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“You do have some scheming to hide your strength for so long.”

“But in the face of the realm gap, any strategy is just futile!”

Shi Meng’s expression was icy cold.

The road of cultivation is extremely difficult, and each small realm has a world of difference.

And the gap between Jin Dan and Foundation Establishment cannot be measured by Taoism!

No matter how much Su Shi hides, it can’t change the fact that there is only a foundation-building cultivation base!

“Since you are lucky to escape, you should hide in incognito.”

“But you have to choose to come back, then you can’t blame me!”

Shi Meng’s body was steaming with white air, and the blue veins spread, looking very terrifying!

This is the stunt of “Lion King” fame:

Blood beast monster!

He didn’t intend to keep his hands, ready to end the fight quickly.

This is an excellent opportunity.

As long as Su Shi is dead, he will be able to sit firmly in the position of commander of Sandstorm City!

With the strength of his Golden Core Realm, as long as he manages it well, he can even achieve a hegemony in the Southwest State!

Thinking of this, Shi Meng couldn’t help feeling surging.

Su Shi said impatiently, “Noisy.”

“Huangkou child, today is your death day!”

Shi Meng took a step forward, and the ground shattered!

Shaped like electricity, he came to Su Shi in an instant.

Such a huge body, the speed is surprisingly fast!

“Be careful, son!”

Bai Qing exclaimed.

However, Su Shi seemed to be unconscious, standing there motionless.

“Suffer to death!”

Shi Meng smiled grimly.

He raised his big fan-like hand, wrapped in the howling wind, and slapped Su Shi’s head fiercely!

He seemed to have seen the other party being photographed into a slush.


This inevitable palm was thrown into the air.

“What about people?”

Su Shi actually disappeared out of thin air!

At this time, a lazy voice came from behind: “It’s too slow.”


Shi Meng turned around abruptly, and saw Su Shi standing behind him, his palm lightly imprinted on his chest.

As if tickling him.

Shi Meng sneered, “My demonic body has been cultivated to the point where I can’t be hurt by swords or guns, and no matter how fast you are, what can you do to me?”

Su Shi said lightly, “Qing’er, cover your eyes.”


Bai Qing obediently covered her eyes.

Just as Shi Meng was about to raise his hand, he suddenly froze.

I saw Su Shi’s palm blooming with blue light, and the breath of destruction and death permeated.

“This is……”

“It’s called the Eight Desolate Liuhe Palm.”

Su Shi said softly, “Just use your death to be my first stepping stone to the sky.”

When the lotus blooms, all things are annihilated.

Cobweb-like cracks began to spread from the chest.

Under Shi Meng’s unbelievable gaze, the body he had always been proud of was rapidly collapsing!

“You… are not foundation building at all.”

Shi Meng’s voice was difficult.

Su Shi shook his head and said, “When did I say I’m Zhuji?”

A gust of wind blew, and the flesh and blood drifted away like dust.

The head fell to the ground and rolled away.

[Shi Meng’s death affects the subsequent plot trend, and gains 3 plot points. 】

【The host please make persistent efforts. 】

“Hey, it’s only three o’clock? It’s really stingy.”

Su Shi snorted unhappily.

At the beginning, when he talked to Zhan Qingchen, he could get 20 plot points, but now he killed Shi Meng himself, but only gave him a meager 3 points.

A bit shabby indeed.

But this is also understandable.

Shi Meng is just a small supporting role, whether he is dead or alive, it has little impact on the subsequent plot.

Just like that wretched man, he didn’t even have 1 plot value after killing it, which means that he is an irrelevant little trick.

“It seems that the system is encouraging me to participate more in the main storyline.”

The corners of Su Shi’s mouth twitched slightly, “If you count the time, it should be almost there…”

Bai Qing still covered her eyes obediently, and a familiar voice sounded in her ears:

“Okay, you can open it.”

She took her hand away and looked up.

I saw that in the blood and rain, Su Shi’s white clothes were better than snow, and he was not stained with fine dust, and looked at her tenderly.

“Did you freak out just now?”

Bai Qing pursed her lips, and the tears rolled around her eyes. In the end, she couldn’t hold back, and Ru Yan threw herself into his arms like a forest.


“Master, I’m so scared, I thought you were really dead!”

Su Shi rubbed her little head and joked, “I’ve already died once, and now I’m immortal.”

I thought to myself:

“It seems that I have to find a way to strengthen Ah Qing’s strength. I can’t always protect her by my side.”

“I just don’t know if the rewards redeemed by the system can be used by others?”

After a while, Bai Qing calmed down.

She raised her head and saw Su Shi’s chest wet with tears, her face blushed.

“I’m sorry, son, I lost my temper.”

“It’s okay.”

Su Shi didn’t care.

Looking at the mess nearby, Bai Qing worried: “Master, what should I do about this?”

Killing fellow sects is taboo.

Although Su Shi has good reasons, no one else can prove that it is very troublesome to be targeted by someone with a heart.

Su Shi smiled, “It’s not me who should be worried.”

He looked in the direction of the magic road station, and there was a hint of coldness in his eyes.

“Shi Meng is just the beginning.”

Magic station.

People are still gathering here.

Without Shi Meng’s permission, they did not dare to leave without authorization.

“Isn’t what Commander Shi did too extreme? Su Shi took people’s property as soon as he died…”

“Shh, don’t want to live anymore?”

“Who dares to disobey Shi Meng at this time?”

“Damn, the reaction was slow just now. If you go with Commander Shi, maybe you can share some soup!”

“What do you say if Su Shi comes back?”

“Hmph, if he dared to come back, he would have to be killed by Commander Shi!”

Just when everyone was talking about it, suddenly a round thing was thrown in, and “gululu” rolled into the middle of the lobby.

“This is……”

After someone saw it clearly, his pupils shrank and exclaimed: “Shi Meng! This is Shi Meng’s head!”


Before they could react, a man and a woman walked in slowly.

The man went to the first place and sat down, and the girl stood obediently behind him.

“Everyone, long time no see.”

Su Shi smiled brightly.

The lobby is dead silent! *


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