Chen Qingluan looked at Su Shi shyly.

After learning that Su Shi was made a duke and a state fief, she was happy but worried.

She is only the censor of the Demon Slayer, and she is a fourth-rank official.

On the other hand, Su Shi was the Grand Duke of Zhenguo, a very personable minister, and he was favored by the emperor, so he could stay in the palace.

The gap between the two is getting bigger and bigger, and she is worried about whether they can get along as before.

Seeing Su Shi now, all worries are gone.

The other party hasn’t changed, he’s still the dreaded disciple!

Su Shi dissatisfied: “Only a little?”

Chen Qingluan looked left and right, put his feet close to his ear, and said softly: “Bastard, I miss you too! 35

Feeling Rulan’s breath, Su Shi’s heartbeat accelerated slightly, just as he was about to say something, the girl quickly withdrew.

“Don’t make trouble, we still have to handle the case.

Chen Qingluan covered her hot pretty face.

I’m really crazy, to be messing with him in front of so many people.

Looking at the chilling atmosphere around him, Su Shi asked, “What are you looking for?”

Chen Qingluan whispered: “Prince Chu seems to be related to the Tiger Clan. 35


A first-rank member of the former court, after embezzling disaster relief funds, he was demoted to northern Xinjiang and served as the lord of the wasteland city.

As a result, he was fornicating with the Tiger Clan, trying to refine the 200,000 creatures in the city!

The matter was abuzz in Kyoto.

The Holy Emperor was furious, and issued an imperial decree on the spot to punish the Nine Clan of Gaofan as an example.

But when the people from the imperial court arrived, they were already empty, and the entire Gao family was burnt down.

Obviously, there are still people in Kyoto involved in this.

Although there is no direct evidence, all clues point to Prince Chu.

Su Shi’s eyes flickered.

“It seems that things are developing faster than expected…”

After half an hour.

The people of Zhan Mo Si returned to the front court and silently shook their heads at Chen Wangchuan.

Obviously nothing.

Seeing this, Chu Yin sneered and said: “It seems that Master Chen is going to be busy for nothing? I don’t know who is slandering this king, and let you turn my palace upside down!”

“This is an insult to the king and disrespect to the royal family!””

“This king and your Chen family are not finished!

Seeing his confident appearance, the onlookers also sighed secretly.

The Chen family and Liang Zi of the Prince’s Mansion are settled.

But it is also true, why would a dignified prince want to fornicate with the tiger clan?

How does this benefit him?

Chen Wangchuan frowned.

Could it be that the clues are wrong, and that Prince Chu was indeed wronged?

At this moment, a voice sounded: “Master Chen, you have to find out, don’t let Prince Chu be wronged. 99

A few people looked back and saw Su Shi standing lazily beside him.

“Prince Township?”

Chu Yin frowned, “Are you here to join in the fun?”

Su Shi smiled and said, “I have always liked to join in the fun. 39

Chu Yin sneered: “But it seems that Duke Zhen Guo will be disappointed today.


Su Shi pointed to the Xianqing Pond beside him and said, “I think this pond is quite big, and there should be a lot of things hidden under it. I wonder if Master Chen has searched it?39

The Prince’s Mansion is huge.

The internal structure is more like a landscape garden.

This Xianqing Pond is like a small lake, with strange rocks and rockeries standing on it, and it really looks like a vast mist.

Chu Yin scolded: “Insolent, Xianqingchi was given the name by the late emperor, how could you be able to slander it?”

Chen Wangchuan whispered: “My consciousness has swept across the bottom of the lake, and there is nothing below.”

Su Shi said lightly: “Seeing is believing. Besides, if the investigation is not thorough, how can Prince Chu be innocent?

Chen Wangchuan hesitated for a moment, then nodded and said, “Trust you once…”

He took a step, his clothes were windless, and the surging sword energy rushed towards the pool.


Chu Yin wanted to block, but was surrounded by people from Zhan Mosi.


The blazing sword energy blasted into the pool, and the rockery instantly turned into fly ash.

The water in the pool evaporated quickly, and the vast water vapor evaporated.

In just a moment, the vast Xianqing Pond was completely dry.

I saw the strange rocks below the pond, and countless cooked fish and shrimp lying on the bottom of the pond, other than that, there was nothing suspicious.

Chu Yin gritted his teeth and said: “The late emperor gave you a name, but you dare to move? This is a great crime of disrespect!

“A mere person in the devil’s way, who thinks that he can do anything wrong when he is favored by His Majesty?”

“If you don’t give this king an explanation today, no one will want to leave!”

The faces of the ministers changed slightly.

It looks like this is going to be ripped off!

However, Duke Zhen and Grand Master Chen did pass, and they dared to destroy the Xianqing Pond, which was given the name by the late emperor!

Su Shi looked indifferent and sighed: “Using the strange stone as the base, the fish and shrimp in the pond are as many as the heavens, even if you don’t need spiritual power, you can still achieve the effect of blinding your eyes, and your spiritual sense can’t sweep out the slightest flaw.

“King Chu Xian is indeed proficient in formation techniques, no wonder he was able to help the Tiger Clan set up a blood slaughter formation.

“It’s a pity that you met me.”

“Since I can break the blood and slaughter the formation, how can I not see through your blindness?

“This king… I don’t know what you’re talking about in 4.2!

Chu Yin’s eyelids trembled slightly, and his fists clenched involuntarily.

Su Shi jumped into the pool, stepping on the jagged rocks under his feet.

When they stepped on the seventh block, everyone suddenly saw a flower.

I saw a golden ring appeared out of thin air at the bottom of the pool.

Su Shi reached out and grabbed the golden ring.

In the roar, a stone gate was opened, revealing a dark and dark tunnel!

Everyone was stunned.

There really is something at the bottom of this Xianqing Pond?!

Chu Yin’s face was pale, and his figure was shaking a little, and he no longer had the righteous indignation just now.

“You keep saying that the late emperor gave you a name, but you hide your filth underneath. Prince Chu, I think you are the one who is disrespectful?

Su Shi’s voice was cold.


The crowd exploded!.


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