Conan Star Prosecutor

Conan Star Prosecutor

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Conan Star Prosecutor


Ye Mo: “I say, you system, why must I be famous?”


System: “Because this system likes the feeling of being noticed.”

Ye Mo: “But it’s me who is being noticed, not you!”

System: “I’m your system, I’m part of you!”

Ye Mo: “…well, then you can just make me a star, why do you want me to be a prosecutor!”

System: “Because I like justice, prosecutors directly intervene in cases to solve them and also prosecute, it’s more handsome!”

Ye Mo “Okay, but your justice doesn’t seem right!”

System: “A cute girl is justice, a beautiful girl is justice, a loli is justice, an imperial girl is justice, a human wife is… I’ll change the trajectory of the world for you, so let’s change it to mature women. Ye Mo: “Okay, I’ll be the star prosecutor here!”

In this book, the male protagonist’s love interests are all Shinichi’s male harem! (This story and characters are purely fictional, if there are similarities, it is purely coincidental, do not imitate.)

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