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“This…isn’t it good?

In the treasure trove of luxury, Su Shi stood still.

The spiritual stones and gold marrow under his feet were piled up into hills, and he was draped in eight or nine pieces of spiritual treasure robes, each finger was covered with radiant rings, and around his neck there were circles of talismans and pendants.

“It’s ok.”

Yu Lian’er came over with a pile of flying swords, “My father said, in order to repay your life-saving grace, you can take whatever is in this treasure house.”

Yu Yuanqiang smiled and said: “Su Shengzi, don’t be polite, take whatever you like with you.”

Su Shi scratched his head.

“I’m so sorry…”

“Cough cough, Lian’er, you help me carry the two Lingyu lions, I just took them back and looked at the gate.”


Yu Lian’er ran over.

“And that immortal rope, which is quite suitable as a belt.

“I think it’s good too!

“That mountain and river fan also fits my temperament…”

“Take it away!


The corner of Yu Yuan’s mouth twitched.

How can you look embarrassed?

I thought Su Shi would be proud of himself, but I didn’t expect this kid to be thicker than the city wall!

And Yu Lian’er, the little traitor!

“Being hunting wild geese all day long, these two little sparrows have pecked their eyes!”

Yu Yuan took a deep breath, his blood pressure was already full.

After half an hour.

Su Shi said: “Okay, don’t take it, the storage ring will be full.

Yu Yuan breathed a sigh of relief.

If you take it again, his old bottom will be empty!

Yu Lian’er said, “It doesn’t matter, I can use the spirit boat to pull you away.”

Yu Yuan almost spat out a mouthful of old blood.

You put this on the move!

Fortunately, Su Shi still maintained his sanity and stopped this crazy behavior.

Although Yu Yuan’s heart was bleeding, he still forced a smile and said: “Since Su Shengzi is here, he will stay in Qingqiuyuan for a few more days, and let me show the friendship of the landlord.”

Now that we have sent so many treasures, we should take the opportunity to have a good relationship with each other.

Otherwise, it’s really a blood loss.

Su Shi shook his head and said, “I won’t bother Patriarch Yu anymore. I’ll have a drink with you next time when I have a chance~”

Yu Yuan was taken aback, “Could it be that the Demon Emperor urged you to go back? 35

“That’s not it.

Su Shi said with a serious face: “The main reason is that I took too much. I’m afraid Patriarch Yu will regret it.”


Noticing a wicked smile in his eyes, Yu Yuan reacted.

Co-authoring this kid has already seen his thoughts!

“This is the real white wolf with empty gloves.

Yu Yuan, who was taught a lesson, felt a little tight in his chest.

“Brother Su Shi, are you really leaving now?

In the room, Yu Lian’er reluctantly pulled the corner of his shirt.

She still has a lot to say to her.

Su Shi nodded, “I really have to go back.

It’s not that he was really afraid of Yu Yuan’s repentance.

The Demon Emperor knew that he was in Qingqiuyuan.

If he is in a coma, that’s fine, but if he wakes up and doesn’t leave… Su Shi himself is not afraid, but it would be bad for the fox clan to be implicated.

“All right.”

Yu Lian’er held her mouth shut, and tears began to brew in her big eyes.

Although he was reluctant to give up, he still resisted and did not hold back.

Su Shi thought for a while and said, “Lian Er, do you know where my house is?”

“Your home? 55

Yu Lian’er shook her head ignorantly, “I don’t know.

Su Shi took the pen and paper on the table, wrote down a string of addresses, and handed the note to her, “Welcome to my house, my parents will definitely like you very much.”

Yu Lian’er froze for a moment, then her pretty face flushed slightly.

Why does it feel like I want to meet my parents?

Looking at the handsome face, she gathered up her courage and said, “Brother Su Shi, then you, do you like me?

Her heart was like a deer, she was very uneasy, nervous and flustered.

Su Shi didn’t hesitate, “Like it.


Yu Lian’er raised her head suddenly, as if she couldn’t believe it.

Su Shi smiled and pinched her cheek, “Only if you don’t speak ill of me anymore. 39

Yu Lian’er blushed, “No one will.

Seeing her cheerful appearance, the corners of Su Shi’s mouth twitched slightly.

Yu Lian’er is a good girl.

He is kind-hearted, has a lovely personality, and can’t pick out a single flaw in his appearance or figure.

To say I don’t like it would be hypocritical.

And the other party’s mind is pure and clean, what can he hide as a big man?

Although he doesn’t know what will happen in the future, at least for now, he doesn’t want to live up to this girl’s feelings.

Yu Lian’er bit her lip and whispered: “Brother Su Shi, do you remember the gift you gave me last time?

Su Shi wondered: “What kind of ceremony…”


A soft sound.

The black collar was locked around the snow-white neck.

The animal’s ears trembled slightly, the fox’s tail swayed, the girl’s cheeks were crimson, and she looked at him shyly.

Su Shi’s throat moved.

Meigu Tiancheng is no joke.

Although Yu Lian’er did not use her spiritual power, under the influence of her racial talent, her every move had a soul-stirring magic power.

“So…can I pinch your tail this time?”

Yu Lian’er turned her head away and said shyly: “.” Just pinch it. 55


Su Shi pinched the furry fox’s tail and looked at the little fox shivering slightly in his arms.

Suddenly I understood why the other party didn’t let him touch his tail.

“So this is your slaughterhouse?””

“Not at all!”

Yu Lian’er’s cheeks were hot, and she refused to admit it.

Northern Xinjiang.

There are countless aliens standing on the wasteland.

On the opposite side of them, a long black line of 100,000 elite soldiers formed a long line, advancing slowly and firmly.

Yu Ze walked at the forefront, carrying a huge stone tablet on his shoulders.

The officers and soldiers did not stop until the distance from the alien race was less than half a meter.

Old Ancestor Lu frowned and said, “What are you doing? This is already the scope of the barbaric world.”

The tribes behind him shouted;

“Human, you have crossed the line!”

“Go back to Shuojin Realm!”

“Don’t you want to go to war?”


A huge stone tablet was inserted into the ground.

There are only two vermilion characters on it: Linlang!

The air sinks (nicely) into silence.

Yu Ze sneered: “Now, this is the border of Linlang. 35

Old Ancestor Lu frowned, “What do you mean by that? 99

Yu Ze said loudly: “The tiger tribe invaded the wasteland city, Linlang’s safety is threatened, and the entire Kyushu is in a state of war!

“At the order of the Holy Emperor, in order to protect the wasteland city from being invaded, the northern boundary monument is temporarily pushed forward by 300 miles, and all barbarian aliens are not allowed to cross the border!”


As soon as this statement came out, the expressions of all the aliens changed.

Pushed three hundred miles in front of the boundary monument?

Doesn’t it mean that this land will be included in the Linlang territory!

What a joke!

Old Ancestor Lu’s face was gloomy.

Anything to protect the wasteland city, or something to push forward temporarily, is just rhetoric.

After all, this is Feng Chaoge’s revenge!

“What if the old man doesn’t agree?


200,000 officers and soldiers unsheathed their swords, and the bloody murderous aura rose into the sky!

Yu Ze smiled coldly, “Then fight!” Er.


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