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The girl opened her eyes in confusion, only to see a tall figure standing in front of her.

His white clothes are like snow, he is handsome and innocent, and his eyes are as cold as frost.


The girl rubbed her eyes, making sure she was not wrong.

“Young Master, I knew that you were blessed with great luck, and you will be fine!”

She has a pretty face with pear blossoms and rain, but her smile is very bright.

There was a trace of tenderness in Su Shi’s eyes.

Bai Qing, his personal maid.

She has followed him since she was a child. Even if she joined the Netherworld Rakshasa Sect, Su Shi always took her by her side, serving her diet and daily life.

According to the continuation of the book:

After Su Shi’s death, Shi Meng took over as the commander, and no one in Fengsha City opposed it.

Property was swallowed up.

Only Bai Qingning refused to die and wanted to bring Su Shi’s relics back to Nanli, but she, a weak woman with no cultivation, could be Shi Meng’s opponent?

In the end, he chose to hang himself to keep his chastity.

The end can be said to be very tragic.

“Before I went to die, I clearly sent this girl away, why did she come back by herself?”

Su Shi risks her mission failure and sends Bai Qing back to Nanli City, trying to change her fate.

But this girl looks weak, but she is very persistent in her heart and refuses to leave Su Shi no matter what.

He actually ran back by himself!

If I come back a day later, I am afraid that Bai Qing will not escape bad luck!

Su Shi’s expression became colder.

“I changed my life against the sky, not only my own life!”

“The people I care about, and the people who care about me… I want to rewrite their fate!”

Looking at the man in front of him, Shi Meng and the wretched man were stunned.

“Su Shi?”

“You’re not dead?!”

how can that be?

Can Su Shi survive Zhan Qingchen’s sword?

Su Shi looked playful and said, “Why, seeing that I’m not dead, Commander Shi seems very disappointed?”

Among them, the word “commander” is very hard to bite.

Shi Meng’s brows jumped, and he forced a smile: “Commander Su is joking. Your lucky person has a natural appearance, and you will definitely turn a bad luck into a good one.”

“Today, the sect sent a message, asking me to temporarily take charge of the affairs of Fengsha City. Now that you are back, this position will naturally be returned to you.”

When he said that, he was very depressed.

I thought that if Su Shi died, he would be able to take the upper position logically, but the ass didn’t get hot, but this guy came back alive!

But no way.

The instructions given by the sect were originally “temporary escrow”.


Su Shi turned to look at Bai Qing, “What did they say just now?”

Bai Qing said truthfully: “They said that you died, and Shi Meng took over as the commander. They also said that your mansion and property belonged to Shi Meng, even including the maid.”

Speaking of this, she looked embarrassed.

If the young master was one step late, she might have…

The consequences could be disastrous!

Su Shi looked at Shi Meng, “What’s your explanation for this?”

Shi Meng’s face was gloomy and he was speechless.

The wretched man rolled his eyes and said in a low voice, “It seems that Su Shi doesn’t intend to be kind. Rather than waiting for other revenge, it’s better for us to strike first!”


Shi Meng understood what a wretched man meant.

However, the Netherworld Rakshasa Sect has strict precepts, and it is a serious crime to commit the following crimes and harm the same sect!

Otherwise, how could he endure it for so many years?

“Zhan Qingchen was the one who killed Su Shi. What does it have to do with Commander Shi? Besides, in the eyes of Zongmen, he was already a dead person!”

Seeing that he was still hesitating, the wretched man added fire: “If you miss this opportunity, it will be difficult to take the position of commander again!”

A murderous aura appeared in Shi Meng’s eyes.

“Makes sense!”

“Today I have offended Su Shi to death. If I let him go, he may not let me go!”

“It’s better to just kill it!”

“Go kill that maid, and leave Su Shi to me to deal with, make sure no one can see it!”


The wretched man took the lead in attacking, pointing at Bai Qing and scolding: “Demon girl, how dare you slander Commander Shi, give me a life!”

After saying that, he slapped it with a palm.

Su Shi, who was on the side without any hesitation.

Shi Meng is a strong gold core, so is it not easy to deal with a mere Foundation Establishment Realm?

The wretched man smiled grimly.

However, in the next second, his movements froze.

There was a sharp pain in the chest, and the energy was rapidly draining.

Slowly looking down, I saw a white palm passing through his chest, holding a mass of beating flesh in his hand.

Seems to be……

his heart?


The palms clenched tightly, blood splashed!


The wretched man fell to the ground, his wide eyes filled with daze, until he died, he didn’t understand what happened.

Su Shi withdrew his right hand.

The palms are as crystal clear as jade, not stained with a trace of dirt.

Looking up at Shi Meng, he smiled and said, “Aren’t you going to do it yet?”

Shi Meng’s expression was solemn.

When did Su Shi get started?

He didn’t see it at all!

This guy has been hiding his strength!

But this is the end, there is no room for them, only one of them can leave alive!


Shi Meng took a deep breath, his figure suddenly soared, his clothes were shattered, and his burly body swelled several times!

Muscles are knotted, blood is like a dragon, like a human-shaped beast!

“Su Shi, prepare to die!”

Shi Meng’s eyes were blood red, revealing a fierce light!

Su Shi was hunting in white clothes, the blue light in his palm appeared, and his expression was calm and indifferent.

“The first step to change your life against the sky, let’s start with the clearing of Fengsha City.”*


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