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[The host was conferred the title of “Prince of the State of the Town”, which affected the subsequent plot trend and gained 40 plot points. 】

[The prestige of Linlang Kingdom has been greatly improved, affecting the subsequent plot trend, and gaining 20 plot value. 】

Hearing the beep beeping in his ear, Su Shi finally reacted.

“I actually became the duke conferred by the court?”

He looked up at Feng Chaoge, as if he wanted to see what this woman was thinking.

Behind the bead curtain, Feng Chaoge’s eyes were indifferent, “Su Shi, are you satisfied with this reward?”

Before Su Shi spoke, the ministers exploded the pot with a “boom”.

“Your Majesty, think twice!”

“Although Su Shi has merits, he is a person in the devil’s way after all, so how can he be directly named a marquis?”

“It’s too absurd to use Southwest State as a fief!”

“I beg your majesty to take back your life!

“Isn’t this splitting me?! “Three, Four, Three””

At this time, everyone dared to speak out.

Township Duke.

This head is too big!

Just now, Su Shi had no fame, and once this imperial edict was announced, he was directly above all the ministers, and became a first-class lord of one person below ten thousand people!

Although the Southwest Prefecture ranks at the bottom of the Kyushu in terms of wealth and area, it has never happened before that one prefecture is used as a fief!

What’s more, it was sealed to the Holy Son of Demon Dao!

Chu Yin couldn’t hold it any longer, “Your Majesty, if it is a Lingbao elixir, it’s fine, the position of the duke has a lot to do with it, and it must not be a joke!

Although he has the intention to befriend Su Shi, it has affected everyone’s interests!

Feng Chaoge said coldly, “Do you think I’m treating state affairs as a child’s play?”

Chu Yin’s throat moved, and he bowed and said, “I dare not.”

Feng Chaoge’s eyes were deep, and his voice was cold: “The decision I made has never been changed. Whether you can figure it out or not, I don’t want to hear any doubts.”

The ministers looked at each other in dismay, not daring to say any more.

Obviously, His Majesty is determined!

Feng Chaoge said indifferently: “The Duke of Zhen is in the southwest, and there is no mansion in Weiyang Capital, so he should live in the Temple of Mental Cultivation during this time.

The expressions of civil and military officials changed.

So far, no courtiers have lived in the palace, but His Majesty even gave Su Shi the harem’s Yangshen Temple!

Attitude is self-evident!

The face of the person who jumped out just now was a little ugly.

It seems that His Majesty has made up his mind, so didn’t they offend a super lord?

Feng Chaoge looked at Su Shi, “What do you want to say?

The ministers also cast their gazes.

Su Shi cleared his throat and asked, “That…can I quit?”


The ministers were almost knocked to the waist.

The Grand Duke of Zhenguo, a state feudal fief, this is a great reward, and he still doesn’t want to do it?

Feng Chaoge seemed to have anticipated it long ago, shook his head and said: “No, leading the shore of the earth, is it a king minister, you have to do it if I ask you to do it. 35

Seeing that Su Shi was silent, Feng Chaoge said: “The matter of the sect has nothing to do with the court. You can continue to be your holy son, but for the country of Linlang, you are also the Duke of Zhenguo in the southwest of the fief.

This is a good thing to say.

There is no reason to refuse.

Seeing Su Shi’s helpless appearance, Feng Chaoge’s mouth slightly curled up, “Is there any problem?”


Su Shi asked again, “How much is the annual salary?

The ministers were already numb.

How can this person’s problems become more outrageous than the last?

Feng Chaoge replied earnestly: “In a year, you can get twenty golden pulp, three thousand high-level spirit stones, thirty spirit materials, and seven thousand taels of silver.

Su Shi frowned slightly, “So little?

This is not as much as he came as a son of the devil.

“This is a rule of the imperial court and cannot be changed at will.

“However, except for 30% of your fief’s tax and silver income, which is turned over to the treasury, the rest are yours.”

Feng Chaoge said with a smile: “Prince Zhen Guo, if you want to make more money, you should manage the Southwest Prefecture well.”5

Looking at the phoenix eyes that were shining and disappearing behind the bead curtain, Su Shi felt like he was hooked…


The ministers did not leave the hall immediately, but swarmed around Su Shi.

“Master Su, you really admire your name for a long time!”

“What Su Shengzi, now this is Lord Su!”

“Prince Zhen Guo is really a talent!”

“And that poem, tsk tsk, what a stroke of genius!

“I heard that Duke Guo realized the sword intent of Haoran, and seeing it today, he is indeed in good spirits! 55

Praise words are endless.

The Minister of Rites and others were among them impressively.

Now this is the red man by His Majesty’s side, even if they don’t get along well, no one wants to offend him.

“Mr. Township.

At this moment, a strong voice sounded.

The crowd that was originally crowded suddenly dispersed, and I saw a burly man in a dark yellow coiled dragon robe coming, “I have heard the name for a long time, and now I can see that it is really a heroic boy…

Su Shi frowned slightly.

The man looked familiar.

Chu Yin said with a smile: “The dog and the Duke of Zhen Guo also have a relationship. I watched you write that famous masterpiece at the scene of Fengchun Tower.””

I was questioning Su Shi in the court just now, but now the smile is very kind and natural.

Su Shi was taken aback.

It turned out to be Chu Goubong’s father.

“Is something wrong?

Facing his indifferent attitude, Chu Yin didn’t care, and said enthusiastically: “Although this king is a rough man, he is quite fond of poetry and poetry, especially the poem by Duke Zhen Guo, which still makes this king unforgettable to this day. “

“It just so happens that this king has a few bottles of immortal brew. It’s better for Duke Zhen Guo to go to the mansion to discuss. Wouldn’t it be fun for you and I to drink and discuss poetry?”

Su Shi shook his head, “No need, I don’t like drinking.

If you don’t like drinking, can you still go to Fengchun Lou?

Knowing that it was the other party’s refusal, Chu Yin did not change his smile, “It doesn’t matter, it can be changed to drinking tea, and drinking tea and talking about poetry is also a great pleasure. 35

Su Shi frowned slightly.

How does this person look like a dog skin plaster?

At this moment, a man with pale beard walked over quickly, “The rolling water of the Yangtze River is fading in the east, what a poem! I didn’t quite believe it when the whole building said it came from a young man.”

Su Shi was stunned for a moment, “You are full of flowers…

Hua Jinguan said: “I am his Laozi.

Su Shi surrendered, “It turns out that 4.2 is Uncle Hua.”

“What kind of uncle, go to my place and have a drink, it happens that the whole floor is there, you show your hands again, and let that boy study hard.

Hua Jinguan directly grabbed Su Shi’s arm.

Su Shi said with a smile, “If I didn’t have good wine, I wouldn’t be able to write poetry.

Hua Jinguan’s chest slapped loudly, “Don’t worry, it’s all my treasure, I’ll let you open it today!”

The two walked out of the hall, shoulder to shoulder.

Chu Yin’s smile froze on his face.

Facing the strange eyes of everyone, his face was a little unbearable, and he walked away with a cold snort.

When Feng Chaoge saw this scene, the corners of his mouth evoked a silent smile.

“Tell Hua Jinguan, that’s almost it, don’t get Su Shi drunk.””

“Also, remember to send people back to me.


The lady officer withdrew,


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